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Juicing- The Benefits

Updated on July 14, 2014

The scoop on juicing

Juicing is a broad term for adding many whole, nutritious food to your diet, in liquid form. . There are several ways that one can obtain the maximum amount of fruit, vegetables, roots, spices and herbs to your diet. By doing so you will enable your body to function at its optimum state. Juicing comes in so many different varieties. The ability to create and rejuvenate are endless. Juicers are a machine, they vary in size, quality and brands. All juicer's are fairly the same. Some remove all pulp and some leave the beneficial pulp. Some people even use blenders to create their concoctions. There are several varieties, I personally chose one that leaves some of the beneficial pulp, but not enough to ruin the juice. Pulp is high in fiber and can aid the digestive tract. Fiber is essential, it is used in the body to perform several functions. The truth of the matter is that as American's, our diet lacks the proper, recommended daily intake of fiber. Fiber has been known to prevent diverticulitis and several other GI diseases. I personally suffer from IBS, so the fiber can help when I am experiencing the IBS-C part of the disorder. Juicing can be fun and allow your creative side to kick in and get it's fill. When juicing it is important to try different fruits and vegetable to get the maximum benefit. Juicing has became popular in the last few years, there are several people that claim they have healed themselves of various disease from the art of juicing. Juicing can bring a weakened immune system back to optimum state. The truth in increasing your intake of healthy, wholesome foods can do that, in whichever way you choose to add them to your diet.


How to start juicing

When starting to juice. You will need to purchase a juicer or blender of your choice. They can be found at several retailers to name a few, Kohls, bed bath and beyond, Walmart, Target, and some grocery stores carry them in minimum quantity. When going to purchase a juicer it is important that you make a few standards. You may want easy clean up, one that comes with a recipe book, a cleaning brush, a few parts and a weight that is not to much to lift and clean under. I personally chose a Breville, It is easy to clean, removes the majority of the pulp and has 4 pieces, including the picture. I have also had a fusion juicer and it was comparable to the Breville. Juicers range from inexpensive to costing a pretty penny. You can go to websites and " window shop" before purchasing a juicer. Once you have purchased the juicer you will want to stop by the local produce stand and pick up some veggies and fruits. I personally buy organic, you do not have to, as long as you was well and assure you are not loading your juice down with pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals that are commonly used on non-organic fruits and vegetables. Once you get your juicer and whole foods, be sure to wash both the juicer and foods prior to the initial use of the juicer, to ensure all foreign dirt is not in your initial juice. Then you will feed the juicer the fruits and veggies and watch it turn into a delicious beverage, full of nutrition. If you would like more of a smoothie type juice, add yogurt or kefir, this also adds beneficial probiotics that are helpful in replacing the good bacteria in your gut. Drink and enjoy ! You have just taken your first steps to a healthier you.

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What to remember when juicing

Juicing is a delicious way to add the fruits and veggies, that are recommended, into your diet. When juicing it is very important that you use just enough fruit to offset the bitterness of the vegetables. If you make the majority of the juice fruit, you are adding sugar into your diet, which can lead to weight gain. Although fruits are needed in the daily diet it is best that you don't overload on these sweet foods. The best recipe you can create is 1 part fruit to 2 parts vegetables. You can also add ginger root, turmeric, cayenne pepper and a host of other beneficial ingredients into your daily juice. My favorite juice consist of 4 carrots, 2 apples and 4 celery stalks, with a chunk of ginger root ( maybe a 1/4 inch thick ) and after I am finished juicing these ingredience I add 1/2 cup of strawberry kefir, stir and enjoy. This is my juice of choice, I have grown to crave this juice as also my children. Juicing is appropriate for children that are of age to drink store bought juice. I asked my pediatrician when my youngest was 6 months of age, he agreed that the homemade juice would be better for her than the juice sold in stores with the " added" sugars. She is now 14 months and enjoys homemade juices. Good dietary habits start in the high-chair and then are carried through-out their adulthood. Juicing is very beneficial to young and old alike.


Facts of juicing

  • Added benefits of vitamins and minerals
  • Increased intake of fruits and vegetables
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Create tasty, nutritious drinks
  • Can be creative and make several varieties
  • Will do your body good

Why Juicing

One may wonder what is the difference in juicing vs eating, the truth of the matter is that juicing provides that all nutritious cells of the whole food are broken and can easily be absorbed by the body. When we chew our food we often don't chew well enough, leading to a loss of some essential nutrients. However, eating is better than none at all, provided you get your daily recommended doses. Also with juicing you can cram a lot of fruits and veggies into ones serving, this is beneficial to those that may not particularly enjoy the taste of vegetables and fruit. When you can juice them together you get a enjoyable flavor that anyone can handle. Juicing is beneficial in more ways than one can imagine. Juice can also be made in advance for those that run hectic lives that doesn't include time for preparing juice in the morning prior to their job. Juicing is a great way to combine several fruits, vegetable, and other beneficial foods into one drink that has a unique flavor. Juicing is great !

Juicing recipes

Orange boost
Green Detox
Juicing additives
4 carrots
4 cucumbers
2 apples
1 lime
nuts,seeds or roots
4 celery stalks
2 green apples
herbs or spices

Juicing recipes for beginners

Juicing around the bend

Juicing is very good for your health. Once you start juicing, it can become a normal daily activity. Juicing can be fun and creative. Nutritious juice can work as a meal replacement for those on the go, or maybe just wants a better alternative to the convenient fast-food. Juicing has been known to aid in weight loss. By incorporating wholesome foods, you are less likely to over do the calories. Juices can be refrigerated for up to 48 hours, though the pulp may separate, all you have to do is stir or shake and then savor the nutrition. There are several mixtures of fruit and vegetables that one can add to daily juices. Juices, when prepared at, 1 part fruit to 2 parts vegetables, can give you a flavor that you would never expect to taste. Though one may be leery at first, all you have to do is try it. To make more of a smoothie, you can add liquid, naturally flavored probiotics, that are available in the milk or organic section of your local grocer. You may also add crushed ice to make a cool, refreshing juice. Juice can be made in several different ways, according to one's own taste. With juice recipes, you can substitute for more desired items. For instance, if a juice recipe calls for kale, and you do not like kale, or prefer another vegetable, then substitute the less desirable for the more desired vegetable. Substitution and being creative are part of juicing. You have to find juices that suits your own taste, as long as you stick to the basic formula you can make as many or as few varieties as your heart desires.


Juicing- Putting it all together

Juicing has gained popularity in the last few years, for good reason, there are several benefits to adding juicing to your daily diet. Children and babies ( as long as old enough to drink juice) can benefit from juicing, as they develop their eating habits from the highchair, and carry throughout their lives. Juicing offers support with weight loss and better nutrition. It is proven, by studies, that people who eat the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables, live a healthier life, with less disease, it is speculated by many that the added nutrients into the daily diet may play a great role in the prevention of disease and illnesses. Maybe the old " wives tales" are something to consider. When you have a cold, you add vitamin C. An apple a day keeps the doctors away. Momma always told you to eat your vegetables, maybe she knew something that is not so available now. Juices are a great way to keep the doctor away and to allow your immunity to perform at it's best functioning state. You can make homemade orange juice, peel 4 oranges and run then through the juicer. Same with apples, except you do not have to peel. A good rule of thumb about skins is , thin goes in , thick will make you sick. So if ever you are wondering rather to use the peel or not remember these little phrases and it will keep you well on your way. You may want to dilute fruit juices, such as, orange or apple juices, it is all according to your taste. For babies and maybe some younger kids ( 2 and under) you may want to dilute, to keep it easy on their little tummies. I have found that once you start juicing, then you will crave it. It is almost as if your body will remind you to nurture it. However you choose to juice, know that you are giving yourself the best defense from optimum immunity.


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