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Keep Holiday Weight Off

Updated on July 31, 2011

'Tis The Season For Fat Gain

The holidays are here, if you could care less about your looks then read no further.

My hope is that this article will give you motivation so you are not disgusted with yourself after a holiday meal.

The average holiday meal is over 2,000 calories strong. That amount,in one sitting, is more than enough food for an entire day. If your trying to gain weight then there is no problem with a holiday splurge, but if you would like to stay lean read on.

Holiday Eating Tips

  • Eat a piece of fruit an hour before your meal. This will make you a little less hungry when dinner time arrives.
  • Keep your plate filled with meat and vegetables. Eating less starches will keep the pounds off.
  • De-skin your meat, if turkey is on your plate, the skin contains almost all of the fat.
  • Drink water - lots of it if possible. Water will keep your body well hydrated, as well as removing toxins that build up.
  • Eating slow will let you know when you are full, no over eating will save on a lot of unneeded calories.
  • Avoid the pie crust, keep those starchy carbs out of your diet.

Finally, the holidays are a time for family, friends and good food.

If all else fails and you would like to eat everything on the dinner table, take a look at the fatloss4idiots webstie. Happy Holidays!


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