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Broken it? Don't worry, juicer parts are available...

Updated on June 19, 2010

Have you broken it?

Juicers are a great addition to a healthy, working kitchen. Fresh juice is one of the best natural things we can put into our bodies - it has the benefits of providing everything that fresh raw fruits and vegetables would, but without the work involved in chewing carrot sticks for hours.

However, juicers and juicer parts wear out eventually - and this sometimes results in parts breaking. Especially common are broken plastic parts, found in masticating juicers. These are the type of machine that use a big slowly turning screw or auger to crush ingredients. Because of the mechanism involved the pressure on the parts is enormous and fine cracks can quickly open up into full fractures.

The first thing to do if you hear it crack or find it broken is to take apart the mechanism as you would normally, and wash and clean it all. look out for little bits, try to save them if they are loose. Clean it all up, and identify what is broken. Put the bits somewhere safe like a zip lock bag.

If you bought the machine locally then call your store and they may just tell you to bring it in. If it is under warranty then this should be it - the part will be replaced, end of story. Under some circumstances however, you may not be able to get away so easily - maybe it is out of warranty, or was purchased second hand, or online. What you need to do now is identify the exact part that is broken so you can get a new one on order.

Look closely at the broken juicer part - it should have a little number between 5-10 digits stamped into it somewhere. This is the juicer part number and will relate to the replacement. This is the number you will need to quote to the manufacturer or dealer to order the new one. If you get stuck here and there is no part number, and alternative solution is to take a digital snap shot with a cell phone or web cam and email the picture to the supplier or dealer. They work with the parts all day, and can identify it for you.

Remember to compare any quote a store or dealer gives you with prices on Ebay or Amazon stores, as these as often a lot cheaper. The original manufacturers make a ton of money out of selling small basic juicer parts to desperate consumers - don't let them rip you off!

Where to buy replacements

1. The original dealer. Safe, secure, good reputation - but they will charge the premium price . And customer service for older model parts is not usually very good.

2. Ebay - a great place for bargains. Some people sell second hand parts which can be ideal for older juicers. Defintely worth checking out if on a budget

3. Online stores - safe, fast and secure, a very good place to try. You can always compare and buy later, so try this before spending the manufacturers asking price.


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    • Mireille G profile image

      Mireille G 7 years ago from Kansas

      That is such a good idea, so many people have appliances that sit around not knowing what to do and not really wanting to part with them. Being able to find parts is great. Thanks

    • hospitalera profile image

      hospitalera 7 years ago

      Excellent ideas on where to find replacement bits and bobs for your juicer. It is always better to try to repair things than to buy a whole new machine! SY

    • Gregory Edwards profile image

      Gregory Edwards 7 years ago

      Great hub.

      I agree, eBay is great place to try and find some replacement parts.