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Jump Your Way To Better Health

Updated on May 4, 2016

How many minutes can you jump rope for? If you can answer that, then maybe you can improve your workout results. Making predictions and setting goals can spur you to try harder, and focus your efforts more on that goal.

Dharma Tie Tank
Dharma Tie Tank | Source

When it comes to skipping rope, it's fair to say most consider it child's play; an activity done in a school yard playground, not for the serious fitness minded adult, but jump rope is a serious calorie torching exercise, that not only offers an effective aerobic workout, but because it engages all muscles to actually perform the exercise, it offers an incredible toning effect for the entire body.

Jumping rope is not often touted as a real workout, but think about it, many athletes use a jump rope as a major part of their workout routine. Boxers are often seen skipping rope before hitting the punching bag, and even in-between workout sets. There are plenty of football players, bodybuilders, baseball players, and basketball legends that use a jump rope in their routines.

Jump ropes are not just for school aged kids.

Jessie Hilgenberg - Bodybuilding - Athlete - Fitness Model
Jessie Hilgenberg - Bodybuilding - Athlete - Fitness Model | Source

So is jumping rope for you? It's an incredible workout that offers many health benefits, but jump rope is not for everyone.

  • It's cost effective in that it doesn't require a large investment to get started. Jump ropes are inexpensive and can be taken anywhere for an on the go workout. It's not going to break your bank to invest in one, they last practically forever, and there is no on-going monthly fee to use one. Basically, it's a workout you pay for once, and depending on the amount you use the rope, the rope practically pays for itself in the benefits and use it provides. Beware, going to the gym is motivation to workout, when you work out from home you have to motivate yourself.

  • Outside in the front yard, the backyard, even a park are common places to go and enjoy fun-filled moments of skipping rope. Most parks now incorporate places designated for those who actively engage in a daily exercise routine. Some even provide tracks for running, as well as universal weight equipment, and don't forget, the playground itself offers some challenging opportunities to incorporate strength training into your routine without the need of a gym.

  • Jumping rope burns a significant amount of calories in a short amount of time. It is estimated that you burn a little more than ten calories for every minute you jump rope. The benefits go beyond that, because while you are burning calories, you are also building up your leg, butt, shoulder and arm muscles in a relatively short amount of time. You can burn an extra thousand calories a week with just five twenty minute jumping sessions. Beware if you have bad knees, because jumping is an impact exercise, it can aggravate the condition.

  • If you are looking for a way to build a clutter free at home gym, then a jump rope is a must have piece of equipment. They are small, and can be easily stored anywhere. There is no big bulky equipment to worry about hiding, or pulling out of the way.

  • Your fitness levels will improve with continuous efforts. You will get stronger, faster, and more agile.

  • Anyone can do it, and can easily turn it into a game. You can do it alone or turn it into a family affair. You can make it a game. It can be done as a circuit. It can be done in increments. The benefits accumulate.

Jump Rope and Sports Bra
Jump Rope and Sports Bra | Source

If you decide that jump rope is an exercise you want to engage in you will need to make sure the rope is the right size for your height. You can easily determine this by stepping into the center of the rope, and bringing the handles up, they should reach to your armpits. Once you find the right rope for you, let the jumping begin.


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