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Just One Purpose

Updated on August 30, 2015
The Beauty of Natural Growth
The Beauty of Natural Growth | Source

"Your Greatest Discovery is Finding Yourself, Your Greatest Investment is of Yourself in Others". - B. Stuart Noll

I’m sitting in my room at 3:18 AM staring at the blinking cursor on the computer screen thinking about “World Peas” and imagining a photo of 3 blue Earths nestled comfortably in a green pod bed twirling in opposite, yet synchronistic rotations. Making the connection between that image and the subject matter of this article is a tough one and I might not actually be up to it. Rather than fight the feelings associated with not being able to express myself, I decided to surrender and just let whatever comes to my heart appear on the paper.

As a “Life Architect” helping people design lives they really enjoy living, I so often ask the straightforward question (and I ask this of myself regularly to maintain perspective) “What is it that you really, really want?” I can still remember reading how our goals, in response to that question, should be as specific as possible if we were truly to expect to accomplish them. Our hopes and dreams crystallized, succinct and perfect in every minute detail was the way to ultimate realization.

Well, “World Peace,” I was told was an extremely noble idea but far too broad and nebulous to be attainable. So unattainable was the idea of peaceful coexistence among the nations that even thinking it was pooh-poohed, and perhaps I would be better served by focusing my energies on something more concrete. Expressing the ideological pinnacle of living - as one people - as a rational vision of reality with all the variables involved was simply - silly. For most of my life I bought that crap!

It wasn’t until today that I realized a slight shift in my thinking was required to move from a view of conflict and poverty to a view of ultimate abundance and conscious awareness of a peace that truly transcends all understanding.

My view of the world, and that of others who will admit it, had always been that the world was an element external to me. There was me – and what I thought of the world and my part in it, and the world itself, separated from me by some formula for life of which I was unaware. It was a conditioning that led me to believe somehow that I was different, unique and special, though every fiber of my soul was in conflict with that perception since it just didn’t match the natural order of things. It simply isn’t real, I am a part of, not apart from this world and it is a part of, not apart from me!

In consecutive sessions with a close friend and mentor I learned the following lesson. It was a lesson I already knew but rarely applied. I was told in order to manifest any idea I needed to move the idea from the intellectual brain to the belief center in my heart so the creative process of life can begin to act on that belief. The shift in perspective that is essential for me to attain my dreams, no matter what they are – world peace included, is to see beyond my circumstances and to focus on a world of abundance, unlimited in all its resources instead of a world filled with division, poverty, scarcity and limited resources to be hoarded, protected and fought over for survival. The lesson I think I finally learned (I know, I’m a slow student) was that I cannot change the world or people in it. I cannot bury my head in the sand of suffering and expect to see something different. I cannot find or experience “World Peace” unless, as Mahatma Gandhi said, I become the change I want to see.

So, that is my challenge…World Peas; to see myself and my world in a different light. Yes, I said my world; not in a posture of ownership but in view of my part in it and in my contribution to it. I cannot change the physical world with all it idiosyncrasies and abnormalities, but I can change my perception of the world in which I live and I can choose to live in peace within that world I perceive.

The idea to help myself and other people navigate life and to determine what makes us happy, what gives us purpose, makes our hearts skip a beat and what makes us lose all track of time to the extent that we aren’t aware of any other living being, is a way for me to find “World Peas.” Because as we help each other see ourselves as a part of the whole and realize we have a responsibility to focus on our own development, we begin to manifest what we envision.

So the idea of “World Peace” or “World Peas” as I comically refer to it isn’t so far fetched after all. It’s “Just One Purpose” for being. Besides, when we concentrate on our own improvement as a part of the collective quality of life, we cannot possibly have enough energy or time to get into anyone else’s business? It’s not selfish, in my humble opinion, it’s a simple shift in how we see the universe in which we live and of which we are a connected, vital part!!!

See you on the other side! Until then, “Peas” be with you!!!

Just One Vehicle

As an addendum to this hub I learned of an organization of men called "The ManKind Project." I have become interdependently entwined with men who, like me, are working to make this a better planet to live on by holding themselves accountable, by being honest and authentic in their lives.

I have included this post hub thought about "MKP" because I believe it to be one way to face myself and one way to look into the eyes of other men who are facing themselves. If you are a man among men I would encourage you to investigate one of the most transformational men's groups on earth. they are a worldwide organization and I recommend them highly if you would like to contribute to world peace from within!

May the Blessings of love and prosperity be yours and may peace always be with you!

The Power of Purpose

In Gratitude

Rev. Bruce S. Noll -  Life Architect, Mentor and Guide
Rev. Bruce S. Noll - Life Architect, Mentor and Guide

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