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Jessica Simpson’s Body Ruined By Her Own Personal Trainer

Updated on February 11, 2011

Jessica Simpson’s Body Ruined By Her Own Personal Trainer

Part I

Since she gained weight, Jessica Simpson is blaming it all on depression, lack of love in a relationship and food; but she never thought that maybe her bad workout routine that she used to do with her trainer, was not only perhaps what got her the Daisy Duke butt, but also the weight problem as well.

Jessica Simpson’s trainer is responsible for her weight gain, and I will give just one example of why I believe that’s true.

She did thousands of squats in her routine which built up a lot of fiber in the muscle. That fiber needs food to be sustained - her appetite in turn increased tremendously. Then you put a beer or little bit of liquor on top of all that, and here you go! You can easily gain 20 pounds in no time!

I was trying to explain this phenomenon to Joe Simpson; and that was the reason why I did not want to include her trainer in the SpeedFit Video. However I did say that I would agree to doing that - on one condition…if he showed his routine in the video for people to see the difference that SpeedFit will do for them.

Joe Simpson said, “You can’t say Michael is wrong. Look at how she looks.” And I said, “Wait a couple of years and you’ll see a wrestler coming out of your daughter!” (Jessica’s trainer it is a former wrestler and he trains his clients in that fashion.) And of course as in pictures we see of Jessica today, my words seem strangely prophetic.

Joe got furious and said that if I didn’t put Michael in the video with Jessica, “she” would never approve the SpeedFit Video.

Now what we have is this:

Jessica is fat, my life is ruined financially because this video was never release, a video that I worked so hard to produce; and the rest of the world is deprived of the best way to get in shape. On top of all that…they took all my money, and gave me nothing in return but ill health and financial woes…not even a “good faith” moral gesture to make it all right again. So, Jessica stop saying that Nick took all your money because I have prove that you took all of his money and all of mine as well.

I guess Joe thought that if he could do a lip-syncing for Ashlee, he could also mimic a workout for Jessica.

Alex Astilean


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      randomisle 5 years ago

      She's destroyed.