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It's ok to admit that farts are funny

Updated on October 10, 2011

God has a sense of humor, I'd like think I have one too.

Mom always said, " Farts are proof that God has a sense of humor." I believe that to be true. Have a tart burning, some febreze handy, or a fan on as a courtesy to the other person or people around you. If none of that is available then make the best of it. This may be offensive to some but....

I enjoy an occasional car dutch oven, locking the windows. I let one loose so bad once that my fiance opened the car door while the car was still in motion.I was on a side street and not driving fast.

Another bomb I like to drop is trapping a friend in an aisle in a store. I'll fart at one end of the aisle and then the other. They are going to have to walk through that mushroom cloud one way or another.

I use a fart sometimes as a way to help my friend decide what she wants to do about an item in a store for which she just can not decide. I'll say something like "Well if it haunts your dreams you can come back and get it." She'll tell me she won't want to come all the way back to get it. So I'll let one rip and runaway and that has worked a few times to help her decide. If she takes it with her escaping the fart, she got it. If she left it on the shelf she realized she really didn't want it.

If a fan is ever on and you're feeling feisty sit next to the fan and let it blow to someone else.

Occasionally I'll leave a conversation from the break room at work with a little cheek squeak. Kind of like a signature.

I absolutely love to hear other people's fart stories. Please share. And if you enjoyed this hub you would certainly enjoy The Farting Preacher, you can search for it on youtube.


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    • badegg profile image

      Del Banks 5 years ago from Southern Appalachians

      The ultimate bombs are those that get blamed on someone else, especially if you an pick your target. It annoys my wife to no end when I stand next to her in grocery aisle and let an extremely putrid one go and then walk away when someone else is coming. The other person invariably thinks that my wife is the bomber. Excellent!