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It's A Nomad's Life for Me-Part 3

Updated on March 29, 2012

I was defiantly enjoying being unencumbered I had bough a season pass for the amusement parks in Orlando and on my off days, that's where I was. I would fix a lunch and drive to the parks. I'd stay all day and ride which ever rides I wanted to. I loved it! One time Lynard Skynard was appearing at the park. It was on a Saturday so I blocked myself off from working from 3pm. I told my coworkers what I was doing and they wanted to go and asked me to wait until we closed at 5 so they could go with me. I told them "No". I wanted to go by myself. They tried to convince me that it would be better with a group and I declined. This was ME time. So I went and had a blast!

I had also discovered line dancing and was enjoying that whole subculture. I was becoming a "redneck girl" Bought the hat and the boots and the clothes to match. I made a lot of new relationships, some which continue to this day. I so enjoyed not having someone to answer to.

After I had been working at the day spa for about a year, I received a notice from classmates stating that I had a message. I opened up my mail and there was an email from my former boyfriend from NJ. Needless to say, i was pleasantly surprised. He stated he just wanted to catch up with me and see what I had been doing with the past 27 years of my life. So we decided to meet back up

When we met I informed him that I was never, never, never, ever going to remarry. I had done that three times and each marriage ended with a divorce. God has an incredible sense of humor and we ended up together. We made a covenant marriage and it has been working for the past 10 years

After we married, I was riding with him one day as he was making sales calls. I off handily remarked that maybe we should take up over the road truck driving. We would make good money and see the country. We both had a sense of adventure and wanderlust. So that's what we did.

We went to a commercial truck driving course and graduated in 2004. We started out working for his boss and cut our teeth on his truck. We decided that we needed more experience because we weren't really going anywhere except FL from GA. So we joined a company based out in the West and started trucking. We loved it! You never knew where you were going or what you would be hauling. One load might be frozen food. The next was hazardous material. We hauled to all lower 48 states. We've only missed Alaska and Hawaii.

However, we started pulling freight for this one company that had a dedicated route and it only went from terminal to terminal, drop and hook. Translation=large distribution centers designed for big trucks and never having to off load the freight yourself. It was great! We went from Charlotte, NC to Blythe,CA 3 times a week. 6700 miles a week. It was like a regular job. We could plan for doctor's appointments, salon appointments and so on. We bought a house in GA but almost bought one in CA because we were there more often than in GA.

We noticed that the money was really starting to pour in. We subscribe to the Dave Ramsey way of life-no debt. The only exception is for a mortgage-15 years, fixed. So we started dreaming of where we wanted to go. The gypsy blood started flowing.

Our first international trip was to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We went for 5 days. It was so exciting! Since we live in the Atlanta area, it was only a 3 hour direct, nonstop flight. We got our first stamp in our passports. We felt exhilarated!

We made our second international trip back to the same resort but this time we took another couple with us. Their son has cerebral palsy and they had no respite care so we decided to treat them. They were so excited! We got a kick out of seeing how scared and filled with wonderment they were to be traveling. They had never even been out of the state...


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    • Carlon Michelle profile image

      Carlon Michelle 5 years ago from USA

      Your life is like a facinating movie! Smile!