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Juice Therapy

Updated on July 7, 2009

Juice Therapy

Juice Therapy

Juice therapy Or raw juice therapy is a method of treating diseases through juices of fruits and vegetables . Juice therapy is also known as juice fasting ,is the effective way for restoring health .

Juice act as an effective cleansing agent which eliminates metabolic waste and toxins from kidney , liver , lungs , skin and other organs of the body .

Juice fasting or raw juice therapy is much more better than water fasting because :

- Food digestion and utilization of nutrients is vastly improved .

- Faster recovery from diseases .

- More effective cleansing effect .

- More effective tissues regeneration .

Why juice therapy is preferred for treating diseases ?

Juice therapy is preferred because of following advantages of juices :

- Fruits and vegetables juices are rich in vitamins , minerals , enzymes and natural sugars .

- Juices requires no digestion as all of their nutrients are directly assimilated in the blood stream .

- Juice are rich in alkaline elements , which are beneficial in acid - alkaline balance in the blood and tissues .

- Minerals like potassium , calcium and silicon present in juices prevents premature ageing .

- Hormones are also presents in juices like cucumber and onion juice contain certain hormones which are needed by pancreas for producing insulin .

- Garlic , onion , radish , tomatoes juices contains antibiotic properties .


- Avoid canned and frozen juices .

- Use your own juicer for extracting juices .

- Juices lose their medicinal value when they are stored because they oxidize very quickly . So , try to extract as much juice as needed for immediate consumption .

- In case of conditions like diabetes , hypertension ( high blood pressure ) , arthritis , hypoglycemia dilute juices with water or less sweeten fruits ( for juices that are too sweat ) .


There are 6 types of juices , Juices from : 

  1. Sweat Fruits - grapes , prunes etc.
  2. Sub acid Fruits - apple , peach , cherry , pear , plum etc .
  3. Acid Fruits - pineapple , lemon , orange , steawberry etc .
  4. Vegetables Fruits - cucumber , tomato etc .
  5. Green Leafy Vegetables - spinach , cabbage , lettuce , watercress etc .
  6. Root Vegetables - carrot , radish , onion , beetroot etc .

NOTE - Juices from fruits and vegetables acts differently  . So , they should not be mixed together .

Here are some rules for mixing juices :


Mixture Not Allowed

- Sweet Fruit Juice + Acid Fruit Juice , vegetavles fruits or vegetables

- Acid Fruit juice + Other Juices

- Green leafy vegetables juice + Other Juices

Mixture Allowed

- Sweet Fruit juice + Sub acid Fruit Juice

- Acid Fruit juice + Sub acid Fruit Juice Or Vegetable Fruit Juice

- Green leafy vegetables juice + Vegetable fruit juice Or root vegetables juice

Treatment of diseases - Juice Therapy

Acidity :

Grapes, orange, carrot ,spinach.

Acne :

Grapes, pear, plum, tomato, cucumber, carrot, potato and spinach.

Allergies :

Apricot, grapes, carrot, beet and spinach.

Arteriosclerosis :

Grapefruit, carrot, lettuce, spinach , pineapple, lemon, celery

Anaemia :

Apricot, prune, strawberry, red grape, beet, celery, carrot and spinach.

Arthritis :

Sour cherry, pineapple, sour apple, lemon, grapefruit, cucumber, beet, carrot, lettuce

and spinach.

Asthma :

Apricot, lemon, pineapple, peach, carrot, radish and celery

Bronchitis :

Apricot, lemon, pineapple, peach, tomato, carrot, onion and spinach.

Bladder Ailments :

Apple, apricot, lemon, cucumber, carrot, celery, parsley and watercress.

Colds :

Lemon, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, carrot, onion, celery and spinach.

Constipation :

Apple, pear, beet, spinach , grapes, lemon, carrot and watercress.

Colitis :

Apple, papaya, carrot, beet, apricot, pear, peach, pineapple cucumber and spinach.

Diabetes :

Citrus fruits, carrot, celery, lettuce and spinach.

Diarrhoea :

Papaya, lemon, pineapple, carrot and celery.

Eczema :

Red grapes,carrot, spinach, cucumber and beet.

Epilepsy :

Red grapes, figs, carrot, celery and spinach.

Eye Disorders :

Apricot ,tomato, carrot, celery, parsley and spinach.

Gout :

Red sour cherries, carrot, celery, pineapple, tomato, cucumber, beet and spinach.

Halitosis :

Apple, grapefruit, lemon, pineapple, tomato, carrot, celery and spinach.

Headache :

Grapes, lemon, carrot, lettuce and spinach.

Heart Disease :

Red grapes, lemon, cucumber, carrot, beet and spinach.

High blood pressure :

Grapes, orange, cucumber, carrot and beet.

Influenza :

Apricot, orange, lemon , grapefruit, pineapple, carrot, onion and spinach.

Insomnia :

Apple, grapes, lemon, lettuce , carrot and celery.

Jaundice :

Lemon, grapes, pear, carrot, celery, spinach, beet and cucumber.

Kidney Disorders :

Apple, orange, lemon, cucumber, cucumber,carrot, celery, parsley and


Liver ailments :

Lemon, papaya, grapes, carrot, tomato, beet and cucumber.

Menstrual Disorders :

Grapes, prunes, cherry, spinach, lettuce turnips and beet.

Menopausal Symptoms :

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Neuritis :

Orange, pineapple, apple, carrot and beet.

Obesity :

Pineapple, papaya,Lemon, grapefruit, orange, cherry, tomato, beet, cabbage, lettuce,

spinach , carrot.

Piles :

Lemon, orange, papaya, pineapple, carrot, spinach, turnip and watercress.

Prostate Troubles :

All seasonal Fruit juices.

Psoriasis :

Grapes, carrot, beet, and cucumber.

Rheumatism :

Grapes, cucumber , orange, lemon, grapefruit, tomato,, beet, carrot and spinach.

Stomach Ulcers :

Apricot, grapes, cabbage and carrot.

Sinus Trouble :

Apricot, lemon, tomato, carrot, onion and radish

Sore Throat :

Apricot, grapes, lemon, pineapple, prune, tomato, carrot and parsley.

Tonsilitis :

Apricot, lemon, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, carrot, spinach and radish.

Varicose Veins :

Grapes, orange, plum, tomato, beetroot carrot and watercress

Juice Therapy - Some Useful Tips :

- Take a glass full of water + lemon juice + 1 teaspoon honey every morning .

- Take prescribed juice every 3 - 4 hours or 4 - 5 times daily .

- First quantity of juice = 200 ml. , then try to increase this quantity by 50 ml. each succeeding day till one takes600 ml on each occasion .

- Take adequate rest during juice therapy / juice fasting .


Juice Thepapy


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great writeup really was researching some information on fruits when i stumbled upon you hub, excellent information as of now of the many pages , urls i have researched for health tips.

      Keep up the great work .



    • profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Hello jon

      Sorry for delay

      May i know your age

    • profile image

      Jon Kaufmann 

      9 years ago

      I am a diabetic who is looking for a juice recipe to make my own smoothies. My medical history also includes Hepatitis C, which has been practically eradicated, heart issues, including a valve replacement, celulitis and the fact that I need to lose about 40 pounds. What would you recommend for me, given this medical history? And could you also give me an idea of amounts, so that I can mix the ingredients properly?

      Thanks so much.


      Jon Kaufmann


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