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Jennifer Hudson's Weight Loss Story

Updated on August 4, 2010

Jennifer Hudson's Weight Loss Story

Jennifer Hudson's Weight Loss Success Story

Do you miss Jennifer Hudson? The talented actress/singer is back and is in a sexier shape as seen in the latest issue of InStyle Makeover Magazine. The versatile performer's name is currently trending in the search engine because her fans and supporters are looking for details on how Jennifer Hudson achieved her current figure now.

Jennifer Hudson started her career in the entertainment scene when she joined the third season of American Idol. Past pictures and photos of her can attest to the fact than she is one of those 'plus size' female performers, and was doubted to make it big in the scene. 

Though singing is really her forte, Jennifer Hudson was first recognized as an actress due to her outstanding performance in Dream Girls, where she even won an award.

Her fans say that she is an epitome of a strong woman who never gives up on life. On 2008, some of her family members were killed in a shootout,which partly devastated her.

On August 2009, she gave birth to a baby boy. Her new role as a mother somewhat inspired her to work on her weight. Showbiz Gossips revealed that Jennifer Hudson did undergo a training with Harley Pasternak and she did really observe a strict diet.

To view more of Jennifer Hudson's Weight Loss photos, better get a copy of InStyle Makeover Magazine!


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