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Jobs, travel, money & food. Trying to get it out of that order.

Updated on January 5, 2014

Somewhere along the way I think I made a mistake. Because I’m sitting here so I can keep my job, and thinking about traveling. But I need money to travel, which I don’t have. And I can’t wait for lunch, because I’m hungry. That’s the wrong order for my priorities to be in. But then I’m back to thinking about my job, and how, since I’m working in social media, I should probably have a working, or at least steady, blog and more than seven followers on Twitter.

Thrown in there, somewhere, is the fact that I really want a guy who’s leaving, I love my mom, and I also would like to get a Corgi someday.

So this is me trying to do my job better, or at least be a little more immersed in social media. This is my third (and hopefully last) revamp/introduction post, giving you the new reasons why I’m writing this, and hopefully what it will be about. And yes, I realize that these particular posts don’t really matter, but right now I think this blog will be about jobs, how I’m looking for a new one, and how you might be able to find one too (or maybe I’ll crash and burn, who knows?) And it will hopefully be about travel, and how to do it when you don’t have any money. Food will probably be thrown in there somewhere, since I can never seem to get it off my mind.

And now that I feel better after writing my third introductory post, it is my sincere goal to make this blog a little more interesting and possibly even helpful. But this could crash and burn, too, just like my job search, travel dreams, bank account, and romantic relationships.


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