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Jason Statham Workout Routine To Get In Shape For "The Mechanic"

Updated on January 18, 2011

The Mechanic Trailer!

Jason Statham Workout Plan For the Mechanic

Jason Statham has become a favorite actor of mine since Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. It's true that everybody in the physical fitness sector gawked over the form of Brad Pitt in Snatch, but it is now the "Statham" look that men are interested in. Statham is never too ripped, but chiseled and strong while maintaining a powerful look. It seriously isn't surprising considering his training regimen. You will see that Jason trains for strength to accomplish his look. Jason Statham's Workout Plan is very intense!

It’s been over ten years since he made his silver screen debut, so staying in great shape becomes all the more challenging. Jason generally seems to take roles where he is forced to stay in great shape, so getting his body ready is not new. While he is a workout nut, he still likes to enjoy ordinary meals like most men, and the man isn't one to reject a pint. When he is priming himself for a big screen role it is just a different story for his diet however.

Jason Statham Workout Plan For the Mechanic

The creater of the Jason Statham workout routine, trainer Logan Hood sat along with Men’s Health Magazine to discuss how hard Jason actually works. There seems to be a misconception these days that stars have the best food, supplements, and trainers, but make no mistake they work their butts off.

Become unpredictable
Being confident that your regimen is continually changing is vital to success. Not only will you be more motivated to keep a plan that has variety, you are certain to get better results. Once a body gets used to a set routine it truly is challenging to make gains in any direction ( losing weight or gaining lean muscle). Logan Hood lays out Jason Statham’s plan, however exercises caution in case you are seeking to try this routine yourself. Keep in consideration that Jason is under the watchful eye of great trainers and the man was in amazing shape initially.

Practical Training and High Intensity Training

While variety is important, creating a foundation to build on is an asset as well. Jason loves to employ a few key actions regularly make an appearance as part of his training plan. His favourite is the dead lift. This is a good back work out but the action connected with executing a dead lift utilizes so many muscles making it a full body exercise. He performs single rep maximum for dead lifts. The motion is believed to stimulate hgh secretion which aids you lean muscle mass increases.

His next preferred exercise is the pull-up. The difference is Jason wants to perform these with gymnastics rings. This helps make the move much more tricky and again allows your body to recruit more muscle tissue making it an incredible total body move.

Along with these lifts Jason wants to complete high intensity interval training workouts. Most of the time with little rest in between sets.

Basic Structure of Jason Statham Workout Routine: Weekly Plan

Day 1: Hard bodyweight warm up/Strength Training one exercise (dead lifts squats)
Day 2: Static Hold warm up circuit (planks, L sit’s etc…) Interval training workouts lasting at most twenty minutes (with weights)
Day 3: Sprint Training (High Intensity Intervals - 3 minutes of Rest between sprints)
Day 4: 5 lifts with 5 set and 5 Reps Each
Day 5: Interval training again, accompanied by ladder technique ofpush-ups or pullups

Jason Statham Workout Routine: Day Sample

Day one:
Warm Up1 - ten minutes Rowing Machine at moderate intensity

Warm Up 2 - pyramid bodyweight routine complete one repetition for each and every exercise, then complete the cycle again performing 2 repetitions, then again for 3 reps, until you arrive at five repetitions, after that count go into reverse until you get to one rep. You can do this together with kind of body mass work out likeweight squats, push ups, burpies, pull-ups etc.

Lifting Weights
Simply Dead lifts 9 sets with the following structure.
10reps at 50% of 1 Rep Max
fiverepetitions at 60% of just one Rep Max
3reps at 75% of 1 Rep Max
tworeps at 80% of just one Rep Max
onerep at 85% of just one Rep Max
onerep at 90% of a single Rep Max
1rep at 95% of a single Rep Max
oneRep at 100% of a single Rep Max

Cool Off

Trampoline Jumps!
Jason makes use of this time to do free style leaps, however the average person could simply jump with moderate intensity and get something out of it.


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