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It's A Nomads Life for Me-Part 2

Updated on March 29, 2012

From FL we moved to NC. I was working at the emergency department of our city hospital when HE walked in. I was a 20 year old secretary and he was a 29 year old male nurse. I was quite smitten with him and he with me. We started dating and with in a year of meeting, we were married. So now I have a new identity. I am someone's wife. We had talked of travel but decided that we were going to remain in NC and set up house. No more moving days! YEAH!!! Or so I thought.

We were happy for about 5 years but unfortunately, he developed a drug and alcohol addiction. I was young and naive and didn't know how to help him. So I left him. I'm not proud of that fact and I know that it was wrong of me to bolt.

I went back to my parents house, in AL-they had moved back to the South. I stayed there until I went into the US Army. I was sent back to NJ for boot camp during Oct-Dec. I remembered quickly that I did not like winters up north but it is hard to argue with your drill sergeant that it is too cold for you to do PT at 0400.

I did my basic training and graduated and was sent to TX for AIT and permanent duty. The catch phrase for the US Army was "Join the Army-see the world" Mine was, "Join the Army-see TX". We did get to travel to Germany for REFORGER(return of forces to Germany). It was a 3 month exercise of war games. I got to experience German life and how they live. I understood very little of the language but I did pick up the phrases "Ein bier bitte" which translates into "One beer please". Also the German people do not use ice in their drinks so if you ask for ice, they know you are a tourist. We took a border tour-this is before the Berlin wall came down. It was very scary because our guide told us to cover our names on our BDU's. As we approached the wall, there were two lines of Constantino wire and in between them was a dirt circle. No one was permitted in this area and if you were caught, you were shot. They had high powered cameras watching this area and they were so powerful you could see an ant crawling. So now I learned fear and pain. Families literally were divided overnight. You go to bed one night, and when you wake up the next day, you are not allowed to cross over without the threat of being shot and killed.

We also went to the concentration camps. We were jovial on the bus ride over but when we got to the Auschwitz camp, the mood became extremely solemn. I had heard of these camps and learned of them in school and the Army, but when you are there, walking the same paths these precious people walked, when you saw the gas ovens where they cremated people, when you saw where these people lived-it makes me feel so blessed that I live where I am free.

The German people are very free in their lack of inhibition. Over in Germany, they have communal bath houses. They are not hung up on body image and it is not a sexual thing-it's a cultural. One of our staff sergeants went to one of these and he was alone. But not for long... A woman came in and started to disrobed and he called out to her that someone was already there. So replied that it was a coed bath. Within a few minutes, the sergeants lack of knowledge soon emerged and the woman had a good laugh. She asked him if this was his first visit and he replied that it was not. She replied "By the look of your periscope, I believe it is"

After my stint in the US Army, I moved to FL and started my nursing career. I thought that this was where I was going to finally put down roots. I had remarried but it was not a covenant marriage. It was more of a "warm fuzzy" marriage so it didn't last. I was able to keep our home that we had bought and my ex husband moved in with his family. So now I was footloose and fancy free...

I met another man at my job on an adolescent psych unit. We were buddies and friends and coworkers. It soon developed into much more and we married. He had a son with his ex wife so now I was going to get the experience of being a step mom. Lots of things to learn-like NEVER bash the other parent to the child. NEVER pit the child against either parent. I was not this child's mother-he already had one of those. I just wanted him to feel my love for him.

Situations arose with this relationship and suffice it t say, this one didn't last a long time either. I left him and went back to FL. I attended a school for massage therapy and skin care. I graduated with honors and started working in a high end salon and day spa. So now I am learning of how to be a divorced woman and living on my own for the first time. I had gone from being my daddy's little girl to a wife. Now, it was solely up to me on what I was going to do and with whom I was going to do it with...


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    • Carlon Michelle profile image

      Carlon Michelle 5 years ago from USA

      Whew, I've never had one husband and you've had over 3 and I'm not even at part 3 of your life. Some people just have "it". I sure wish I had just enough "it" to marry once. LOL! Okay, I'm moving on to part 3. Smile!

    • hair bender profile image

      hair bender 5 years ago

      Yep, I thought that was cute myself!LOL!

    • gretchen c profile image

      gretchen c 5 years ago

      Enjoyed the comment about the periscope!