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Itchy Buttocks?: Symptoms and Causes for a Case of Itchy Buttocks

Updated on January 4, 2015
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Kitty is a Registered Nurse. She uses what she has learned on the job to inspire and encourage others to take control of their health.


Got Itchy Buttocks?

Itchy Buttocks is a pretty common skin condition apparently, because last month 8100 people googled this exact phrase. So if you're reading this hub on itchy buttocks, don't be too ashamed...there are others out there with itchy buttocks just like you.

You may be thinking, why me? Why do I have such itchy buttocks? Why do my buttocks itch so badly? Well, there are various reasons for a case of itchy buttocks, most of which are no big deal. Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief now.

Let's dive into...ahem...let's learn about the different symptoms and causes of itchy buttocks and how we can relieve a bad case of itchy buttocks.

1. Hemorrhoids

Probably one of the most common causes for itchy buttocks is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are little blood vessels in the anal canal that aid in bowel movements, but when a person strains too much during toilet time, these little blood vessels can become inflamed and sometimes stick out of the anus.

Hemorrhoids can be painful and also cause what feel like itchy buttocks. It is especially common in women who have just given birth and also men who do a lot of heavy lifting. You acquire these annoyingly itchy things from straining too much, on the toilet and off. Keep in mind that hemorrhoids can be inflamed inside the anal canal and out.

The best treatment for hemorrhoids and to rid yourself of your itchy buttocks include using Preparation H or Tucks pads, taking sitz baths, drinking lots of fluids to hydrate yourself, and trying your best not to strain during a bowel movement. A combination of these remedies and your case of the itchy buttocks will be gone in no time! If your hemorrhoids and itchy buttocks stay the same or worsen, go see your doctor for further medical help/advice.

2. Not Wiping Well Enough

Another very common cause for itchy buttocks is due to not wiping after a bowel movement well enough! Gross, but true. In this case, if you're not wiping your buttocks well enough after using the toilet to do your business, irritants from the left-over matter can irritate your anus, leaving you with a bad case of the itchy buttocks.

What is the best way to rid yourself of this cause of itchy buttocks? Wipe better! What else is there to say? If you feel as though toilet paper doesn't do the trick, purchase a pack of wipes for sensitive skin and use those after every bowel movement. It will make a big difference in your case of the itchy buttocks.

3. The Nasty Causes of Itchy Buttocks

If you've ruled out that your itchy buttocks are not due to hemorrhoids nor due to not wiping well enough, it is possible that your itchy buttocks could be due to some other cause. These causes are a little more disturbing, but have faith. Most of these things aren't permanent and if they are, can be treated so that your itchy buttocks don't last forever.

Another scarier cause of itchy buttocks can be attributed to pinworms. Scary but true. Pinworms are usually brought into the house by a child who plays in the dirt and specifically doesn't wash his/her hands after playing outside or even at a daycare. The pinworms usually cause itching of the buttocks, especially at night. If you're itchy buttocks get worse at night and someone else in your family is scratching too, you most likely have pinworms. There are over-the-counter medications that will clear up pinworms, but it is probably best to see a doctor in order to diagnose properly and get the most effective medication for this little itchy buttocks problem. Once medicated, they do go away rather quickly, so don't freak out too badly.

The last cause for itchy buttocks could also be due to sexually transmitted disease. Chlamydia is the most common STD that causes itchy buttocks. If you've recently had unprotected sex out of a monogamous relationship, you might be open to having Chlamydia. Chlamydia can spread from the genitals to the anus and cause itchy buttocks. Luckily, Chlamydia is an STD that can be cured! If you fear that you have Chlamydia that is causing your itchy buttocks, make a doctor's appointment immediately. They'll most likely provide you with an antibiotic that will clear up the infection and get rid of your itchy buttocks. Oh, and always use protection out of a monogamous relationship please.

4. Over-abundance of Candida

Another issue that might be affecting your body could be an over-abundance of a fungus known as Candida. This fungus is usually found in a healthy person's gut but is usually kept in check by a person's good bacteria that also resides in the gut. Unfortunately, with the use of antibiotics and over-eating of processed foods with processed sugars, candida can take over one's gut and therefore affect one's immune system in the process.

So how would candida be making my buttocks itchy? Well, if candida is within your gut, it could also travel the distance to your butt, right? And we all know what happens when candida causes a yeast infection in women...that's right...itching! So what do you do if you have candida over-abundance and it's causing an itchy butt? The best way to handle this is to start eating natural foods and taking a probiotic every day.

© 2011 Nicole Canfield


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