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Journey in Search of the Best Health Herb Available Around

Updated on June 25, 2014

Best Health Herb?

As a long time local herb researcher looking for herbal health remedies easily available around. I journeyed for months to ask folks around what their usual herbal remedies are for certain ailments. I also asked them about special herbs they used for cooking which they thought were healthy ingredients.

They told me a lot and most of them gave me their preferred lists. But you know their common denominator? Native garlic. They all make sure there's crushed or chopped garlic in their recipes when cooking "because it's healthy."

So, it appeared that most people I talked to--both city and rural folks--thought garlic was the best health herb of all. Most of them claimed they got the herbal wisdom from their early ancestors who made sure the wisdom was handed down to their generations. For folks to believe like that through generations, it must really be true.

A Known Fact

It's a known fact that garlic is a healthy food and helps relieve or remedy lots of ailments, like hypertension. Its active ingredient, Allicin, helps normalize blood pressure, although garlic should be crushed to get the allicin and eaten raw and immediately. What I do is crush and swallow pronto.

A lot of other herbs and veggies are healthy and ideal for quick relief of certain ailments. We read about them all over the Net. But the question is, how readily available are they? In my journey (among the reasons why I was out of Hubs a long time), I heard about a lot of healing herbs--I was particularly impressed by pu er leaves, muira pauma from the Amazon, nattokinase from Japan, and safflower, to mention a few--but where can I find them, especially here in Manila and deep Asia?

This is where garlic is unique. You find it everywhere. Every household in Manila has it. If not, then folks can just ask from their neighbors. No big deal. But even if your neighbor has muira pauma, I don't think you can just ask him for it. You will have to pay the price. So I think I agree with folks I have talked to--garlic is the best health herb around.

Is raw garlic the best health herb to you?

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How Folks I Talked to Used Garlic

Aside from mixing garlic to food dishes they cook, they also use it as:

  • An antiseptic to kill mouth bacteria. The odor can be a terrible side effect, though
  • Pain killer to get rid of tooth aches due to cavities. They cut a small garlic piece and insert it into the cavity. Works each time, they say
  • Blood pressure normalizer and detoxifies body systems
  • Muscle pain reliever along with ginger
  • Anti-inflammatory remedy, especially for wounds
  • Fat neutralizer in food and body fat burner
  • Better mood enhancer
  • Appetizer, especially for sick people whose appetites need a boost
  • Fight against tough ailments
  • Strengthen body resistance

I limit myself to the above health benefits and not put in all the stuff I heard from them. The rest are too weird to write about here on Hubs. Suffice it to say that they always make sure there's enough garlic in their kitchens, not just for cooking, but also for health emergency use. Coming from interviews with these folks on garlic, I sometimes forget what garlic is and almost buy it from drugstores.

Do these folks have anything scientific to support the above claims? Can they cite clinical tests? Of course they don't and they can't. But garlic treatments have been handed down to generations because folks attest to its noted effectiveness.

Garlic is popularly used by folks to:

  • Alleviate or even get rid of hypertension
  • Stop tooth ache and mouth infections
  • Change to a better mood
  • Detox the body
  • Boost immunity
  • Stop inflammation and heal wounds
  • Strengthen resistance against ailments

Not an Attractive Herb

Raw garlic may not be an attractive herb because of its smell and taste, and most people may prefer it cooked or mixed in vinegar or other dips. And it's awkward taking it with you during trips as you would medicines. You can't take it out and crush it when your tooth aches while on a plane or bus or ship. And it's not easy to offer the same to others who are having similar pains.

Well, there are capsulized garlic oil, but experts say nothing is like raw garlic taken immediately after being crushed. And I don't know if a piece of garlic pill inserted into a tooth cavity will have any effect to deaden pain.

No one's ever taken garlic cloves to trips the way many people carry medical kits. So, how about a garlic kit? Or taking a raw garlic piece with you on ordinary days, putting it in your purse or pocket the way you might do with your maintenance medicine? Someone has got to do it first so that others may follow.

At first it sounds ridiculous and silly. But you never know when your tooth may suddenly ache or your BP suddenly shoot up. In case of emergencies like that, you need the best health herb readily available in its most potent form--raw.

Suggested Intake

Number of raw garlic piece
Healthy person
Sick person
1 pc
once a day
3 times after meals
3 pcs
After a meal
After a meal
The first row is for regular meals. The second row is for times when you eat a meal with fatty and spicy food you can't avoid. But always consult your doctor about it. Or take more for an anti-cancer supplement, as revealed in the video.

My Dad Took Raw Garlic Regularly

My dad ate raw garlic regularly during meals. He would crush 3 to 4 pieces and ate them. That was aside from the raw garlic pieces he put in his vinegar or soy sauce dips. When food was a bit fatty and spicy, he ate more. The result? He never had any hypertension problems even if he ate eggs almost 3 times a day. He loved to eat fatty food, too.

He regularly had his blood chemistry checked: cholesterol and triglycerides were surprisingly normal all the time! Prior to his regular garlic intake his maintenance medicine didn't have the same effect. So, I attribute the good health effects to raw garlic.

In your case readers, always check with your medical physicians.

So I think It's Raw Garlic

So, I thinks I'm going to agree with my interviewees. Raw garlic is the best health herb readily available to us anywhere, any time.

I've been following the footsteps of my late dad (minus the love for fatty food) with regards to garlic, and so far, I thank God for good blood chemistry health.


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