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Just Another Conspiracy Theory -- or a Genuine Wake Up Call?

Updated on July 20, 2019
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Not Supposed to Be Durable and Strong

Yesterday I was sitting on my balcony and enjoying the evening breeze after a hot day, casually observing the traffic seven stories down -- when I heard something like amplified sound of a pop can being smashed.

A collision. Not a bad one, as it turned out -- if there is such a thing as "good" collisions. I mean, no one got hurt. But that sound made me think how thin material is being used for cars' bodies these days.

One thought leading to another, I got reminded that in order to keep the sales at optimal level, cars are "not supposed" to be durable. Which somehow grew into a larger picture, with this new question: Is the whole world "supposed to" be in this relatively messy state, so that somebody could benefit from it?

Like who?

The word "matrix" rushed to mind; and then, as if some more words would say it better, a whole train of them followed, like "The System...cultural elite...brainwashed masses..."

I let such thought train get smashed against the solid obstacle of common sense skepticism -- no, I was not going down that rabbit hole of conspiracy theories. But that intellectual adventurer in me that from ever thrived on out-of-box thinking was already inside that hole.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

No Money in Self-Healing

On its own the question revamped itself:

What if somebody somewhere is benefiting by this global state of low vibes?

Thinking now about an incredible existing force of intelligence in this world, I caught myself simply refusing to believe that they were not capable of reeducating the world masses into a more rewarding model of psycho-physical functioning.

So, why don't they? After all, these fathers of public thought and mood did succeed to brainwash (almost) everyone with some crappy guidelines and prescriptions for living. Why, on one hand, we are spoiled with all the high tech gadgetry of modern living, but so miserably failing when it's about our happiness, health, and harmonious forms of coexisting? How could that genius of modern life work in one direction and not in all directions? Did somebody want it this way?

Really folks, is the System supposed to be like this? For the most obvious example, governments, FDA, and medico-pharmaceutical establishment are telling us about their care for our well being -- and that's why we elected our leaders in the first place, and let those health agencies feed off our taxes, right? And yet, 300,000 people die yearly from bad medications, compared to 30,000 deaths from recreational drugs overdosing.

On the other hand, the proponents of the new science of epigenetics, quantum biology, biocentrism, with therapeutic protocols based on mind over body medicine, don't get the attention of the mainstream health establishment -- because there is no money in educating masses to heal themselves.

For example, Dr. Joe Dispenza and his team of scientists and technicians using the top shelf technology are conducting workshops all over the world, with some astounding, if not miraculous results. During a week or two of intense meditations and re-educating in matters of the innate power of the body's intelligence to heal itself, attendants are dropping anything from allergies to cancerous tumors. Regardless of diets, age, religious convictions or absence of any.

My question:

Why our daily news are not reporting about the latest successes at such workshops, instead of feeding people toxic crap about the latest hot exchange on the Congress floor? Indeed, who decides what is more important for the national well being, for public sense of a normalcy?

If the Constitution is granting everyone a freedom to pursue happiness, why everything is publicly being done to sabotage such pursuits?

Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay
Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

The New Science

The basic tenets of this new science are suggesting that we turn our attention inwards and explore our inner space, our attitudes, beliefs, tendencies. We are taught that trained new highs in emotions are signalling our genes to produce the energetic and chemical psycho-physical environment which produces health and body's homeostasis.

We are taught that over the many years, our body has become our mind, as it has stored the energetic records of all emotionally charged experiences -- the ones that are responsible for our less than optimal health, physical and mental. So body insists on seeking those new life circumstances and situations and relationships where it can replay those crappy emotions and thoughts.

And we are taught to reclaim our mind from the body by conscious insistence on processing our reality in a more life-promoting manner. It becomes so much easier once that we get enlightened by this new understanding of how life works-- upon realizing what we have been doing to ourselves in the absence of that knowledge.

We learn that we are not our body, our life story, our social self-image, our many labels of life roles -- we are consciousness beyond all that with the power to change it all as we wish. Those emotions attached to lousy memories can be altered, so that only the story remains, as if we saw a movie with a drama happening to someone else on the screen, not to us.

Much of that is basically nothing more than a mental addiction after the body got addicted with established patterns of repeated crappy experiencing. Then it tells us what to think, how to interpret situations, how to view ourselves and our life. In a vicious cycle we reinforce those patterns by obeying its guidance.

So, as the science goes, that vicious cycle has to be broken. It may not appear easy after we are accustomed to thinking from our gut, not from our consciousness. But it can be done, and common folks are doing it, mostly those whose spirit was not hard to wake up from the nightmarish trance of slaving to the whims of the body rule.

Unfortunately, people wait until something dramatic forces them to seek new ways of getting well. They won't adopt new mental habits while they are ahead of the game, even to make better what appears to be good.

Image by Iva Balk from Pixabay
Image by Iva Balk from Pixabay

Pick Your Favorite Dogma

Well, the System doesn't want you to take that road.

You got all kinds of knowledgeable authorities that won't let you use your own mind. Medical establishment will imprison anybody who tries to cure, or even claim to have a cure which is not based on pharmaceutical medications or scalpel.

Your religion will threaten you with hell if you don't follow their teachings, which in practical sense means coming to your church and leaving some money there each time. Other than that they have no ways of knowing how much you are following that teaching. Basically they don't care either.

I mean, you can be a president attending church where you learn that life is precious and no one has a right to kill -- but then you can issue an order for an attack while still "believing" in that Commandment. For a little humor, I guess, that's what they meant when they outlawed religion's interfering with government business.

The supplement industry is a huge, multi-billion dollar business. All over the world there are centenarians who have lived their entire life on a simple diet -- far from being "balanced" in terms of science of nutrition. They also smoked, drank wine daily -- and luckily, they had no authorities to brainwash them into pecking on a dozen pills each day.

The System is full of authorities having programmed us when to smile, when to cry, which words mean insults, praises, etc. Hey, even those sitcom producers take us for dummies who don't know when a line is funny -- as they play that laughing soundtrack for us to signal us when to laugh.

While we are at sitcoms, Hollywood is doing its part in all this. Called "Seventh Art", it is in the first place a huge industry, and as such it has to make its products appealing to the public.

So they are playing on your pair of strongest instincts -- survival and procreation, which translated, of course, means violence and sex. Since human nature is generally divided between spiritual and animalistic, no need to say which side of us they are stimulating.

Ultimately, we -- or at least some of us -- will be opening their minds and eyes, and start seeing the connection between how they feel and function in life -- and how much of it is caused by the stresses from sheepish knee-jerk responding to the army of some obvious, and not so obvious authorities.

The new science is teaching us to use our own mind, to de-hypnotize ourselves from suggestive assaults of the imposing Rasputins at the culture market, whether political, religious, business, or familial. As we detach ourselves from our habitual selves, we become more conscious, more free from our automatic pilot -- and that new freedom produces genetic changes in our body, as old ailments fall off together with mental model to which they were attached.

Image by Devanath from Pixabay
Image by Devanath from Pixabay

Meant to Be Inside Job

Thanks to internet, the number of awakened folks is dramatically increasing. Those creative minds behind the movie "Matrix" had the vision of the colossal challenge the world is facing, with a choice we will have to make as individuals, not merely as insignificant particles of a humankind mass, or as believers in this or that prescribed dogma on the culture market.

Transformation is not to happen in collective, but individual consciousness, in realm of our most intimate human essence. It's about self-re-creating, not self-re-playing.

It's about stepping into the unknown of our inner space, in a sense, being those babies again, but this time using our own wise guidance, "not waiting for a sitcom producer to tell us when it's time to laugh".

Freedom never comes from outside.

Freedom is not a gift of this or that political ideology, this or that religion, this or that vitamin -- it's our birthright crowned with consciousness.

As we are awakening, we may start seeing ourselves as personalized extensions of the universal mind. And then the whole life will become a different ball game for us.

© 2019 Vladimir Karas


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    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      5 weeks ago from Canada

      John -- Well, it's all about having an open or a closed mind how we go through life, and, while to some people the ideas of progressive medicine may feel like a godsend, so many others will stick to the only ways they have always known.

      I have met quite a few who religiously visit their doctors, go to their church -- although not really being loving and tolerant -- curse the opponent political party, and even believe all what "their father used to teach them about life". So typically, people like that have those inner voices of all authorities without which they don't think they would be functional in life.

      And yes, you got it right, John, for the rest of us who "bother with awakening" sooner or later we have to take our health and happiness in our own hands. I haven't seen a doctor for more than dozen of years, and all neighbors are showing a mild shock when I tell them that I am 74. So, I have my own proofs, and I am not just yapping and preaching something that I have read about, or paraphrasing somebody else's posts from google.

      Thank you for the nice comment, my friend. It's so refreshing to see that other people have yanked their minds from the grip of authorities.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      5 weeks ago from Queensland Australia

      What an excellent article, Val. Good health and well-being should be what all of us strive for and everything we see and hear suggests that, but there is a lot more money in keeping us unhealthy. Vitamin supplements etc to keep us healthy is a big market, but there is a much bigger market in prescription drugs that often have unfortunate side effects and lead to the development of other conditions that require even more drugs to control...a real boon for the pharmaceutical companies. Yes we need the learn to utilize the power of our own mind to heal ourselves.


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