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Jose Silva - The Father of Mind Control

Updated on October 22, 2009

One of the best known people in the history of new age thinking has got to be Jose Silva.

Jose Silva was born on 11th August 1914 in Laredo in Texas and when he was only four years old the first of the circumstances that changed his life and lead him to his destiny took place, when his father died. Being the oldest boy of the family he took it on himself to be the family’s main breadwinner at the age of six and took on a range of odd jobs to do so. Because he was working he was unable to go to school and so his brother and sister taught him to read.

Some years later he was sitting in the barber’s shop and on the table of reading material was a correspondence course on radio repair. The barber allowed him to complete the course on condition that he paid a small amount to hire it and he filled in the exercises in the barber’s name. This he did and at the age of 15 he started to repair radios. As time went on the business expanded into one of the most successful radio repair businesses in the area.

His interest in psychology began when he was being inducted into the Signal Corp during the Second World War, since he considered some of the questions asked to assess his emotional and mental state very odd, and he started reading as many psychology books as he could get his hands on.

From here he started by using hypnosis to help calm his children and then realised the power of the brain when it is in this state. He was the first person to prove that we can be aware and function at alpha and theta levels of the mind, which was not believed possible in his day. His children’s work improved dramatically as he used his electrical experience and his psychology knowledge to develop his system of relaxed concentration and visualisation. From here the Silva Mind Control Method has been developed to including healing, positive thinking, goal setting and memory as well as the more advanced procedures for ESP and remote viewing. Like all forward thinkers he received plenty of opposition along the way, but continued to progress with his research which has always been based on being morally ‘right’ and for the best of the world as a whole, rather than being used for selfish means.

Jose Silva’s first public class was in 1966 and since then his work has reached most, if not all, countries of the world. He has written many books and given many classes and training sessions and since his death in 1999, his family has followed on with his work.

Some of his more popular books are

You the Healer: The World Famous Silva Method on How to Heal Yourself and Others

Jose Silva’s Ultramind ESP System: Think Your Way to Success

The Silva Method: Tapping the Secrets of your Mind for Total Self-Mastery


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