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Are you thinking of going to see John of God in Brazil? How to use intuition to decide.

Updated on May 1, 2011

John of God is a spiritual healer in Brazil. He performs ethereal "operations," or psychic surgery on people, often with dramatic results and spontaneous healing of diseases. Many have experienced spiritual awakening in his presence. In late 2010 Oprah did a segment on John of God and it got many people wondering if they should go see him.

The purpose of this article is not to tell you to go see him or not see him. My intention is to honor the knowing power in you that will guide you in the decision.

Going to see him may be just what you need. Or it may not be. Let's consider that there is no right or wrong here.

We are going to explore various interviews and points of view about John of God so you may follow your Heart and do what speaks to you.

If you have seen John of God before, please share your comments and experiences in the comment field toward the bottom of this article.

What highlights did you experience?

Do you feel different after having gone?

Would you go again?

What would you say to someone deciding whether or not to go?

I have been to see a healer ordained by John of God (more details on this later) and I know many people who have seen John of God, but I have yet to go myself.

As such, I have an open-minded, neutral stance as I present this information. I don't have a bias whether you go or not.

I want you to look within and connect with guidance that is right for you.

Envision yourself on a Journey to Brazil...

In deciding whether or not to go see John of God, the first thing I suggest is to meditate on it.

You can do this right now, while reading this article and watching the videos presented.

Just take a deep breath... Feel into your heart or solar plexus and try to get a sense of your own energy field and intuition.

Intuition often speaks to us through our body. Take a moment to listen.

Do you feel expansive or more alive when you consider going to see him?

Is your breathing constricted or is it deep?

With your body, tap into the sense of wanting to go or not wanting to go...

How strong is the call to go? How strong is the call not to go?

Plant the seed that you wish to be guided for your highest good in this decision.


Picture yourself on a sacred journey to Brazil....

It is a beautiful setting where he does his healings. The area overlooks the nearby expanse of hills and valleys. Many say it is a natural energy vortex formed by quartz crystal bedrock beneath the surface of the earth.

Casa de Dom Inácio (the name of his center) is a sacred place of warmth, love, and healing.

Take a journey there in your mind's eye....

Hundreds of people gather each day to see him. One person I know said he could "feel love everywhere in the buildings."

The buildings are painted blue and white because John of God was guided to do this during a vision of St. Ignatius. Tall trees and flower gardens surround the area. The main building is a large meeting hall. John of God performs healings on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Keep visioning what it might be like to be there....

What would you want healed if you were to go? Emotions? Physical symptoms? Life challenges?

Treat this decision as a spiritual practice itself....

If Western Medicine has Failed You, that May be a Reason to Go

John of God has succesfuly healed people with many various kinds of illnesses: All forms of cancer, (even the terminal or so called incurable ones) brain tumours, aids, nuero diseases, environmental sensitivity issues, and many, many more diseases, including addictions, (like drugs and alcohol).

People with psychological disturbances, obsessions and obsessive spirit attachments also report positive results after seeing John of God at his "spiritual hospital in" Brazil.

The main thing is to search your Heart and see where you think the healing will come from.

Healers authorized by John of God

Sometimes, John of God tells people about their own unique spiritual gifts and encourages them to become healers.

One such woman is Cynthia Branchflower:

I have been to see this woman. It was a night of energy healing and sharing, with about 20 people present.

I found the experience very positive and beneficial.

She spoke of her experiences in Brazil and how John of God told her to share her healing energy in the United States.

"Don't be afraid. We are with you always. We will heal through you in the United States." John of God said to her.

During the evening, her son assisted her with the healings, and they specifically told me to use my dreams for spiritual guidance and support. Her son channeled messages for each person present, and mine was that as I fall asleep, it will help me to ask for healing from my dreams.

This was good spiritual guidance. It helped me let go and open up.

This leads us to an important question to ask yourself:

Should you Go to Brazil or Stay Close to Home?

As you are deciding whether or not to see John of God himself, be open to the possibility the Universe has another plan for you. Be open to the option of seeing someone else if you are called to do so. Powerful healers can be found in all areas of the world. 

What do the skeptics say?

While many maintain faith in John of God, others are skeptical. For example, on July 14, 2005 the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) ran a news story about him on Primetime live. The show featured five people with various medical conditions, including chronic fatigue syndrome, Lou Gehrig's disease, and an inoperable brain tumor.

Each patient saw him and ABC claimed that in three of the cases there had been an improvement.

But skeptics claimed improvements were possible via spontaneous remission, placebo effect, conventional medicine, or wishful thinking on the part of the patient.

Later on, ABC's update on the five subjects, while not mentioning one of the subjects, indicated that two were making either slow progress or none at all, one became worse, and one became much better.

According to other sources, one fellow is now free of his brain tumor and one has since died.

I will leave it up to you what to make of ABC's TV show results......

How much is it to see John of God?

Trips and tours run about $1600

Experienced guides (which you will need) sell packages. A typical guided journey to the healing center in Brazil includes:

* assistance in getting your passport and travel visa
* personal and spiritual support through your healing process
* community and group meetings
* guidance and translation services at the Casa
* orientation and etiquette information
* meals and accommodations for about two weeks
* transportation to and from the airport when traveling with the group

The cost does not include your airfare, passport/travel visa fees, health or travel insurance fees, personal items purchased.

Orbs near John of God

Many people report seeing Orbs or mysterious lights directly around John of God or in the surrounding area.

Often they appear at night and sometimes people catch them on film.

Final Remarks:

The decision to go or not is yours. If taking the journey feels right, then go. If it does not, that is fine.

Consider that we are all beings of God. Some know this more than others, but we are all here to help each other.

:We're all just walking each other home." ~Ram Dass

Where to find a spiritual healer or teacher
Where to find a spiritual healer or teacher

John of God

John of God in Brazil
John of God in Brazil

Have you seen John of God? Are you thinking of going? All comments welcome

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    • Lifebeatme profile image

      Lifebeatme 5 years ago from USA

      I was living in Florida with a man who had been to the Casa several times and who was ordained (or whatever) to pass on the healing here. He ran a John of God healing circle every monday. Attendance fluctuated and ran from 6 to near 20 people. I was generally of the opinion, while living there, that it was an incredibly influential, spiritual experience every time. I would often feel unnatural heat in my arms and hands and usually had more intense meditations than I did on my own or in other groups. As time went on, he went from leading a guided meditation based on prayers and imagery to actually laying hands along with a lady who was a guide at the Casa. I have to say that I started getting skeptical when the woman started channeling a healer from the group of entities and telling people that they had received great healings that night pretty much every night. When the original leader of the group would lay on hands and channel messages, towards the end, it seemed genuine and he was humble about it afterwards. She was never humble and came off as completely manufactured. It was a good example of the differences between healers I consider to be genuine and those that reek of trying too hard and accomplishing little.

      Having been impressed with the group and wanting to join with some people I knew that were going, I committed to a trip to the Casa. Things came up and I got distracted from pursuing spiritual ways of life, never to go. I do wish I had gone, just to see what it was like.

      A last note. Both the leader and his wife had gone to the Casa, and both considered it genuine. The leader, though, would tell of his trip with the reflection that he wasn't really impressed until a certain point (which I forget the details of). He had a scientific background. His wife relates the experience of being touched by John of God as one of the most intense sensations of her life and as causing a flood of energy throughout her body from head to toe. I think many people mimic one of these two stances, and I think there are two basic explanations. One explanation- Skepticism creates a block against energy. Another- Some people have more attuned senses and or are more energy sensitive.

      As with Reiki, you don't have to feel it to have it work.

      I liked the hub and hearing about the Casa. And I think the connecting with your spiritual being to figure out whether you should go is dead on. :)

    • chinemeremz profile image

      chinemeremz 7 years ago

      Spiritualist and psychics capitalise on human weaknesses and a porous mind to perform spurious miracles and healings on gullible people.

      Healing is all about faith, this is true looking at the Biblical story on the woman with the issues of blood.

      She believed that just touching the hem of Jesus's garment that she'll be healed: and because of the faith she had, she received her miracle.

      Therefore, if we can tap into the deeper and innermost strength that lies within us and believing in the potency of the power of Christ Jesus, then seeing John of god or whatever wouldn't matter.

      Thanks for this expose, this is my first time of learning of this guy, does it mean that I've been living under the rocks this past few months?

    • Tyhill27 profile image

      Tyhill27 7 years ago from Red Deer, Alberta

      I saw the show that oprah did as well.

      Keep up the awesome work in spreading the word

    • charkamman profile image

      charkamman 7 years ago from portugal

      Nice hub, I like that you point people to their own inner wisdom. That's where all our answers lie, ultimately.