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Just Validate Yourself

Updated on June 15, 2015

Validate Yourself

You don't have to depend on people to make you feel great about yourself. Stop giving people control over your day, your month, your year and most importantly, your life. Start appreciating and loving yourself for who YOU ARE. Give yourself credit for things you do and even things you don't do. You're a beautiful person or you're an intelligent man. It doesn't matter if you have to cut people off.. I don't care if it's family, coworkers, girlfriend, boyfriend or even the people you use to kick it with.. look, stop waiting for people's permission to think great about yourself. You can't complain about something you decide to settle for and put up with and expect a change. Maybe you've lost your reason to smile.. I know.. man I've been there. Think of several things that you're grateful for daily, keep shooting for those goals, exercise your mind to know you have the right to be intelligent, beautiful and a successful person who enjoys life. The fact that you're still standing today is a sign of strength that you can keep going and do better. Stop judging yourself negatively and start recognizing the positive potential you carry everyday. To the person who feels like they can't do anything right or can't find anyone or anything better.. Don't break your focus.


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