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Keep diet fatigue at bay

Updated on January 10, 2017

With the numerous new year resolutions set, it is imperative to ensure the right tempo is sustained to ensure the best weight loss results in the end. It is important to understand diet fatigue and weight loss fatigue that may cause about the disinterest in the set goals. Emerging research shows that in women, approximately five weeks are all it takes for them to give up on their diets. It is important to know of ways to combat the fatigue in diet that might come up at about the five week mark to ensure that you see your diet plan through to the end. Work with the tips outlined below to guide you through the diet fatigue and into the clear.

Take a look back

First off, it is good to look back at the success you have achieved so far, rather than fixating your mind on accomplishments you are yet to get to. Looking at how far you have come is one sure way that will boost your energy and willpower to push on with your diet. The fear of relapsing back to the much progress achieved is a good stimulant to you to soldier on.

Photo album

Another good source of motivation to diet fatigue is your photo album. Looking at pictures of the past, you will be able to show you a good looking you (in most cases) when younger. Take a trip down memory lane and reminisce of the good times past when you weighed less and had fun in life. Research has shown that comparison of looks at present and before will give a lot of willpower in a diet weight loss regime.

Reward yourself

As you appreciate the success achieved in weight loss from the diet of choice, rewards must be used. Rewarding yourself is a good way to boost motivation and keep you focused on the long term goal. The reward will of course not be on food. Experiences and material items can do well to supplement for the reward chosen. You can possibly treat yourself to a massage, get clothing that fits your specific weight or even go out for a movie. The point is to appreciate you for work well done, rather than beat up yourself of goals not achieved.

Check food cues

Being alert on the environment in which you consume food is also a very important factor to consider in avoiding diet fatigue. Very rarely will you think of the cues surrounding you and which may lead to the development of certain habits by and by. An example to this is consuming your meal in front of the television set. There is a higher probability of overeating while watching television as it might tend to take up a lot of attention and you forget to listen to your body. Consumption of food where most of the other people are consuming the foods that you are turning away from only will bring about cravings, increasing the chance of a relapse to the old diet.

Eat slower

The speed of which food consumption is done is also crucial. It takes approximately 15 minutes for the satiety centre of the brain to realize that feeding has occurred. Eating slower than normal is a good cue to try out as it will create sufficient time for the satiety centre to be fully activated by the end of the meal. A smaller portion of food eaten slower will have the same effect as a larger portion of food eaten faster. To ensure that the brain sends cues of satiety faster, choose to use smaller plates so that smaller amounts of food do not seem small even when consumed.


Finally, do not forget the basic need of water in the diet. Lack of adequate water might cause diet fatigue, even when all other particulars in the diet have been met. Even the mildest dehydration has the capability of causing havoc in the body system. Dehydration leads to a reduced blood volume, thus lower blood flow to organs. The flow of blood will also affect the brain a crucial part of our day to day lives. Consumption should be to the recommended 8 glasses of water per day. It is also important to note that the 8 glasses of water should be evenly spaced out to avoid water toxicity in the body when consumed all at a go.


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