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I’ve Got Worms! We're Gonna Specialize in Selling Worm Farms. You Know, Like Ant Farms

Updated on September 14, 2011
This thing is huge and kind of cute. Hey, get your head out of the gutter!
This thing is huge and kind of cute. Hey, get your head out of the gutter! | Source

Four Snore and a Couple Nights Ago, Episode 3

If there is any time I am able to quote Dumb & Dumber in any sort of title, I will take that opportunity. Who wouldn’t? So, this may be the last week of Four Snore and a Couple Nights Ago because I have sort of used up all my good dream stories. I might come back to this hub later on in my life when I have compiled a few more interesting dreams. As for right now, it is time for some wild monsters!

Kinda creepy, wouldn't want one of these coming at me.
Kinda creepy, wouldn't want one of these coming at me. | Source

The Lore of Snore

Once again, like almost all of my dreams, I am in my childhood home. I wake up in bed and I remember it being the morning as the sun has just risen. I jump out of bed when I hear a loud thud. I remember looking all around the house and it is completely empty. At the time, around fifteen or so years old, I should have been concerned that my entire family is gone. Yet, I didn’t feel any fear.

I walk to back door of the house and for some reason, I am drawn to the field by my neighbor’s house so I trudge across our backyard, through our gated fence, over my neighbors long, football field-like backyard and by a couple parked school buses by the road. By the way, the school buses were always there as one of women on our block was a bus driver. As I stood there looking away from my house, out to the open field, I was blown away. So that is where that thud came from.

Off in the distance stood this four legged creature that had to be a half-mile away but still looked huge, almost double the height of our water tower in town. It looked like some elephant hybrid, part elephant, part mammoth, part monster with long, fat legs is the best way I could describe it. It looked like it was swatting flies and then it hit me. If it looks like flies that it is swatting, the flies must be pretty large. I squinted my eyes and saw one of the flying creatures expand its wings. No way. It was an angel. Why were angels fighting this creature? What are they doing here, especially in our small town?

As I stood there, I started to feel the ground start to move. It couldn’t have been an earthquake since I live in Ohio. I looked down and I saw the dirt and rocks start to jump around my feet. Off in the field it looked like a moving mound of dirt, coming my way. I just stood there, frozen, wondering what in the world would create those mounds.

I saw the mounds get closer and closer and as a large worm came out of the earth about 40 yards away, I realized that it was speeding at me. I jumped out of the way and this worm, which was about 30 yards long and 5 yards wide, slammed head on with the school bus next to me. I landed on the ground after I dove action star-like and looked behind me. The school bus was at least a third its original length, a crumpled heap of yellow steel. I don’t quite remember where the worm went but that is when the dream ended.

My other dream doesn’t have to deal with worms. Sadly enough, I only have had one dream about those epic creatures. My other dream is rather mild in comparison and is actually one of my favorite quotes as of right now. You will see what I mean.

From the looks of things in my dream, I am walking alongside a quiet road during the wintertime in the back country of Ohio. I am not lost but apparently just wandering alongside the road, traveling to some unknown destination with no sense or care for time. As I walk along this road and of in the distance, coming down a small hill, are a pack of wolves. When I see the first wolf, I don’t think much of it. When I saw a few more come out of the woods, I immediately look for some sort of way to defend myself.

The wolves then start to approach and are about 20 yards away. The first thing I do is look around and I find a tree branch lying on the ground next to me. The wolves then surround me and then I start to get defensive as if I was the one defending my territory. I had this rage in me as I was yelling to see if I could scare them but they just growled right back. I swung the branch around in circles to keep them back. I never made contact with any of them but I remember being very aggressive.

Another dream I had is the shortest of all. I am, once again, wandering aimlessly along the same country road as before but this time I am with my younger brother. We were just walking slowly along this road and I then said to my brother one of my favorite, original quotes I have ever said, “You might want to find a weapon because we are probably going to fight some wolves.” Classic.

Another worm. Yep.
Another worm. Yep. | Source

UnSNOREgettable Moments

What I found interesting about this dream was the epicness of it. I honestly could have never thought up of a monster hundreds of feet tall and never could have seen angels fighting it. I am not that much of a religious person so I am not too sure of the significance of the angels. I will not get into the meaning of this dream until later. The worm coming at me and barely missing me was quite interesting.

The wolves part of these dreams are not the most epic or shocking aspect but they are important to me by what they mean in my life at the time. The quote that came out of it is classic and I will never forget it.

So this would be a sight to see, eh?
So this would be a sight to see, eh? | Source

What the Beep Sleep?

These three dreams that I described above have been the easiest for me to decypher. I had the epic monster dream when I was younger and it could possibly stand for me being shy and everything around me out of control and larger than life. I could have felt that things were going on in my life and I never went outside to explore it (I was quite sheltered and no offense mom, you know it’s true). That is the only explanation I can come up with for this dream.

As for my dream involving wolves, it is carrying over from my epic monster dream so long ago. I think, finally in my life, I have control over things and things are happening the way I want them to. When fighting with the wolves, it is me standing up for myself and it is also me being my own person. When it involves my brother in the final dream, I think it is me worried for my brother when I warn him about the wolves as I don’t want him following in my footsteps, allowing him to be his own person.

So, at least angels were in my dream. Was my subconscious trying to get me back to church? Nah!
So, at least angels were in my dream. Was my subconscious trying to get me back to church? Nah! | Source

In Conclusion, Explaining Confusion

This analysis of my life and the path of my brother’s life is very eye-opening and rewarding. The dream was simple and to the point. About time, right?

Now that this dream hub is over, I will hopefully return to it in the future when I get a fresh, exciting, juicy dream. Well, maybe not a juicy once but I will try not to disappoint. I will tackle lucid dreaming and astral projection with demons sometime in the future. Also, I will attempt to start an obscure blog including the latter with inventions I have thought of as well as unusual news, products and tidbits. Until then, take care!

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    • shauneagle profile image

      shauneagle 6 years ago from Westerville, OH

      Thanks joawmeens, I am going to read your Titanic 2 SAD review right now! Pumped!

    • joawmeens profile image

      joawmeens 6 years ago from Hopewell, Ohio

      Man, I thought you were going to say they were planes attacking the monster, King Kong style. But ANGELS? Epic.

      I really enjoyed these dream hubs, hopefully you do revisit them at some point.