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Tips on How to Join a Kickboxing Class

Updated on March 14, 2018
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My work with top natural health professionals and experience as a fitness instructor teach me health tips that I am proud to share.

Jab, Jab, Kick

After a long day of random work and putting out fires, I joined a 45-minute kickboxing class. It was fast and invigorating.

In kickboxing, you kick up a storm while getting one of the best cardio workouts available. Not to mention lots of relief from a hectic day on planet Earth.

My knees pumped, my legs snapped with my arms and legs flying. Yes, I sweat and it pours down as I jab, jab, kick.

Positive Instructor

I am a latecomer to the most publicized cardio craze. Kickboxing has captured the world for at least two decades. It`s a knockout punch that hits your target heart rate in a fun, knee-slapping way.

My instructor is so positive. It makes the class even more appealing. Her classes are pretty predictable, which is what you want in the fast moving workout.

Simple Warm Up

She performs a standard method of kickboxing sans bags and gloves. The key is cardio and using large muscle groups. She reports burning 450 calories per class from her own wrist monitor.

We follow our instructor with a simple warm up, light stretching and simple jabs with easy kicks.

She establishes a routine within the time span of the class. She calls it [I]layers[/I]. She begins simple with jab, jab, hook, hook.

The class gets that layer down on both the right and left side of the gym room. Then, she adds another layer, usually a kicking movement.

What do you think?

Would you do weights after a kickboxing class?

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Sweat Pours Down My Body

The instructor adds a right sidekick and then a left sidekick and then four upper cuts. The class continues like that with a total of 5 to 7 layers.

Once we have our layers, she cranks up the music and speeds up the tempo. The whole class does the routine for about five minutes. We are in heaven. I am stoked with an out of body experience taken to a whole new level.

Sweat pours from my body while my crazy day of random problems melts away. Then, it`s a nice but short cool down. It is only a 45-minute class. If it was an hour class she would have us do 10 minutes of abs.

Hit the Weights Afterwards

I always hit the weights afterwards for some key toning areas of my body. All in all, it was a great workout. I recommend kickboxing for those who are in relatively good shape.

The popularity of kickboxing arrived from Billy Blanks, the seven-time Martial Arts champion, who used shot gun advertizing through Tae-Bo infomercials.

Then celebrities got a hold of Blanks videos or DVDs, they started raving about the workout. You might recall celebrities like Shaqille O’Neal, Magic Johnson, Pamela Anderson and Goldie Hawn taking up the new exercise craze.

I recommend taking a stab at a kickboxing class if you haven`t done so yet. Like I said I was a latecomer, but now a devout follower.

Kickboxing improved my racquetball game, too. My body became more agile. I moved faster in the court and it`s now easier to lunge after the ball. I have more speed and power.

Did I mention squats? In kickboxing, you use your legs a lot with squats as part of the routine. It makes my legs stronger and more flexible.

The benefits of kickboxing are endless. One particular aspect that I like about taking the classes is I am learning self-defense moves. That gives me confidence and stability as a woman.

Even Better Shape

When I started, I really didn`t know what I was getting into. I joined a random class on a whim and suggestion from a fellow club member.

Sure enough, I am enthusiastic about kickboxing and in even better shape.


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