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Karma – Learn and Understand How it Works

Updated on May 1, 2011

Why is it that if God loves all of us – His children – we see so many disparities and disabilities? Why bad things happen to good people?

This question is asked by millions of people. Unfortunately, people have failed to receive a satisfactory answer to this question. Many so-called spiritual teachers who do not actually have the answer attempt to reply telling you that “We can’t understand God’s dealings. It’s a test. It’s God will, you know,” and so on. Because they don’t appreciate transmigration of the soul or the science of reincarnation and karma, they cannot satisfactorily answer the question. 

The Danger of Not Understanding Facts Regarding Karma and Reincarnation

If you appreciate the Law of Karma, “As you sow, so shall you reap, then you can appreciate how your prosperity or non prosperity is due to your previous activities. It is not that God arbitrarily chooses to make you poor and another person rich, to make your body diseased and your neighbours healthy, etc. It is not God Who’s doing it but you. God has simply arranges the laws in such a way that you have possession of your own destiny. If you are suffering now because you were born with one leg, then you may have two ways on looking at it. First you may see it as your fault. Secondly, you may consider it God’s fault. Now, unless you appreciate that you existed previous to this body, then you’d have to say it’s God’s fault. After all if you think that life just began with this body then you’ll question, “well, how come its like this? What possible basis could God have doing this to me? I didn’t do anything.”

So we’ll see it as unfair. That will be your conclusion if you do not appreciate that you existed previously and that whatever you are going through now is simply the result of your past activities. This means that whatever you are reaping now, you must previously sown. Jesus did not say, “As you sow, someone else will reap,” or “what your reaping now, you never sowed. “ He said, “As you sow, so shall you reap”. So it is not a question of God not being perfect, or Him not loving you but it is a question of your having done something which shouldn’t have done and which you must pay for. And if you do not come to appreciate this truth that you are the one who is responsible for your destiny, then you’ll end up throwing the blame at God. Unfortunately, you may even come to a point of seeing God as a very powerful being Who has no concern and no sense of justice.

Yes, not only they become bitter towards God but they may even become atheist who totally rejects the existence of God altogether. So there must be appreciation of the reality that your situation is due to your own making. It’s your fault. You’re the one who made your present existence by your past activities. And your present activities, you’re preparing your future existence. 

Discover: GOOD and BAD KARMA Explained

Karma means action. Good karma means good action, and bad karma means bad action. Good and Bad , here are both material concepts, not transcendental.

Good karma leads to good karmic reaction: bad karma leads to bad karmic reaction. For example, if a person in this life helps others enjoy materially by doing some good, charitable acts—wether it be opening the hospital, teaching poor children, or giving away food- then this “good karma” is noted by the Lord. If by the end of his life, a person has, say “100 points of good deeds, then he has 100 points to his credit 100 points in his karmic bank account.

If a person perhaps (even the same person) engages in “bad karma” – actions that bring pain and suffering to other living entities—then this bad karma is also kept track of by the Lord. A person who does 100 points worth bad deeds has 100 points bad credit—100 point bill to pay.

After death, a person then gets a body according to his mentality and to the karmic reaction good or bad due him. If a person wants to enjoy more sex, God will him a body thar will afford that opportunity. But if he has bad karmic reaction in store, he will also, in his new body, suffer the pain that is due him.

A person with “good karmic credit” may also wants sex. He too will receive a body suitable for such sexual pursuit. While living in that body. He will be rewarded with material pleasures exactly in accordance with what is due him. In fact, the person who has such good and bad karma may be one and the same. A person who greatly desires sex and who has 100 points of good karmic credit and 100 points of bad karmic credit will alternately experience pleasure and pain in the body he takes on.

So although God provides a person with a gross material body according to how that person wants to enjoy, it is the person himself who is responsible for the actions which he engages in while in that body. Being responsible for one’s actions, a person must suffer or enjoy all the reactions to his actions.

Good and bad karma refer to material pleasure and pain. All people experience a certain degree of pain. Sometimes they are happy and sometimes they are suffering. Some humans experience great pleasure on earth, but this pales in comparison to the pleasure of those who live on heavenly planets. Some humans on earth experience great suffering but this cannot compare to the suffering of those who exist on hellish planets. But no matter whether one experiences pleasure or pain, this experience is due to past karma.


The fact is that this material world is not our home. We are spirit souls and we’re eternal. We don’t belong here. Its not that a person’s just being punished. It’s actually a method --- system of education. This world is a school that has been set up by God. To let us know what ? this isn’t our home. That’s what’s we’re supposed to learn here. We’re supposed to go back home—Back to the kingdom of God, back to our Supreme Father.


Some will say that by engaging in pious acts like charitable practice, feeding the poor, donating to hospitals etc. We can go back to the Kingdom of God. But it is not the way, although these things are obviously superior to sinful activities, still they are material activities. Material activities mean they are self–centered. A person engages in pious acts with the idea of enjoying the fruits of good karma. But good karma is not spiritual. Spiritual activity is God-centered; a person engages in spiritual activity with the simple desire to please God. The best thing to transcend material activity and come to the point of engaging in transcendental activites: the loving service of the Supreme Father.

Engaging in charitable activities is not the highest goal of life and is not spiritual

Such acts are fruitive and the doer must enjoy or suffer the result of his activities. Even if one is able to reap good karma, eventually it all has to end because it is still in the material dimension. Like a certain amount of credit or deposit in the bank, its run out. It must also be remembered that as long as one engages in material activity and remains in the material world to reap good or bad karma, he has to suffer birth diseases, old age and death. So the best thing is to actually transcend the material dimension, both good and bad karma, the entire material world. We must desire to go to the Kingdom of God itself which cannot be achieved by pious activities. It can only be achieved by unconditional love for God, that’s all. The goal of life is to come to the platform of being resituated in the loving service of the Supreme father. And only when we are tasting the nectar of loving devotion to God will we be satisfied and happy.


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    • profile image

      Raphael D'Cunha 

      5 years ago

      I have no words to appreciate this hub! Pls write something startling on the real temple of God (our body); how one should connect the Divine within!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      fantastically has been articulated . . . All people should merge their activities wit this truth

    • moneycop profile image


      8 years ago from JABALPUR

      I love this hub...great work. heads off to you. without the knowledge of karma is like an animal without horns and tail...

    • Sue B. profile image

      Sue B. 

      8 years ago

      This was a very interesting hub. As a social worker, I didn't think it belonged under social work, but it was still interesting just the same!

    • profile image

      commander Ajay 

      8 years ago

      Lord Krishna says in Bhagawad Gita,"I(GOD) is the same to all beings;to ME there is none hateful,nor dear But those who worship ME with total devotion, they are in ME and I AM also in them."The law of Karma that total devotion is all that matters.

    • Mike Lickteig profile image

      Mike Lickteig 

      9 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

      This is an outstanding description of karma and its influence on our existence. I am a firm believer in multiple lives, and karma makes so much sense as the string to tie disparate existences into one. And, it addresses so many of the mysteries of faith.

      Thanks for a terrific bit of writing.


    • puresilence profile image


      9 years ago from New Delhi

      wow what a beautiful article!! Karma is what decide our next step and we decide how to behave in that. Good One. Keep writing!!


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