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It's Never Too Late To Get Clean And Sober

Updated on May 5, 2012


Have you ever said or heard the saying "It's too late to change now so why even try"? This saying can relate to many things in your life and include alcohol and drug addiction.

When addicted to alcohol or drugs the last thing on your mind is to come clean and sober. Why should we consider something that we may think is not fun. Yep, we say, "being clean and sober can't be better than being drunk or high. There is no way I can have fun without my crutch to lean on.

In my experiences of alcohol addiction I have learned that it's never too late to get clean and sober. I am one of many people who beat the odds and won the battle over their alcohol or drug addictions. We are living proof that becoming clean and sober is absolutely possible if you are willing to give sobriety a chance.


Steps in making sobriety come true in your life depends on you and you only. We become alcoholics and drug addicts over time. These addictions we are not born with. It was our decision to start drinking alcohol or doing drugs. No one forced us into this horrible life we now live in.

Taking the proper steps to become clean and sober is your decision just as drinking and using were in the beginning.

These are some of the steps I took when I decided to stop drinking alcohol and I hope that these steps will help those that are suffering with an addiction and want out and get clean and sober. NOTE: THIS IS ONLY HOW i ACHIEVED MY SOBRIETY AND MAY NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE, BUT YOU SHOULD JUST GIVE IT A TRY AND HOPEFULLY IT WILL WORK FOR YOU.

  • I began to realize after many years of drinking alcohol that it was starting to catch up with me and I knew I'd better make a huge change in my life and take action before it was too late.
  • I thought to myself, "what benefits am I getting by drinking alcohol every single day of my life"?
  • I thought of the Pros and Cons of this horrible addiction I now had.
  • I found nothing good in drinking after weighing the Pros and Cons.
  • I couldn't find one good reason about why I drank alcohol that would support my decision of drink.
  • I said to myself that I had many good times and bad as well while drinking alcohol and thought all (so called) good things must come to an end.
  • I added up the money that was spent in one weeks time, and just see that would make anyone think twice about drinking alcohol.
  • I looked at my life and looked at my family and wondered what would become of these two things if I were to continue on drinking.
  • What I saw was not pleasant because I was in denial and never really took a hard look at my family and didn't see or realize that they were suffering my addiction far worse than I.
  • Is my addiction worth me losing my family and possibly losing my own life?
  • Is my addiction worth shortening the years of my life when it can be totally avoidable?
  • Is my addiction worth a drastic change in my appearance and change of my attitude and outlook on life itself?
  • Why is it that I am so weak and I'm letting my inner demons have and take control of my mind and body?

These are just a few reason that I thought of in making my decision to stop drinking alcohol and finally surrendering to my demons. I think if you look at your life you may be able to associate some of these reasons to your life and make that life change to become clean and sober. ( If you feel you can not achieve sobriety on your own, never ever be embarrassed or ashamed to ask for the help that you will need to get clean and sober.)


These are some of the steps I had taken to get back on track and get clean and sober once and for all. I was ready to change and take charge of my life and start preparing for sobriety and the road to recovery.

  • i changed my whole outlook in life and starting thing positive thoughts and positive ways of life. Without positivity in you life you will be lost in space for many years to come.
  • I needed to get all negative thoughts out of my mind and take the word Negative totally out of my vocabulary.
  • I had to admit I had an alcohol addiction to myself.
  • I had to be willing to surrender to my addiction and start a new life being sober.
  • I had to promise myself that I would not ever pick up another alcoholic drink again. (That is one of the hardest promises I had ever made)
  • Once I admitted I had a problem and got out of the denial I was in and promised myself never to drink again, I was off to a great start to heading on the road to recovery.
  • I told myself that I CAN and WILL beat this addiction. (POSITIVE ATTITUDE)
  • I would not let anything or anybody get in my way to me finding my sobriety.
  • I asked for support from my family and my friends.
  • I set my date for my life changing experience to start, (which was only 2 short days after I decided to stop drinking) (Why prolong it and procrastinate)
  • I was excited and couldn't wait for the start date to come.
  • I was excited for myself and my family that I was READY to take on something I never thought or imagined in my wildest dreams I would take on.


So, if you are a person that has an alcohol or drug addiction, remember it's never too late to change your life. All you have to do is WANT IT!

For anyone out there that wants to be clean and sober and are worrying about how you will feel without your crutch, don't worry, if you have the strong desire, the willingness, the strength, the pure determination, you believe yourself and start thinking positive and truly want to quit drinking or using you have most of the tools to start your new life of sobriety. Now, all you have to do is take action and just do it.

I put my faith in myself and my God and between the both of us I won the battle over my addiction and you can do the same, so why procrastinate, just do it. Believe me you will never regret it and you will find that your life will change for the better each and every day that passes.

Take each day one at a time, step by step, one step at a time.

Be proud of yourself for your accomplishments and never look back at your past addicted life. Just forget about it, as hard as it might seem, and concentrate on building on your new life and making up for lost time with your families and friends. You may find that the work involved with getting clean and sober and making up for lost time, you will not have any time to think of your past, which is a good thing. Stay busy and stay focused on what you are trying to achieve, and that is your Sobriety.



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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ BeckyA, I am so glad your loved one has found his sobriety and has been clean and sober for over 5 years. That is wonderful Becky and tell him Congrats for me. Taking it one day at a time it is amazing just how fast the months and then years go by.

      Thank you for your kind comment and I also wish you and yours a Very Happy New Years !! :-)

    • profile image

      BeckyA 7 years ago

      I have a loved one who was afraid to try to get sober.

      The reasoning went something like this: I only have one chance left - if I take it and fail I have no more chances - I'm not sure I can do it so I won't try - I am so bad I think I'll have another drink.

      When I gave him the opportunity to try and fail, with the promise that he could try a different program if the first one didn't help him, he went to rehab and has never looked back. He recently celebrated 5 years of sobriety!


      I used to think that God had his hands full with all the trouble in the world and I shouldn't take up His time with my petty problems. Someone reminded me that God is above time (He made it), so of course He has time for me too. That helped me a lot.

      Later I realized that when I feel guilty for not making progress fast enough, I am again looking at time instead of God's plans for me. I am where I am supposed to be - this is how I will get to where I am going.


      You are performing a great service by sharing your story here. May God bless you and yours!

      Happy New Year!!

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your important points. You are absolutely right: it is never too late!

      We have the right and the duty to live happy.