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Hello Kombucha, Bye-Bye PMS!

Updated on October 16, 2019

PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome affects up to about 80% of women everywhere. It is described as a combination of physical, emotional and psychological disturbances that occur after a woman's ovulation- about two weeks before their period.

Tender breasts, cramps, cravings, bloating, pimple/acne breakouts, severe mood swings, and even depression are some of the common symptoms of PMS. It is definitely no fun!

Although the main cause of PMS is still unknown, many experts and researchers believe that our bodies' exposure to harmful toxins and hormone disruptors that throw our systems off balance is responsible for it.

Thankfully there are ways to minimize if not fully eliminate these nasty symptoms like exercising, consuming food and supplements high in B vitamins, calcium, and magnesium (green leafy vegetables), reducing salt intake, doing yoga poses and drinking kombucha!

I started drinking kombucha early this year and I didn't notice it right away, but then I started getting my monthly visits by Aunt Flo (a term for monthly period- for some of you who don't know who this messy Aunt is) smoothly and almost symptom-free and I started back-tracking: the only thing that's changed over the course of time is the introduction of kombucha in my diet. So then, I did some research and it all started to make sense.

* It detoxes your body of harmful yeast, bacteria, and toxins that kick your reproductive system out of whack.

* It's high in probiotics that help restore hormonal balance, promote digestive systems and gut health (also helps aid depression- something I will discuss soon).

* It is rich in B vitamins that may guard against PMS by helping synthesize brain neurotransmitters.

* My personal favorite is Happy Brew hibiscus triple berry kombucha. Hibiscus flowers are used to regulate the menstrual cycle and help alleviate cramps, PMS, and mood disturbances.

I have always frowned on pads and tampons commercials where the women seem very happy and pain-free because come on, for most of us, that's the total opposite! But now I know that it is possible to have your period without suffering severe PMS. Why take ibuprofen and other pain killers and mood enhancers when you can enjoy a yummy glass of kombucha?


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