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KFC Vs VEG Bucket Challenge

Updated on July 5, 2015

Choose Wisely

Prevention is Better than Cure

KFC: Ooh c'mon you little brats !

What do you have to offer? colours? really!!?

VEG: Ooh really you want to play this game with me? !

do you know your nutritional value is in the negative values..??

Get your own class!

KFC: Pooh ! you carrots, do you know how much energy these humans harness from me??

I will use that to send you straight back to the soil where you entirely belong !

Never to be found !

VEG: You talk too much! I know that's the tonnes of fat in you blubbering ooh!..

Shut up ! do you even know about vitamin A in carrots and in many of us ?

We own almost every vitamins! A,E,C,K name it!

KFC: Am so delicious and hot for you !

expensive ! you cant afford me.

VEG: Off course with all that unnatural oil

how can you compare that to our nutritious sunflower and olive oil?

KFC: Well let me tell you something: I run this streets; am in every corner

Let me simplify it to you; It's called quantity and I own it !

VEG: Ooh coz of your nick name Mr fast food?

Well let me tell you that I run the food quality world !

KFC: Do you know I have escorts; I got cola with me, Fanta sprite name it !

What do you have with you nothing whatsoever !

VEG: Don't give me that caffeine lecture

All you do is cause these humans Blood Pressure even worse death

KFC: Ooh ! why don't you speak about the cancerous seeds in those capsicums

or how some farmers use dangerous chemicals to grow those tomatoes !

VEG: Excuse me! I we grow naturally so Independent

you must be fried up to make a bogus meal so dependent!

KFC: Take a hike mate!

am this town's sheriff

VEG: When you increase the risks of this humans contracting diseases by 101% ??

Well for me, I reduce that risk of harmful things you cause them by an imaginable figure!

No wonder we don't get along!

KFC: ... Aarrghhhhh!! you are getting into my nerves!!

VEG: Ooh well that's more like it! you deserve worse anyways!

And guess what, its just the beginning!.............................

Raynold Grahams Omondi


Do you think its healthy to have Fast Foods as much we have as Vegetables?

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If given a choice to stick to one type of food for a month what would it be?

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    • RaynoldGrahamsooo profile image

      Raynold Grahams Omondi 2 years ago from Luton, UK, England.

      Thanks Nd

    • profile image

      nd. 2 years ago

      Loved the debate,it was fun and educational at the same time

    • RaynoldGrahamsooo profile image

      Raynold Grahams Omondi 2 years ago from Luton, UK, England.

      Thank you sir ! I appreciate.. Am glad you got the sense of the presentation of the vital topic )

    • Dr Pran Rangan profile image

      Dr Pran Rangan 2 years ago from Kanpur (UP), India

      Nice way of presentation of healthy eating habits. Thanks