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It’s All in the Smile!

Updated on May 27, 2009


Selecting an Atlanta dentist does not have to be an overwhelming job. Rather, by following some simple steps, it is a relatively easy task. As you begin the selection process, it may be helpful to talk to family members, friends, or co-workers and have a list to start from. Also, if you need (or anticipate needing) any cosmetic procedures-teeth whitening or porcelain veneers-then the following 12 considerations will need to be included in your selection process:

1.       How long has the dentist been practicing? The longer the better, but a minimum of 3 years is a good starting point.

2.       Ask about the training and if they have any specialties. Understand that not all dentists perform cosmetic procedures.

3.       Should a dentist not handle all procedures, be sure you ask about their referrals practices.

4.       Talk to the dentist about what procedures may currently be needed to best take care of your dental concerns.

5.       Ask about what dental associations the dentist is a member of. They should participate in at least 2 groups; however, local, state and national count as one.

6.       What type of emergency services does the dentist offer and how difficult is it to get in touch with the dentist after hours or on weekends?

7.       Does the dentist use items such as nitrous oxide, pre-medication, music or heating pads?

8.       What about advanced technology like dental lasers or state of the art x-ray machines instead of traditional dental tools?

9.       If your dentist does perform cosmetic procedures, do they have before/after photos or referrals by previous clients?

10.   Does the dentist do work based on need and not just what the insurance provider will pay for?

11.   How convenient is the dental office to your work, home or children’s school?

12.   Is the dentist’s staff kind and courteous, giving you a say in appointment scheduling, and not keeping you on hold for long periods of time.

Having a dentist you are comfortable with makes a big difference in your experience. Choose one with care so that you can smile on your way to, and from, the dentist office.


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