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Jogging: Exercise With Your Children

Updated on January 15, 2011

What to look for with a baby jogging stroller.

Its a new year and your resolution is to lose that baby fat. Your going to face issues with time because of your new baby. How do you find time to jog, when your child needs you all the time? The answer is simple. Take your baby jogging with you. All you need is a jogging stroller.

When you head out to shop for a stroller that you can take on the run there are few things that you need to keep in mind.  When you head out to the store or shop online take these following ideas with you when picking up an all terrain stroller

1. Handle.  Not all bodies are created equal.  Having an adjustable handle will make jogging more comfortable for you and your spouse. 

2. Handling.  Imagine running with a stroller that constantly pulls to the right.  This would be almost as annoying as those carts at Walmart.  You want a stroller that rolls straight with no problem.  

3. A canopy.  No baby that I know of likes the bright sun in their eyes.  You don't, that is why you wear sunglasses.  So, having a canopy is a must.  

4. A jogging baby stroller that come with a pedometer is great and useful.  Finding one that has a timer and a clock would be ideal for most new parents. 

5. Seat and straps.  You want your new baby to be comfortable and safe.  Having enough padding will help ensure that he or she does not get injured while jogging.  Having the straps will keep them safe and sound, not to mention in place. 


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