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Jobless Canadians With Disabilities Are Limitless but Given the Chance Jobs Can Be Found.

Updated on November 30, 2017

Graph image of people who are unemployed with disabilities

graph of unemployed Canadians with disabilities
graph of unemployed Canadians with disabilities

Jobless Canadians with disabilities- Are Limitless but given the chance jobs can be found

The Jobless rate, in Windsor, keeps fluctuating. What about other parts of the province and other provinces? What about the people who have disabilities what is it like for them to find a job? It is difficult because nobody wants to hire someone that they have to teach in order to do a job. But why don't you give people with disabilities a chance if they live in Canada they will do a limitless number of things to prove that they can do the job if they are given the chance. So why not give them a chance?

Sure there are people in Canada and around the world without jobs. It happens to everyone, all the time, Most of the people without a job can find another job they don’t have limitations stopping them. What about the people that have the limitations, like people in wheelchairs, or people with a speech impediment or a learning disability that need direction a lot more than a normal person would? Employers have to understand though people with disabilities can do almost the exact same things as people without them, sure it might take the person with the disability a bit longer to get a task done but does it mean it doesn't get done? No, it just means they take more time and care into what they are doing because they want to make sure it is done right because they know that they need to do that in order to keep the job.

Although people with disabilities might try to find jobs, and they might even get interviews but they don’t get hired. Most of the time they aren’t even given the chance to get a job or hired for a job that they actually want. According to CBC news and from 2001, it is said that depending on the person type of disability affect the type of work they do and the amount that they do. According to CBC news, Less than half of Canadian adults aged 25-64 in a survey taken in 2011, 49 percent of those with disabilities found work. This is less than half of the working-aged Canadians that don’t have a mental or physical disability who have jobs.

Canadians with disabilities you might think only include physical disabilities where they are in a wheelchair and can’t get around like someone else. Although that isn’t always the case, Canadian’s with disabilities include those with physical and mental disabilities related to seeing, hearing, mobility, flexibility, dexterity, pain, learning, development, psychological/ mental disorders, or memory.

Almost two million people, across Canada, self-identify in the category and here are the statistics Mild disability, 68 percent employment rate, moderate disability 54 per cent, Severe disability 42 per cent, very severe 26 percent. When you think about the education factor you think well if people with disabilities can graduate from college or university it shouldn’t be that hard to find a job, but that isn’t true.

Although if a person only had a mild or moderate disability they were in the 79- 80 percent range of people who found jobs just like the people without disabilities but what about the ones with severe disabilities, that percentage was lower than 59 percent. This all according to the article from CBC.

Why is that, though? Why can’t people with disabilities no matter what type they are be given the same amount of work and the same treatment as everyone else? We aren’t that much different at all, sure we might have to work harder and we might have a different pace of working on the same thing as someone else, but so what. We all have limits the only difference is, People with disabilities no matter how they came about, have had limitations for either the entire life or part of their life and now they have to deal with them. Which means their life might change a bit.

unemployment rate in Canada of people with disabilities
unemployment rate in Canada of people with disabilities

Canadians With Disabilities are Jobless

There are different things that people with disabilities have to learn in order to get by in a job or better yet everyday life. Sure they might not all graduate from college and university or even go to college and university, but if they can why not give them a chance? There are many people in Canada with disabilities that can’t find jobs because of a disability either it is a sight issue, a walking issue, intellectual and so on. These people get through college and university yes it might be a little bit differently, then people without disabilities, but nobody is the same. Everyone has limits and they have to get through them in their own way, however, people with disabilities have a harder time with this than others.

Although they don’t want to be treated any differently than someone would be if they didn’t have a disability. Do you think that actually happens? The reality of this is no it doesn’t. If you are a person with a disability and you tell anyone about it, which is the first thing they see even if you don’t want them too? If you are in a wheelchair or have a limp that is the first thing people see. For myself it is different I have a little bit of a limp, but I have more of a mental disability. So when you look at me you think I am fine, like anyone else that is what I want people to believe but after you talk to me you realize that there is something else there. When people notice it they automatically write me off as not being able to do something like someone else, that doesn’t just happen to me though that happens to everyone with a disability. Why not give them a chance?

If they want to work in a specific job why not let them, why pay them less money? That is what says in the article as well, that people with disabilities get paid less because of their disability even though they are doing the same amount of work. Most of the time people with disabilities no matter what job they have, put more effort into it then someone who doesn’t have a disability does anyone know why that is? Whatever job a person with a disability has, they usually end up working harder than someone else, because they are trying to prove themselves to their co-workers and employers. Yes, it might take them long to do a specific job but they can do it, they put more time and effort into their jobs because they are being the best that they can be they are trying to prove themselves. So why are they getting paid less?

Is it because people think that because they have a disability they can’t do as good of a job as someone who doesn’t have a disability? That to me doesn’t make any sense at all. The reason for this is because everyone has limitations, they might not have a disability that is prominent and that can be seen on the outside but we are all limited by something. But even our limitations shouldn’t stop us from doing what we want or stop us from doing anything for that matter. So why is it that, people with disabilities who can find jobs get paid less? Is it because they are lesser than someone else without a disability, because if that is your mentality of what people with disabilities are capable of why not try to walk in their shoes for a day or a week.

People with disabilities who have jobs have to put over 100 per cent into that job just to make the money that they do. But even then most people with disabilities can’t find jobs even if they have graduated college and university, why is that? It is because people aren’t giving them the chance to do what they can do. They aren’t giving them the chance to prove themselves in a job environment, they are looked at as being inadequate when in actuality they might know how to do the job better than someone else. People with disabilities, will try and go out to find jobs and when they can’t it is because people won’t give them a chance. Sure it might take more time out of the employers’ week or day to train them, and that is what they don’t want to do. Why don’t they want to do that? People with disabilities are just like everyone else, so give them the same curtsey and chances as someone else.

Trying to live with a disability and find a job when the time comes is one of the most difficult things that we have to put up with. This shouldn’t be the case, we should be given the same treatment as everyone else, we are putting the same amount of effort into the work that we are doing maybe even more so why aren’t we paid the same way they are. We are people too. So why can’t we find jobs and get hired, we can do what everyone else can just in different ways so why not give us the same chances? There are so many people with disabilities that can’t find jobs and they want to work and be treated like everyone else. Why not give people with disabilities a chance they might surprise you don't give up on them.

People with disabilities can find jobs it will just take a lot more time. People with disabilities have to prove themselves in every aspect of their lives, you can refer to my prove yourself, post for more, but it is really true when it comes to finding jobs and that is why it is so much harder for them. I decided to take my journalism skills and become a blogger and it is working slowly but surely so far. Even though it is really slow going I am not going to give up, that is what people with disabilities do when they find a job they like or a job, in general, they aren't going to give up in order to show people that they are worth it in a limitless type of way. So that the people around them can see what they are made of instead of just seeing there disability.

Embrace the differences in people you may be surprised at what they can do
Embrace the differences in people you may be surprised at what they can do

Canadians with disabilities should get the same treatment as everyone else

If a person has a disability that doesn't mean they are different from another person, it just means they are unique. So if they want the same job as someone else and they can do the job then why not give it to them? It might take them a little bit longer to accomplish it but if they can do it why are people going to deny them? If yu give them the same treatment as everyone else they won't feel different and left out which is what they want. They can do a limitless number of things if you just give them a chance.

Why do you think there are so many people with disabilities who are unemployed?

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