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Jack3d - Dangerous and Addictive Supplement?

Updated on March 26, 2015

Manufacturers are fiercely competing to make the most powerful pre-workout supplement possible (or at least make you believe it is). Each new supplement to hit the market seems to make bigger claims. Many times it’s a new marketing angle and behind the label the product is basically identical to all the others. Every once in a while, the bodybuilding community confirms the hype; “Honeymoon period” user reports on message boards and various review sites abound. The latest example of this phenomenon can be seen with Jack3d. The USP Labs Supplement is fast becoming the flavor of choice among gym rats.

What is Jack3d

Traditionally supplements have sold in large tubs. Jack3d on the other hand is sold in small containers. The claim to fame is that it contains only active ingredients and no fillers while most pre-workout powders use additives such as maltodextrin and excessive amounts of magnesium to bulk up the weight of the formula.

Jack3d Abuse

This report does not seek to deny that Jack3d gives you the desire to work out for extended periods and with increased intensity. The point is to disclose that fact that there are indeed dangers to be aware of before you decide to load up on it. While safe for those that follow the guidelines, enthusiasts that go beyond their limits may pay a high price by potentially damaging their health.

Several consumer reviews have disclosed anecdotes about Jack3d causing awkward social situations. While the user of Jack3d is flying high on the stuff and “getting so much done” in the workplace or gym, they do not look they are operating in a healthy state to co-workers and friends. The terms “strung out” or “uppity” have been used to describe their state. Surprisingly, these remarks aren’t taken as warning signs but instead are seen as complementary. After all, it becomes clear that Jack3d is so powerful that others are noticing the effects.

People with an addictive personality or history of drug abuse have a good chance of taking it too far. Jack3d contains enough powerful stimulants to make it a substance that can fast become “a dependence powder.”

Ingredients Analyzed

Here is a breakdown of the compounds in Jack3d. Assuming the reader has already read about the positive attributes, we will be taking a look the potential dangers of each.

Geranamine (1,3-Dimethylamylamine or Methylhexamine)

This psychoactive drug is not FDA approved due to lack of research. It has adverse effects when safe usage is exceeded, including headache, nausea, and even stroke.

Schizandrol A

This is one of the effective components in the dried Schizandra fruit native to China and Korea. There is very little information available about Schizandrol A and only a few lab studies have been conducted. Botanists’ claim the fruit itself can increase in the speed of reflex nervous responses.

Methylxanthines (Caffeine & Theophylline)

Jack3d supporters claim that it gives them energy without “the crash” and yet pretty much anyone will agree that caffeine is a temporary fix. Theophylline is very similar in structure to caffeine. Due to its numerous side-effects, the drug is rarely administered for clinical use.


This amino acid really does increase muscular strength, endurance and delay fatigue. Numerous studies have proven it.

Creatine Monohydrate

There are no adverse side effects beyond occasional dehydration. Users of Jack3d often suggest drinking plenty of water to offset this, which is a good idea regardless.

L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate

This is the salt of the amino acid arginine and alpha-ketoglutaric acid. Along with the other amino acid based substances in Jack3d, there are no major drawbacks to speak of.


Hopefully the research contained herein helps you to make an informed decision about Jack3d and if it is right for your workout routine.

If you already use Jack3d, as long as you use it responsibly and are aware of the risks of overdosing, you have nothing to worry about. Although it isn’t perfect, it can help you meet your fitness goals when used right.


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    • profile image

      REALLYRIPEDABS 3 years ago

      Im 23 and my friend and I took this stuff dry when we went hiking (Dont know its good for ya hahaha) but anyway we had such energy when we were doing it that we hiked and hiked, once it wore off we didnt dare take another one, but I cant wait to get back out and take this stuff before we go hiking the right way

    • profile image

      Tomcat 3 years ago

      I have used jack 3d many times it gives u the focus and energy needed in the gym. As far as people feeling heart pains it's not the heart it's panic attack take less u don't have to use a whole scoop sometimes I take 2 sometimes 1 and sometimes 1/2. This does make u feel panicky if taken to much witch will lead to panic attacks so be smart and take what u realy need and don't push it to far and u will be fine

    • profile image

      cia_lis 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      Pharmd94 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      Johnk634 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      Tim V 4 years ago

      Just got another case of tachycardia, hypertension, and transaminitis from your product. Thanks for keeping my nursing job secure.

    • profile image

      Alex 4 years ago did a write up on Jack3d being bad for you. They say as long as you're in decent shape, check with your physician first, and cycle on/off correctly, it's perfectly safe as long as you use common sense and follow the directions. I have to agree with that.

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      sounds like a steroid. THe only good ingredient is Creatine. Where is the Glumatic Acid or BCAA which is what your body needs, not some chemical to get you "high" or pumped up?

      ANd patrick who cares about your sex drive. Really dude?

    • profile image

      emma 5 years ago

      I'm 17, and a girl. I took it this afternoon . Yes, it did give me more energy. I took 1 and a half scoops and I can still feel it. I think it affects all people differently. The first time, take the recommended amount and then go from there. If you feel really wired, I would say 1/2 what you took. I do recommend jack but don't over do yourself

    • profile image

      random[a..z]w 5 years ago

      it is always a good idea to go green because we always want to help the environment..

    • profile image

      ficlodcesm 5 years ago

      It’s really a cool and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

    • profile image

      Adrian Enriquez 5 years ago

      This stuff is a joke!!!

      Advocare makes the best pre-work out supplement on the market, its called: MUSCLE FUEL

    • profile image

      get real 6 years ago

      Do not take Jack do you know this stuff is not good for you read the ingredients be informed this should be banned. Why cant you just workout without taking enhancing products.

    • profile image

      stunt 6 years ago

      ive been taken jack for a month an its good to me i drink it 30min before an by the time im there it has me ready the only bad thing is my arms itch untill i start working out then it goes away i havent had any other side affects i eat sleep good

    • profile image

      Nikko G's 6 years ago


      This is mad confussing,I feel like everyone works for jack3d or No Xploded.

      I was thinking about trying jack3d because my friend Will me about it.

      But evrytime I go on a website to look at jack3d some person starts saying that, jack3d is safe and the blah-blah acid does this, they use big words and gets pissed everytime some says some negative bout jack3d.

      I am a real persomn and I just want to kno if its safe to use, I am 19, 170 lbs mostly muslce and I work every other day for my college football team.

      If anyone that I sreal can help thnks- Nikko G

    • kjrzeek1 profile image

      kjrzeek1 6 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      I have used Jack3d and really didn't like it. I didn't get much from it and prefer N.O. Explode...

    • lifeoflata profile image

      lifeoflata 6 years ago from Tacoma Wa

      I recently heard that one of the main ingredients in jackz was condsidered legal coke in the UK and that the DEA is checking into Jackz due to it. Is there any truth to that or are my peers just yanking my chain?

    • profile image

      Justin Annan 6 years ago

      I m 38 and bodybuilder

      I took this and other similar pre work out drinks and never did 4 weeks off phases

      They don't stress the importance on tubs of taking time off

      I was diagnosed with a brain tumour last month!

      Google " brain tumour nitric oxide"

    • profile image

      George Z 6 years ago

      I just started taking jack3d. I take only one scoop 30min before working out. Only have tried it for the last two work outs. I work out with a kettle bell and let me tell you, I'm doing 50 rep sets with a 45lb KB for about 200 reps usually 4 intervals than I'll do 20-30 rep sets for another 200 reps about 3-4 intervals. I'm whipped after these evo.s so no cardio I've done enough. Sticking to the one ounce rule for hydration 1/2 ur weight in ounces of water i.e. 200#/2=100 ounces of water. Did a dose on Mon.(K.B. w/o) Tue. F.R.S. and cardio. Wed. 2nd dose (K.B. w/o) to beat for cardio on Thur. I also take A.A. and Whey Iso. along with F.R.S. the jacked is new to the regimine but I haven't been able to blast that K.B. like this in along time. I monitor my heart rate with a pulse ox and B.P. have to test my blood for liver function will get back with those findings. I don't think I'll e taking this supplement for to much longer. I used to take two scoops ON A.A. and two scoops of Glutamine along with a packet of Ener-C vit. and pour into a water bottle along with a packet of Crystal Light and drik half of that mixed in a 16.9 oz. bottle of water prior to w.o. and the other half along with some whey and casein protein. That seemed to be okay. I think I'm going to go back to that regimine.

    • profile image

      Danny 6 years ago

      I take jacked and i'm a massive beast! But my ding dong is small :(

    • profile image

      Troy 6 years ago

      Careful with this product, I was a heavy user for 9 months and never cycled off. After hearing the dangers of this product i stopped taking it and I never have the energy to work out. Stay away!

    • profile image

      lenny 6 years ago

      Im 16 and have been using jack3d as well as other supplements for about a year. I LOVE IT! Now taking 3-4 scoops twice a day.. only thing is its getting expensive but it works so well. I highly recommend this product.

    • profile image

      AB 6 years ago

      Im 36 and started playing basketball and running again and I felt lazy due to the fact that I was,so I went by GNC and the person there recomended jack3d. I took one scoop with 8 oz of water before playing ball and I feel that it worked just fine for me ,I wasnt "lazy" and it kept me focused. I did feel the tingle in my face but it didnt bother me.It was also round 7 pm when I took it and we played till 9:45 and I slept just fine.So to those who want to eat the whole damn jar and complain about how it made you feel....well your an adult and you should take responsibility for your actions,and for the addiction part,I recently kicked the smoking habit after 18 years,cold turkey no problem.Addiction is in your head.Grow up admit you have no will power cause im not feeling sorry.With that said ill continue to use jack3d responsibly that is,like an adult not a 4 year old in the candy bowl.Its a good product if you follow directions.

    • profile image

      suckitandsee 6 years ago

      I take Jack3d everyday and love the effect it has on my chode. The only problem I get with it is it makes me poop and fart so bad.

      In the gym the other day I sharted myself while squatting. BE-A-UTI-FUL.

    • profile image

      AJ 6 years ago

      The second time i took it i couldn't sleep until 6 am. Wasn't too happy about that, and i only took one scoop

    • profile image

      jack 6 years ago

      I took it for the first time today, I definetly noticed a drive and charge in my workout, but afterwards I felt like complete shit and threw up in the locker room of my healthclub. I possibly could have been because I didn't eat very much that day but idk. I'm going to retired again tomarrow and see what happens

    • profile image

      Aline 6 years ago

      Please, everyone follow instructions, do not take a higher dosage and if you have any health problem don't take this supplement! I've just heard in the local newspaper that a brazilian junior soccer player, 18 years old, died after taking Jack3d for a few months. Be careful, just in case! here is the article on the news

    • profile image

      Rob 6 years ago

      Jack3d is a great workout enhancer but, you MUST follow the instructions. I've been taking it for the past 4 months now and am about to cycle off for a month. Not because I don't like it but, because your suppose too. I don't believe you ever need to take more than 2 scoops at a time and no more than 1 scoop if your just trying it. You also need to DRINK A LOT OF WATER. By this I mean AT LEAST half your body weight in ounces a day when taking it.

      Keep in mind too, everyone is different and this product might not be suitable you. If you have a history of heart or cardiovascular problems I would advise not taking this product. I would also not advise taking this product if you aren't in at least decent shape.

      Overall, products like these, that haven't been fully tested and approved, need to be used with caution and by adults. They work great for some and can have negative and sometimes, even dangerous effects on others. I give this product a 9 out of 10, but I use it responsibly.

    • profile image

      NoJack 6 years ago

      I tried Jack3d and while I did notice an amazing increase in energy, I also noticed an extremely rapid heartbeat, and other unpleasant side effects, like not being able to sleep all night. Some people might like it but I prefer Purple Wraath, which gives me the strength increase and endurance without the stimulant effect. Just my experience. Sure its not the same for everyone.

    • profile image

      CJ 6 years ago

      this is the most phony stuff i aver wasted my money on. Coffee works better.

    • profile image

      mnhockey 6 years ago

      Okay Ive been taking this jack 3d for three weeks. Im 26years old and have never ever had problems in BED. But since the 3rd day of taking it and the next three weeks after ive had problems getting it up and no sex drive what so ever. Has this happend to anyone ??

    • profile image

      stephan 6 years ago

      I took jacked and shit my pants in the middle of my work out. Was so embarrassed and angry that I trashed the gym and got thrown out. I then proceeded to go home and masturbate for 8 hours. Best workout ever!

    • profile image

      daniel ledford 6 years ago

      This stuff is great, i can pump more weights and workout way longer when i'm using it. Although don't take more than recommended! Jack3d does cause me to stay awake at night, and makes me a little moody

    • profile image

      daggers 6 years ago

      Dimethylamylamine: a drug causing positive immunoassay results for amphetamines.

      Vorce SP, Holler JM, Cawrse BM, Magluilo J Jr.


      Division of Forensic Toxicology, Armed Forces Medical Examiner System, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, 1413 Research Boulevard, Building 102, Rockville, Maryland 20850, USA.


      The Department of Defense (DoD) operates six forensic urine drug-testing laboratories that screen close to 5 million urine samples for amphetamines yearly. Recently, the DoD laboratories have observed a significant decrease in the confirmation rates for amphetamines because of specimens screening positive by two separate immunoassays and confirming negative by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Previous studies conducted by the Division of Forensic Toxicology, Armed Force Institute of Pathology (AFIP) utilizing a GC-MS basic drug screen and a designer drug screen revealed no common compound or compound classes as to the cause of the immunoassay-positive results. Additional information obtained from an immunoassay vendor suggested the anorectic compound dimethylamylamine (DMAA) may be the cause of the false-positive screens. An additional 134 false-positive samples were received and analyzed using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS-MS) for DMAA. LC-MS-MS analysis revealed the presence of DMAA in 92.3% of the false-positive samples at a concentration of approximately 6.0 mg/L DMAA, causing a positive screen on both immunoassay kits.

    • profile image

      Vince 6 years ago

      Guys, I've been taking Jack3D for 1 month now. My strength gains have been significantly noticeable. I take 3 scoops and am fine when I don't take it. I escalated from 1 scoop to 3 scoops. As a biostatistician, you can't get too deep into the negative press. There are many factors to consider both positively and negatively. For a substance like this, try it out gradually. If it works for you great, if not oh well. We will all be different.

    • profile image

      Rooster 6 years ago

      Jacked3d or any other pre-workout supplement is intended only for healthy and preferably already fit responsible ADULTS! Not 13 to 17 year old kids where their bodies are not even fully developed yet, or people that are abusing it as a drug and mixing it with alcohol or other substances intentionally, or just not knowing what their doing. Before taking powerfull supplements like Jacked, you should 1) Make sure, your healthy! As in spirit, mind, and body as a whole, not "well I look ok", you could have some underlying issues you do not know about. 2) Educate yourself on the supplement facts and other ingredients listed by looking it up on PUBMED, alot of supplement companies do not want the consumer to know about "PUBMED", and get professional advice before consuming it. 3)Ask yourself do the benefits outweigh the cost! Is it really worth it! Be honest with yourself! When it comes to products like this, you are altering the normal function of your cardiovascular system and nervous system! You have to be careful! You need to be healthy, have proper nutrition/supplementation, proper recovery and above all, know yourself on what you can and cannot do. If not, of course their will be negetive side effects!

    • profile image

      lcpl of marines 6 years ago

      i stopped feeling the juiced effects of jack3d after half the tub was gone and taking 2 scoops 4-5 times a week. i assume i built a tolerance or something. i now go 3-4 times a week on 3 scoops. after 3 scoops i feel tingly and definately feel pumped during my hour and a half workout and a few hours afterwards. what should i look forward to in the next year negatively speaking?

    • profile image

      chefnate 6 years ago

      I started taking this roughly 3 months ago, anywhere from 4 times a week to only once a week, and I have noticed a significant increase in the amount of energy i have at the gym, and since i use this only to run with, i can easily do six miles an hour, which i do four to five times a week. i finished a 6.4 mile an hour run less than an hour ago and I just took my heart rate, and its at 90. For a couple hours after I do feel a little wired, its definitely difficult to sit still, and i think once i finish this tub I will quit using it for awhile. I do not have trouble sleeping at night, nor i do i have any trouble achieving or sustaining an there you go, one mans opinion. You should definitely be in at least decent shape before you try this product though, and drink alot of water, and make sure you work out hard enough to get most of its benefits as well as getting it out of your system.

    • profile image

      pfc smith 6 years ago

      this supplement is awesome and it does not cause heart problems dumb asses that stack too many supplements without knowing wat they are takeing is wat causes that issue

    • profile image

      Josh G 6 years ago

      I picked up a jug of jack3d today with no former knowledge of the product or the company. I've used NO xploid and def noticed the energy increase pre workout, during lifting the pumps felt like my muscles would xploid similar to steroids. Today is my no lifting only jogging day. I already did my jog for the day before i purchased the product, but i wanted to try it today before a lifting workout to see how i would feel. So I took one scoop of jack3d and about 15min later I had jog 2 miles just to get some energy out of me. Just for the reader's knowledge ive been taking NO xploid for about 4 weeks and this product gave me more energy but not sure how the pumps will turn out. I did feel much more itchy and tingly than in comparison with NO xploid. For the record I doubt any pre workout supp is healthy, but right now i need the extra energy to get in the mood for workouts.

    • profile image

      JJ 6 years ago

      I've been taking this supplement for about 5 months. I get so amped to go to the gym and I stay motivated for long periods of time. I am small and a female so I stick to one and a half to two scoops or I get nautious. This product is fantastic.

    • profile image

      Rameez 6 years ago

      No-explode? Are you ronnie?

    • profile image

      Rameez 6 years ago

      No-explode? Are you ronnie?

    • profile image

      Sam 6 years ago


      I had heart problems, pretty much had a cardiac arrest. Took 1 scoop a day. Went to the doctor, he said this stuff is as addictive as crack. Great buzz but now I'm on blood thinners for the rest of my life because of jack3d.

      DO NOT TAKE THIS, get no-explode instead. A safe product

    • profile image

      Micko 6 years ago

      I took Jack3d, and was able to use 100% of my brainpower, so I borrowed $100K off a Russian loan shark and parlayed that into a cool 6 mil day-trading, seduced my landlord's wife, and am now friends will all of the world's most famous billionaires. Hurray for Jack3d!

    • profile image

      James 6 years ago

      Interesting review on Jack3d...I've never seen anyone (nor would I ever refer to anyone as) looking "strung out" while taking this product. I've been a loyal Jack3d user for awhile now, and I've found this product to be great in helping get that extra push in the gym on days that I need it (and especially during a cut). I've found that on various forums, this product gets a lot of hate, being that it does have a fairly strong stimulant. As was mentioned, people do need to use Jack3d responsibly, don't exceed the amount you dose, don't forget to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, and do your adrenal glands a favor and remember to cycle!

    • profile image

      schlad qb/12 6 years ago

      i take 1 scoop of jack3d every morning before my two-a-days, i feel and perform at my best. i have been cycling the product for the past 8 months 1 on 1 off. the whole effects thing is bs im 17 and im in fantastic physical shape i havent been effected by this product beside the will and push ive overcome to make myself a better athlete

    • profile image

      james 6 years ago

      I use jacked I love what it does for my workout. It does make it hard to sleep sometimes, does feel a little like a coke high

    • profile image

      freakin terrified 6 years ago

      so I started taking this supplement a little while ago. i have used about half a tub. my god, an amazing rush, amazing workout, and if would make me a monster at sex.

      but i would not recommend this product to anyone who is a red-blooded male, and firmly believes that good sex with women is the most important thing in the world.

      i stopped taking it, and have noticed that my cock does not become erect as much throughout the day, and when it does it is a half ass. i was having sex and my main man wasn't having it. this has never happened to me before. i am 24 years old.

      stay away from jack3d brahs, shit is not worth it. i spoke to a few doctors, they said you i can either stop taking it and let my body get back to normal, or keep taking it every for the rest of my life.

    • profile image

      Buth 6 years ago

      Bad bad insomnia, the stuff gives me great focus, energy and stamina in the gym, but ive taken 3-4 hours to fall asleep at night on it (2.5-3 scoops at 5pm) then bed 11-12. Went a whole night without sleeping on it once, with work the next day, not cool.

      Im giving the stuff up. (first cycle as well)

    • Rameezstar4783 profile image

      Rameezstar4783 6 years ago from Muscat, Oman

      USP labs jack3d pre and OptimumNutrition serious mass post workout good combination for muscle mass

    • Rameezstar4783 profile image

      Rameezstar4783 6 years ago from Muscat, Oman

      I use this product too i didnt feel anything unusual no side effects uptodate and i used to take nitro tech for a long period of time once i stopped taking it my acne on my back reduced a lot now i take jack3d and serious mass i feel great i didnt have any serios gains but i love this combination and works well for me i gained good shape by working harder without losing a bit of muscle mass but i never exceed limits of taking jack3d just a single scoop does the job ( dont hesitate to mail me i am happy to share my experience

    • profile image

      fvaz89 6 years ago

      The biggest mistake people make when it comes to supplements is that they use them to get in shape. You should be in shape before taking these things. I'm currently a senior in college, majoring in biology, and following a premed curriculum. From what I've learned after about 20 different biology courses, one year of laboratory research, one year of clinical research, and eight years of wrestling, running, and lifting, there is no short cut to getting in shape. Build a base, strengthen your heart, and then consider supplements. That said, the major reason people feel like crap after a good workout on Jack3d is the caffeine. This stuff is loaded with it. It's cheap, legal, and it takes effect almost immediately. The crash afterwards is brutal if you take too much (hence the warning). Too much caffeine can and will screw up your heart so don't take too much. Cmoney, I doubt the Jack3d is the cause of your increased heart rate. You mentioned you were an avid runner. If you've stopped running as much, that would explain the elevation.

      To conclude, don't take this stuff if you're going for a run or are doing an endurance sport (like swimming). Use it for lifting only. Your heart is under enough stress during a cardio workout already, and adding caffeine to the mix will not bode well for you.

    • profile image

      the big dane 6 years ago

      just tried jack 3d used it while playing sports

      fitness was up huge agression in gr8 form sleapt

      lik a baby wil probably use it again but not alot

      after reading these comments.mayb just use it now and then

      for a big session to boost fitness levls

      anyone any views on EPO boost capsules

    • profile image

      cmoney 6 years ago

      I took jack3d for an eight week period last summer and again this summer. i recently stopped taking it because i noticed my resting heart rate was anywhere from 110-120 beats per minute. although i loved the way jack3d made me want to spend all day in the gym, i had to acknowledge the damage it was doing to my body. a few days after stopping my heart rate has lowered significantly (80-90 beats per minute) however i think my consistent, prolonged use of it has increased my heart rate at least for the short term. Having been an avid runner in high school (only 21 now) i feel this heart rate is way too high. i just think people should be aware it may potentially make your heart explode.

    • profile image

      penis goblin 6 years ago

      my bench went from 255 to 265 on this stuff in less than a week itssss Great!

    • profile image

      normal man 6 years ago


      this jak 3d is just




      not more

      high quanty of coffien make every bady and every animal too active

      that is all the story with jak 3d

      it is cheap in the price because there are nothing just coffin and creating argnin

      according the question if it is dangures or not

      jack 3d is not danger

      but have little side effect ..for mental and body too

    • profile image

      Ry's mom... 6 years ago

      I am writing to this forum to warn some of these children (16 - 18) to please stop taking this stuff. My 16 year old son had been taking this product for 2 months and has now been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and has undergone numerous tests. He was a perfectly healthy young man prior to taking this product and now is on blood thinners and has had two Cardioversions to try to get his heart back to a healthy rhythm. There are NO OTHER medical reasons for his heart to be in A-fib other than this product. He doesn't drink soda, he eats healthy and does not drink alcohol. Nothing but this product could have contributed to this. Please stay away unless you get the ok from your doctor.

    • profile image

      Jesse 6 years ago

      Wnat to push yourself further and pump more, Take it. Want to have a hard time sleeping and some social ackwardness after you crash and wanna fart alot take it...... PS I love it!

    • profile image

      Jessie 6 years ago


      I took Jack3d for a year off and on-i followed the recommended dosage and it LIVED UP to its claim of providing surging power and focus before, during and after the gym.

      The only times I had trouble sleeping is when i took more than two scoops or used with other stimulants such as coffee or fat burners, making me stay up all night and not even feeling tired the next day. Eventually, i started to feel pain from my left temple down the side of my face and to my shoulder and I ended up in the ER. The pain did not subsist until i stopped taking all unnatural stimulants.

      I am a woman, and it made me oblivious to the pain in the gym, and i was able last longer and go harder on my runs and weights. I never lost a significant amount of weight-but it is not meant for that purpose. I had major problems with the product when i started upping the dose and mixing, as i already stated. Overall, it is potent, unnatural, and has not been around long enough for me or my loved ones to feel safe using the product, not to mention the possible addiction and long term effects of the product that may not show until much later in life.

      Take care of your body the natural way, train as hard as you can, and you should be good to go. DON'T RISK YOUR HEALTH.

    • profile image

      KLab 6 years ago

      I Jst ordered some from GNC.. Should be in next week sometime.. I have read alot of these post which Didn't help at all... Some say its great I love it and some say I hate it.. it makes my dick small soo I have no clue what to expect but I sure hope i didn't jst blow 30 bucks

    • profile image

      Kevin 6 years ago

      Yea i am super addicted to jack3d, i been taking it for about 6 months straight, everyday , i need another product

    • profile image

      Marcos 6 years ago

      This thing is great

    • profile image

      Mus 6 years ago

      I have been taking Jack3d for about 2 weeks now gonna stop taking after 2 weeks n go natural. My point here is, I am only using jack3d now to kick start my gym sessions then after go full natural. I have had 3 side effects, first pins n needles, second stomach pains, head ache that's all. Only take 1 scoop 5 times a week. Haha funny thing is jack3d actually helps me study aswell after my work out sesh go home n start studyin cause of all the stimulation it provides for the mind and body! Rate it 4/5 cause it's awsome but way too many unknowns which scares me...

    • profile image

      Mark 6 years ago

      also you get used to these products even if you cycle them.....unless your offcycle is like a year

    • profile image

      Mark 6 years ago

      Taken heaps of preworkout supps

      jack3d isnt even close to the best one, quake is much better, and you don't come off it anywhere near as hard

      also heard that jack3d has some chemical found in ectasy which is probably a bit too far aswell

      considering not using preworkout supps anymore due to the fact that i want to live past 30 years old

      i think the lack of research on these products is dangerous

    • profile image

      Jakedman 6 years ago

      It makes me fart a lot

    • profile image

      kane 7 years ago

      do not take energy product!!!!!!!!!!!! if you do you'll always need them!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      ken 7 years ago

      dan, i have take all the same stuff! ur right about u'll never go to the gym with out taking something!! these product make you get adicktevied! the way they do this is, you start off hitting the gym make small gains, but good gains. then you'll want to make quicker gains!! so you see other mates getting bigger quicker so you want to know want there doing! then you start taking what there taking such as a createin or protein sups! then you'll be able to do more reps and lift more weight! you see more size and streghth!! but once you stop taking these sups u'll end ur streghth and reps!! you wont be able to lift as heavy or as many as you do with one of these sups!! if ur playing a sport such as rugby u'll died in the ass!! after 20mins on the park!! this is why everybody should do it the hard way!!! protein is the only good one!!!! vie been hitting the gym for 12years now!!! and i still love it!! it took me 1 1/2 years to get over energy sups! but once i did it made working out so much more injoyerble! no shit talk.. sorry to disappoint you.

    • profile image

      dan 7 years ago

      have taken, ENERGIZED XPAND, NaNO Vapor, no xspode, super pump 250 black powder, 1mr, red code, mesomorph, jack3d. jack3d is the best by fare for ME. it all depends on the person, but the biggest thing that you all need to know is u'll never do a gym work out again with taking something once you start!!!! and you wont be able to lift as heavy or as many reps! u'll always need it!! best to keep it all natural! people have only been taking what is in these product for 20 years max thats the biggest worry for me now! 50 years down the tack.. who's knows what going to happen.

    • profile image

      eddie 7 years ago

      holy shit i have just read evry single comment lol shows how bored i am. anyway ill share my thoughtsi havnt taken jack3d yet and am 50/50 i also no now what it comes down to for it being safe to use or not. it basically comes down to the user, i want to use it beacuse i know i will use it responsibly but i am a sensitive sleeper and and caffenie doesnt work well with me. so its kind of a bad idea for me although i can counter this by useing it in the mourning and burning myself out during the day maybe. also jack3d has all of the features and effect that meth has really after reading everything and in a case were someone got tested while useing jack3d and got busted for meth WOW! so i know what taking jack3ed would feel like lol a big hit. so it comes down to U. use responsibly because its very powerful

    • profile image

      Justin 7 years ago

      I just had a scoop today before doing a gym session (my first sample), nothing too outlandish just got on the treadmill and found I was definitely able to keep up with the higher speed for longer, without getting wobbly or loss of motivation. Was pretty wired afterwards though, so I've taken a Temazepam to help me sleep!

      I read a couple times (old posts) that people reported testing positive for METHAMPHETIMINES after using JACK3D. Well I am a qualified Prohibited Substance Tester and can confirm from testing my own urine just now that this is not true. It's been 7 hours since I took 1 scoop, more than long enough for it to show up in a drug screen and I pissed NEGATIVE to METH.

      It is possible that older formulations contained a Meth-like substance in it such as Pseudoeffedrine (found in some cold/flu medications). Or that whoever was testing positive to METH had taken some such medication whilst using JACK3D, which is not recommended because Pseudoeffedrine is also a stimulant.

      Those are my findings as a medical health provider and qualified tester. I will continue to use this product in the future to test it's efficacy and gauge side-effects while weighing up the benefits and continuing to research, being aware that it may indeed be addictive as caffeine certainly is!


    • profile image

      Jay 7 years ago

      One more tidbit of information - if anyone using this or any other product is not seeing the results they want, or the taste is different each time you use the product: Read the label. Shake the container up prior to each use. This will redistribute the product so you're not getting the lighter-weighted ingredients from the top, it'll be mixed in.

    • profile image

      Jay 7 years ago

      Purchased Jack3d off Amazon about 3 weeks ago (was previously taking NO Xplode from BSN). I use it first thing in the morning (empty stomach) approximately 30 minutes before going to the gym. I'm in the gym 3 to 4 times a week. One scoop is all I take, and the energy level is pretty good. I can fit more reps in with less fatigue than without taking the supplement. If anyone is familiar with the movie Crank, the main character's energy level - that's the equivalent feeling during and just after the workout. Extreme amounts of energy and endurance.

      The "crash" that some reported here, I personally haven't experienced that, but depending on how intense the workout was, I do feel a bit sluggish a few hours after the workout. This sluggish feeling, too, could be from my hour-long commute to work after the workout, so it's hard to tell which is to blame.

      I do experience the tingling sensation about 5 to 10 minutes after consuming the drink. I also experienced that with other pre-workout supplements I took, so it didn't really throw me off.

      I will say that I did make a mistake one day after taking the supplement and ordered an iced coffee regular versus decaf, and the extra caffeine made me jittery for a few hours. Note taken: Order decaf on gym days.

      With that said, I acknowledge everyone has different tolerance levels with stimulants. Again, everyone has different tolerance levels with stimulants. I think that key fact is what a lot of the users here are missing. People from late teen to middle age and beyond have reported different levels of reaction from this product. Everyone's system will... keyword WILL react differently to this product.

      The best thing you can do prior to trying this product out is speak to your physician and get yourself checked out to see if you're healthy enough to take a product like Jack3d. And while taking this (or any product), drink LOTS of water. The first day I didn't drink as much water as I should, and the next day I felt like a train ran me over. Sore muscles, pounding headache. Consuming the recommended 126oz of water for men IS what you should do. It may seem like a lot of water to drink, but it can only do you good the next day with recovery and preventing dehydration headaches.

      I apologize if I rambled here, just wanted to get a general message out about this stuff. Seems like too many people slamming products out there when the mistakes are being made by themselves.

      About me: I'm 28 years old, 195lbs, 5'11", I'd rate my health as "good". Not sure of my body fat percentage. Been lifting off and on for just over 10 years.

    • profile image

      Phd steve 7 years ago

      oh wow... all of you weirdo know nothing idiots that claim to have adverse side effects i laugh heartily at you. i am willing to bet you missed multiple required supplements to avoid damaging yourself. you do realize that Jack3d was specifically designed to enhance your workout... kids, uneducated people or just plain idiots that jump on hype make multiple mistake. first you don't take care of the 95% of the time your not at the gym or taking supplements YOUR DIET. supplements make up 1% of your entire week. you jump into a product like jack3d you better have protein, amino acids, drink a bit more water, make sure you take your multiple vitamin and omega oils. reason for ANY and ALL negative effects is you people wanna be a beast in the gym but you don't realize that you need to recover just as intensely and perform regular maintenance on your muscle to prevent fatigue, irritability, or cramping. you burn out your b vitamins from gylcogen(stored minerals and vitamins in blood) you feel like crap. some broccoli and a cup of milk isn't gonna be enough if you're using preworkout powders. my favorite part of being a nutritionist is getting to see emaciated kids brag about how "jacked" methyl 1 d made them and i ask them to hold their hand out and theyre shaking like a leaf. sure drop 60 bucks on a test booster or NOxplode but you better have your diet, and base supplements prepared to maintain. there is no such thing as a negative side effect from supplements when used properly and you are already being healthy prior to testing them out.

    • profile image

      new user 7 years ago

      jack3d is legal speed- dmaa is very similiar to methemphetamine and mdma- that being said i love- used to take aderall for adhd and this stuff is stronger or at least more euphoric- def helps the work out- stimulants relieve pain and increase indurance- its not a big mystery- use it for what it is and be safe

    • profile image

      pepo 7 years ago

      today i used jack3d for first time , did recomended 1 cup of doze , and my heart beat increased to 120 , i went into the gym made really nice work out , really a lot of power and stuff like that , but .. still after 5h of the use ot jacke3d i still got heart beating and... maybe its not for me .. probably im sensitive for that kind of things

    • profile image

      George 7 years ago

      28/ Male/ 195lbs

      I have been actively weight training for over eight years now. I’m the type of guy who if I research a supplement and see that many people are having great results with no negatives, I will give the supplement a shot. I began taking Jak3d when it first was introduced to the market. I was happy with BSN’s N.O. Explode and the results I was getting with that for the five years I had been off and on it. With that being said, I read that so many others who tried both supplements were seeing better results with Jack3d, so I tried it. In the early stages of taking Jack3d I experienced no negatives. I felt great in the gym and even after a 13 hour shift; I would find my self going the gym straight after work and having an awesome work out session.

      Then months down the road I noticed that I wasn’t getting morning erections or erections through out the day. If I did get an erection in the day, it was very weak and short. My sex life with my wife suffered greatly. I couldn’t figure out what was causing this. The erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation I was facing actually put me in to a depressive state due to the fact I couldn’t even make love to my wife. I saw a urologist about the issue and after a testosterone exam and other tests, I was cleared of any urological problems including any prostate health issues.

      This past month while on vacation, I was off Jack3d for two weeks. After the first week I began seeing morning erections coming back. I was also remembering the dreams I was having at night, something I wasn’t able to do for a long time. A couple days later I was experiencing the hard full erections that I hadn’t seen for months. My sex drive was back to normal and instead of the weak erections, premature ejaculation after only minutes of penetration; I was having long and wonderful sex that I used to have.

      I went back to my urologist and explained the situation and she said that the supplement may indeed have contributed to my erectile dysfunction and advised me to continue not using it and see if the ED issues would come back. She also took down the supplement and told me she would research the ingredients and get back to me with any findings related to urological problems.

    • profile image

      Jon 7 years ago

      I think it is funny to read through this comments. Jack3d is nothing but a drug. You have tons of people claiming how wonderful it is (most users less than 5 years of use, and even a lot under 1 year). There are a ton of people that do meth 4 days a week and say it helps them get stuff done too. It doesn't mean that it doesn't have ill effects on your health.

    • profile image

      pedicairn 7 years ago

      re:impotence/ED---another side affect of caffeine and theoph. combo---both vasoconstictors--and together: a double shot---gentleman--our tool functions in a state of vasodilatation for our ladies pleasure--this is accomplished by her 98.6F and our nitic oxide release-- powerful vasoconstrictors will prevent blood flow

    • profile image

      pedicairn 7 years ago

      I can share knowledge re: medical questions...regarding the one case whereby the person had 2b on blood thinners. he probably developed a heart condition called atrial fibrillation -- any search engine will give you the background---the blood thinner prevents blood clots from forming in the atria and floating to the lungs and/or brain--and re:theophylline---this is a 1st gen emphysema/asthma bronchodialator--biggest side effect----jitteryness--increased heart rate--this med is by prescription only ---with the caffeine and theoph together this could pre-dispose to cardiac dysrhythmias---skipped beats --racing heart rate--a.fib--at worse V.tach-V.fib--both lethal---if you use make sure you take as directed and use with extreme caution beyond 40 yo--and if you work out in public ask if they have an automated defib pack on the wall next 2 the fire extinguisher---it does save lives

    • profile image

      Nick 7 years ago

      I've been taking it for 2 weeks. Went 4 days on one day off 4 times. My body quickly became dependant of the caffiene in it and I started getting headaches on my days off. I also managed to catch a nasty soft palet/swollen throat cold from some fat ass at my work. I havent been sick in 3 years. Perhaps it is coincidence but as a former drug user turned health nut, I don't think this supplement is for me, as it definately has addictive properties. I would advice extreme caution when taking this stuff. Great workouts but many side affects. I'll stick with the protein and more natural methods.

    • profile image

      Bob 7 years ago

      Combat Medics,

      "We need your help to get the word out on a false rumor circulating among first sergeants, commanders, and legal offices. The rumor is that people using JACK3D available from GNC) will (falsely) test positive for

      methamphetamine. We have confirmed with AFDTL the rumor is false and use of JACK3D will NOT, repeat NOT, cause a false methamphetamine positive. Please share this information with your AFOSI, SFOI, commanders, and

      first sergeants, as well as the rest of the base community soonest."

    • profile image

      Chris 7 years ago

      I have used Jack3d for a long time and if cycled off properly it should give you the boost you need for quite a while, and it is made by usp labs and can be stacked with anything else created by usp labs so that is another pro about he product. Just make sure you are drinking the recomended 125 ounces of water and using a max of 5 days in any 7 day week. I just added prime, oxyelite pro, and powerfull and it has so far proved to be a great stack with no side effects that i have noticed.

    • profile image

      Kevin 7 years ago

      I have been using Jack3d for about 2 weeks now. I like it, you should know what you body can and can't handle. If you have any history of heart conditions I don't recommend taking this product. It does give you a burst of energy to get focus through your workout I will admit that. But also with any suppliments you should consult with a doctor before using it if you have any questions. Don't abuse it or else you will destroy yourself

    • profile image

      -m 7 years ago

      2 months ago **

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      Alright guys listen, im 21 years old and im in good f*cking shape, ive been lifting for 4 years and just started to take jack3d about a month ago, at the same time im dating one on the hottest woman i ever seen in my life, the other night i hAd this horrible experience, the sex drive was almost gone, i wasnt in the mood, could barly keep it up, had no idea why? until i read some of these posts (identical symptoms to what im experienceing) i had a gf for a year and a half and we did the ditry like two chimps, first time i ever experienced anything like that,, jack3d yea its great for some people, but once your on it for a while youll start to see these side effects (for me earlier than others) also im a straight type a personality individual, life of the party, love to drink and socialize, the last week ive been fucking depressed as shit, the only thing that puts me in a good mood is the gym... bc of jack3d. im going to go and lite this tub on fire, bc let me tell you the embarassment of not keeping it up with a beautiful girl that you love is not worth it. for everyone here who doesnt like woman, thumbs uo for you - M ( how long until im back to normal yould you say? a week?)

    • profile image

      dylan92 7 years ago

      im 18 nd hav been using jack3d for a month nd no sides affects at all ,i guess it depends on the persons body to determine the side affects.

    • profile image

      nismo370z 7 years ago

      i've been taking this supplement for about 2 months and it was working very well.. however now i noticed my heart is beating too fast even hours after working out causing me to have heart pain. i cant sleep because my heart beat is abnormal :(... has anyone else had this problem? i take 1 - 2 scoops before working out.. i eat very healthy as well..

    • profile image

      Skeeter 7 years ago

      Im 167 years old and I have been taking Jack3D for a month...although I still sling out a respectable chubby, I feel like a want to punch babies an hour after I leave the gym..whats the deal?

    • profile image

      G-reg 7 years ago

      Im 17, 6',weigh 160 and bench 240 for 5 reps. just finnished my first tub of Jack3d and found it was great! The drive, pump and gains in purely RIPPED muscle was awesome. However its quite addictive, I take it 5 times a week and 2 of those times its at 5am befor going to school. I find I work well at school and stay awake, but I crash really bad after like 5hours. I take between 1.5 and 2 scoops each session. I play sport matches on it but only 1 scooop and it gives me great games! I really like the product and havent heard of anyone having side effects at my school which is like 30 ppl. And anyone training for over 2 hours, youre actually not benefitting your body anymore than an intense 1.5 hour workout. So I guess I would reccomend the product but start with a small dosage and make sure you drink plenty of water and eat before your first session on it. Also take atleast a 1month brake between tubs. It might make you feel slightly high, but you will struggle to find a supp that works as well as Jack3d!

    • profile image

      G-reg 7 years ago

      Im 17, 6',weigh 160 and bench 240 for 5 reps. just finnished my first tub of Jack3d and found it was great! The drive, pump and gains in purely RIPPED muscle was awesome. However its quite addictive, I take it 5 times a week and 2 of those times its at 5am befor going to school. I find I work well at school and stay awake, but I crash really bad after like 5hours. I take between 1.5 and 2 scoops each session. I play sport matches on it but only 1 scooop and it gives me great games! I really like the product and havent heard of anyone having side effects at my school which is like 30 ppl. And anyone training for over 2 hours, youre actually not benefitting your body anymore than an intense 1.5 hour workout. So I guess I would reccomend the product but start with a small dosage and make sure you drink plenty of water and eat before your first session on it. Also take atleast a 1month brake between tubs. It might make you feel slightly high, but you will struggle to find a supp that works as well as Jack3d!

    • profile image

      Jill 7 years ago

      Without my knowledge, my son has been using this product for 2 to 3 weeks. I've been to the doctor's office and hospital in the last 2 days. He has had a migraine for 4 days and nothing they do for him will make it go away. He is 16 years old and has never had a migraine. They even gave him morphine at the hospital through and IV and it made his head feel a "little" better. He can't keep any food down because his head hurts and he has lost 5 pounds in 4 days, which is a lot for him. His dad bought him this stuff without my knowledge. Please beware of what you buy for your kids. It seems so unnecessary. He's physically fit, eats healthy, but he would like to gain some weight. Seems soooooo senseless. He's 16 . . . how much energy do you possibly need at THAT age????

    • profile image

      Andy 7 years ago

      I am half way though a tub. I can confidently advise to curious first time users, that this gear is fantastic. I use just over one scoop at this stage and I have never been so focused on my workouts. I have already built muscles I never dreamed I could have and don't experience any side affects other than dizziness due to dehydration, BUT that is simply because I don't drink enough water afterwards. As soon as I get light headed I get stuck into more water. I find that powerade works very very well to hydrate quick and efficiently.

      I sleep very well, even more so than when I don't take it. And I dis suffer from mild cases of anxiety attacks, NOW, I have had none for months, I'm not sure if that's linked at all.

      Overall, I can rate this product a BIG! 20 out of 10 and recommend it for anyone wanting to get a boost! Just use it responsibly and if you have concerns. See ya doctor.

    • profile image

      Lee 7 years ago

      I'm 16,I want to try to take a supplement but I havent been to the gym for awhile. Should I try jack3d as my first sup? Also should I workout at the gym a couple of weeks before trying the supplement? And one last question.. Does jack3d mess with male genitals?

    • profile image

      MikeV 7 years ago

      would if be fine if i were to take jack3d wait 30 min then run 3miles and the weight lift? I need advice im siked about taking this but i love cardio but dont wana be burnt out by the time i lift right after my run. any suggestions?

    • profile image

      Boss 7 years ago

      Im about to try some when I wake up!! Im smoking my last blunt now Imma be "Super Man" in 2months

    • profile image

      A.J. 7 years ago

      pre workout supplements arent new to me but when i take jacked something isnt right. i train for multiple hours at a time and once im done it feels like i need to go to the hospital immediately. Jacked causes my heart to have a irregular weak beat, non stop nose bleeds, inability to sleep, and many more seriouse problems. It is not worth the medical risks and dangers. Im 18 and when im done using it i feel like im 80

    • profile image

      Jason 7 years ago

      i used jack3d for 2 moths now and it is really a great per workout but i have asked lots of professionals about how to use it effectively and they all recomended that u must use it for month then go off it and use a different pre workout like superpump and ganic f so or even oxy elite pro from esp labs for some intense ripping ! safe gyming okes


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