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Jack Herer feminized seeds

Updated on May 26, 2016

Feminized marijuana seeds


Named after the infamous author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, Jack Herer is not just the name of an American politician, marijuana advocate and hemp legalization activist. This feminized strain offers instantaneous deep high accompanied by a powerful long-lasting bodily vigor. Some users describe the feeling as “trippy lightheadedness”. Others experience visual improvement and ridiculously funny “haha” moments.

Plant characteristics

Jack Herer forms smothered in crystals buds. The stems and stalks of the plant also develop spear-and fan leaves. Jack Herer’s diverse mix of refined Indica and Sativa characteristics allows Growers to choose mother plants which best suit their needs. The gentle outward-growing hairs on the buds turn brick-red as the plant reaches maturity.

Medical implications

The amazing qualities of Jack Herer have earned its ranking as medicinal-level marijuana. Drug stores in the Netherlands distribute Jack Herer cannabis under prescription only.

Strain characteristics

Feminized plant

80% Sativa/ 20% Indica

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contents - high at 20%

Cannabidiol (medical) – medium concentration

Height – tall plant (150/180 cm; 59"/71")

Harvest: abundant (450 to 550 gr/m² - 16 to 19 oz/11ft²)

Blooming - Average (up to 60 days)

Conditions - Sunny / Mediterranean

Most suitable for growing indoors

Implications: Medical

Required growers experience: beginner


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