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It's A New Day

Updated on October 10, 2009

Sometimes we take for granted what a new day can bring. Only God knows how the next day will be. Yesterday, I was reaching for Him for comfort and relief. The pain from polymyalgia rheumatica was unbearable. I reached out with a hub page about how I was being effected during the rain and with the decrease of the dosage of Prednisone pills.

Contrary to the night before, last night I slept without getting up once to go to the bathroom. It rained all night. When I would make a turn in bed from side to side, there was numbness and pain. However, when I awakened this morning it wasn't as painful for me to get up as it was yesterday morning.

I'm sure there are others dealing with the same condition. We could share our journey to a cure. Each individual would have their own ways to address their physical and mental needs while battling this condition. I've learned there are common threads which could flow from one person to another without each going through a trial by error period. I hope I'm making sense to all who are interested in trying to figure out the vitamins one needs to take, the exercises most effective for their body type, foods that provide nutrients needed for your immune system, one's needs to cutback on over-extending them self to the scheduling of their time for others and learn to say "no", and just as important, the quiet time in the form of rest and sleep one's body demands.

Several of my friends and family members called me and did follow up calls to see how I was doing. This kind of love helps cure and ease the pain. They don't know how timely their concern and connection was needed and appreciated. It was God's love in action.



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