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It's the Simplicity of Life that I Love

Updated on February 27, 2012

Touching in the name of love.......


Love without expectation of receiving anything in return!

I have a dream job that brings much joy to my heart. I work in a hospital as a Critical Care Technician. Every day when I arrive at work I wonder what gift will fall into my lap, what plan God has for me, where will I best be used to spread the magic twinkle I lovingly carry in my pocket to share with others.

I have met people of all walks of life in the hospital. Illness doesn’t discriminate it touches the young as well as the old, and has a habit of tricking you when you least expect it. The resounding response from most of my patients is that “Their life changed in a split second of time”! Something most of us don’t think about as we race through our busy days filled with our perception of a structured, meaningful life.

I chose to work the night shift in the hospital for I believe it is my calling from heaven to be there. It is the special time of the day where Fear likes to peek in and pay a visit. There are many profound conversations that take place in the middle of the night, along with abstract dreams created out of confusion. Many touches of comfort and hand holding are extended as a reassurance to each patient that they are a gift and not a burden in the hospital community. The “S” word is not allowed to be uttered from their lips, if anybody should be "SORRY" it is I because I feel I cannot give enough.

A couple of weeks ago my heart’s door opened for a patient I will refer to as Mack (not his real name). He was an adorable elderly gentleman gifted to me to care for throughout the night.

Mack’s life was one of prominence. He smiled as he told me how his goal in his younger years was to become a millionaire by the time he was 35 years old. How he struggled in life with the first store he opened and the marriage of his first wife. He was visibly saddened as he flipped through pages of his memory going back in time reliving the pain and suffering as he spoke. His first marriage of twenty six years took him through the opening of two additional stores and the heart ache of how he could never do enough to please his first wife. He kept shaking his head from side to side in disbelief almost trying to reconcile the whole situation to himself as he spoke. As his story continued he admitted to achieving his dream of becoming a millionaire, to the ending of his first marriage, and the beginning of a new chapter in his life a second love that came knocking at his heart’s door..her name was Virginia.

Fast forwarding in time Virginia and Mack had been happily married for some twenty years before illness in a split second of time decided it was time to pay Mack a visit. Life had changed quickly, with many adjustments, and a new form of heart ache appearing at the couple’s front door.

With a look of resolution Mack presented me with the following words. “I was the happiest in my life when I owed one store”. “If I could do it over it would be Virginia and my one store”. Virginia loves me unconditionally and wants for nothing in life except me. I don’t know how she will go on when I am gone, for I love her equally, she is my world.

I had the pleasure of taking care of Mack for a few more nights after our first encounter. His wife Virginia was a delight as he had described and the love between the two of them was a visible masterpiece of two hearts embraced as one; beauty in motion for anyone’s eyes to behold.

Mack’s message to me although personal carries the reoccurring theme of the “Simplicity of Life” that so many of my elder patients speak of. That when faced with the last chapter of your life, as you recount and take inventory of your life’s achievements the only aspects that stick out with value of importance are unconditional love and the simplicity of one’s life.

If you really take the time to think about it, there is nothing you can take with you to the next dimension in time except love that hopefully has seeded itself and blossomed in your soul. A form of love so unconditionally pure that giving without expectation provides a joy without regrets, can you possibly imagine an inner glow so powerful, so Godly?

Everything else in your life just becomes extra baggage that gets left at the gate when it is your time to graduate to the next dimension. There is no room in the lighted tunnel between here and there except for the spirit of your soul that carries your love.

We have a tendency to struggle to give ourselves and our children everything materially possible in life. The theme to have the “BEST” in life has been a focus for a long time in today’s world. Is it really necessary though? Maybe the "Best" needs to be re-defined?

Although I think I am not in the last chapter of my life, but one never knows for sure…I feel blessed for the sage advice I keep gleaning from all my patients. It reinforces my belief in the power of the Light of the Universe and His message of Un-Judgmental Justice as an extension of Love to all.

If there is a gift I could extend to everyone in the name of God it is today’s message of the Simplicity of Life and the Love it encases. Take a few moments to re-evaluate your life today… you don’t have to wait for the last chapter of your life to come knocking at your door to make a change…think Simple, think Love, dump the extra baggage that is weighing you down, and most importantly learn to play well with others!

It’s that simple!

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    • picadilly profile imageAUTHOR

      Priscill Anne Alvik 

      6 years ago from Schaumburg, IL

      I reread my hub before reading your comments thelyricwriter, it brought a tear to my eye tonight as it did the night I wrote it. I thank you for popping in tonight and commenting on this particular hub...I think the Universe wanted me to read it again.

      I am truly blessed in what I touch in the most personal manner as I do with my patients is an honor. I am able to give so much love and in return I am touched with wisdom.

      Thank you again for popping on in!!! xo

    • thelyricwriter profile image

      Richard Ricky Hale 

      6 years ago from West Virginia

      Voted up, useful, awesome, and beautiful. A dear touching story about Mack and Virginia. Your right. Have to commend you for the job you do, great to know that people like you enjoy helping others, it is a blessing. It is the little things in life that we love so much, yet, we take advantage of. You make a great point and so does the story. Even in great gains, we stand to lose so much.

    • picadilly profile imageAUTHOR

      Priscill Anne Alvik 

      6 years ago from Schaumburg, IL

      Coming from you billybuc I am honored! I am simple and love my life to be as such!

      Create a wonderful day!! xo

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      6 years ago from Olympia, WA

      These are the types of hubs I love...from the heart, real-life experiences and emotions. You did a marvelous job with this one. Thank you!

    • picadilly profile imageAUTHOR

      Priscill Anne Alvik 

      6 years ago from Schaumburg, IL

      Loud and clear Missy L! Big, big hug!

    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 

      6 years ago

      Fair enough Missy P! I don't believe we walk alone either - i just use very different verbiage! xx

    • picadilly profile imageAUTHOR

      Priscill Anne Alvik 

      6 years ago from Schaumburg, IL

      You would be surprised Missy L...I don't think our religious beliefs are that far off. I use the words God, Light of the Universe, Guides, Angels all interchangeably.

      I just don't believe I walk alone, I know my family sinced passed are my guides, and I have had the opportinity to touch with the other side on occassion...mind blowing.

      I feel so blessed for the people I have crossed paths with... they have provided wisdom for my heart to embrace.

      Thank you for your kind words! xox

    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 

      6 years ago

      You are one in a million P! You take the road less traveled and answer only to what your heart feels is right! You are an angel, and those who are lucky enough to cross paths with you, no doubt come away the better for it! Despite our religious beliefs being diametrically opposed - I'm very glad i've had that opportunity!

    • picadilly profile imageAUTHOR

      Priscill Anne Alvik 

      6 years ago from Schaumburg, IL

      Thank you Jessica for your words. Your heart has the vision that recognizes the importance of living life as if there is no tomorrow. Your journey is blessed! Have a wonderful day!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      It is so true. We need to embrace every day and make every moment count. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, let alone years ahead. We should find what makes us happy and always strive to be the best that we can be. Thanks for sharing this lovely piece!

    • picadilly profile imageAUTHOR

      Priscill Anne Alvik 

      6 years ago from Schaumburg, IL

      Thank you Leah! It is really the Lord working through me. I am an extra set of hands that He uses. I do love each of my patients, I want to wrap each one up and take them home...each one a gift! It is wonderful to be inspired with the sparkle of life when the sprinkle touches your heart....please keep in touch I would love to know how your journey progresses! xo

    • Leah Helensdottr profile image

      Leah Helensdottr 

      6 years ago from Colorado

      picadilly, this is an absolutely beautiful hub. I am struck dumb by your generosity and kindness to people who are in the last stage of their lives. I know you receive from them as well, but it's you who initiates the contact and gives your time when you could be doing something for yourself instead. You are an angel, and you're making me think about what I could do to help people as you have. Voted up, awesome, and beautiful.


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