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It's All in the Mind!

Updated on March 28, 2011

Stop Sweating It! Seriously, Stop!

I believe we were all born to lead fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, most of us were taught differently. We were taught to worry. Worry about this, worry about that, the bills, college, the past, the future, etc, etc. However, the funny thing is that all that worrying hasn’t done nothing for us, but turn us into nervous wrecks.

Reality is that "worry" is only a state of mind. No one can grab "worry" and say, "oh look, here it is, the thing bothering me!" No way, it is something immaterial, it really doesn't exist. What people call "worries" or "stress", are really just thoughts of anxiety created by our own very creative minds. I've even come to suspect that the human mind because of its tendency to become bored very easily ( I should know, I work with children and teenagers and "I'm bored" seems to be their favorite word), has come up in an attempt to "unbore" itself, with some form of mischievous mechanism, a type of morbid entertainment, I would say, to worry itself to death! How clever of Homo sapiens,I can only cringe.

The good news is that once we come to terms with the idea that we are the ones creating all the turmoil in our lives with our self defeating monstrous thoughts, we can then take steps to control our thoughts and begin the journey of a worry free life. Yes, you can do it. Believe me; I grew up in Worry land. Taking care of four kids as a single mom at one point of my life was no walk in the meadow, but I learned that is not our problems that worry us, but the way we perceive them through our senses. See, every problem has several angles to it, every single one. For instance, if we lose a job, we know it is literally not the end of the world. I mean really, It is very unlikely that anyone, especially in this country, would starve to death because they lost a job. Even if push came to shove we have state programs that help provide food, and even shelter. Of course, no one wants to go there, and most likely they wont have to, because most people that lose a job get rehired promptly after, if if they go job hunting full force. As a matter of fact, the next job may just turn out to be a dream job. Everything happens for a reason, there are absolutely no mistakes in the universe. Remember that famous bible quote: "the faith of a grain of mustard will move a mountain" That is all we need. Just a small amount of faith will do the trick. Remember, and believe me, this is true, thoughts are electro-magnetic in nature. If we choose to only look at those angles within a problem conveying negative messages, then we are going to feel miserable and all the miserable events in life are going to follow us like loyal little puppies, because now by worrying we have become a magnet to all sorts of negativity.

So today, I'm going to invite everyone to switch it around. You have the power! When problems arise, say to yourself, "I am a child of God, and only good things come to me, this problem will only turn out for the best of everyone involved!" Repeat it several times a day, post it up, draw a picture to go with it, and believe it with all your heart. It never fails.There is a great book out there called "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff", written by Richard Carlson, that I think should be a part of everyone's self help library.

Good bye now, and I hope this article has been helpful.


Relaxation Tip:

Take a paper and draw or paint a picture of yourself in the middle of the page. Draw or paint yourself happy, and use as many colors as you can. Now, surround yourself with a pink bubble or heart. This is your protective shield. Nothing outside this shield can touch you.

Now draw or write outside this pink bubble area, all the things that are causing disturbances in your mind. Do not make these colorful, you do not want to entertain the mind with these negatives. When you are done, look at the picture and repeat these words, "I am safe, in my pink bubble. Nothing outside this bubble has any power over me!" Put your drawing away, or carry it with you. Anytime you feel stress coming up, remember your drawing and bring it out. Believe me, this is powerful stuff! Your subconscious mind will begin to react to these suggestions, and in no time you will find yourself reacting less to external negative factors.

Learn the "HOW" of Changing Your Thoughts!


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    • erthfrend profile image

      erthfrend 7 years ago from Florida

      LOVE IT! What a wonderful and inspiring hub!! This is something that I always try to tell myself like you said, everything happens for a reason! I truly believe that! And worrying doesnt make anything better, it only makes things worse. Thank you for this great hub!

    • Alpha Romeo profile image

      Alpha Romeo 7 years ago from ashwinspower .blogspot. com

      i'll definitely try out the drawing technique. It sounds fun enough :)


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