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It's Much Lonelier Beyond The Pale

Updated on October 14, 2009

It's lonelier beyond this pale.



It is lonelier beyond this pale
where the mists of death's grip hold
ten billion faces of those who
by choice their own lives stole

They wander hopeless trapped in time
watching all they must miss
the loves, and lives they could have had
the joys, and dreams, and bliss

Condemned to stay because they chose
to exit far too soon
they wander Earth in deep despair
beneath a charmless moon

They are the ghosts, and spirits seen
amidst the human race
just wisps of shapes of what once was
now strangely out of place

unable to communicate
because they severed ties
without warning to all they loved
this horror haunts their eyes

And when the day of judgement comes
Lord knows where they'll be sent
for their rewards will be unearned
from lives they never spent

I've contemplated suicide
there were some times I almost died
but now I'm glad I never tried
things do get better on this side

but I have friends who took that path
in anger, hate or sudden wrath
who I might never see again
for they chose death to be their friend

and now they wander soundlessly
amidst the masses perished
who walk silenced, and wish they could
go back to all they cherished.
(          )
  O  O
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    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 8 years ago from Australia

      Thumbs up for this one. So many want solace in death and it's not found there. But to overcome the blackness in life brings a strength unfathomable in the midst of the sorrow.