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Keep the Weight Off

Updated on April 24, 2011

Let us say you have managed to achieve a weight that makes you comfortable, the best way to keep the pounds off is to remain positive. This is because the key to staying forever slim is to keep working on adopting a healthier way of life. You need to make every effort to avoid falling back to your old eating ways. You can control your weight.

1.   Never skip any meals. Even if you are getting late for work, make the effort to have a good breakfast. You can try making yourself a sandwich, a salad or a fruit bowl the night before and pack it so you can grab the pack while rushing off to work. It is essential not to skip meals because it messes up your metabolism and will make you prone to overeating.

2.   Avoid getting obsessed with the weighing scale. You need to monitor your weight but that does not mean weighing yourself every day. Weigh yourself once a week and write your weight down in a notebook or journal. This will help you monitor your weight and keeping you aware. Keep a food journal too and record when you exercise. This will make it easy for you to find out why you may be gaining weight, maybe you have forgotten to exercise. Keeping records will help you a lot.

3.   Make sure you eat a wide variety of food so that your body can get all the nutrients it needs. Make sure you include whole grains, vegetables, fruits and proteins in your diet.

4.   Get plenty of physical activity every single day. Use the stairs, walk around the neighborhood, walk your dog (or your neighbor’s dog), play with the kids, ride a bicycle, etc.


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