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Keeping A Journal During A Life Crisis

Updated on August 10, 2013
The pages are blank waiting for the words to fulfill a purpose/
The pages are blank waiting for the words to fulfill a purpose/ | Source

St. John writes in the Book of Revelation, chapter one, verse nineteen:

"Write the things that you have seen, and the things which are, and the things that will take place after this."

My Memory of Journal Writing

Do you remember the little book with a pretty cover that could only be opened with a lock and key? The key was so tiny, only a little hand of a child could hold it. I can remember my first diary when I was a child. I would make sure it was well hidden from my brothers and my parents. I felt that no one could ever understand me and the only I felt appreciated was to write in the book daily. I am sure I unleashed a lot of secret thoughts. I also wrote my own poetry and kept it in other notebooks, and this poetry to me became my passionate account of my feelings.

I wish I had kept all of my journals. I remember that when I decided to share what I had written with my brother, and he teased me and said I did not have any talent. So I kept my journals in a secret place, and to this day I still have notebooks in my original handwriting from my high school years through my college years.

When I was a teen, I felt that to share my poetry was a way of unleashing my inner life to others, and I had feared their opinions could be at the negative. That is why I kept it to myself. My best psychologist was the pen and paper. Even the many different times I ever did go to the councellor, I was not as relieved as I was when I wrote in my journal. Based on what I have experienced, daily journal writing has been the best way to unleash hard to express feelings and suppressed emotions. I believe journal writing should be private, and to save what is written over the years can help a person understand what they have come through. Now, so many teens will vent on their social websites, forgetting written verbal etiquette and thus exposing their private thoughts to the world wide web. I am glad that I was able to have something about myself hidden. Daily journaling ended up being a special time where I could experience peace and love and comfort without the distress of another's feelings.

The Benefits of Journal Writing

Daily journal writing is especially a healthy activity for anyone at any age going through a personal life crisis. Even if it is one sentence just to state what they are grateful for, can enrich a person's mind to thinking about their situation as a positive one. This suggestion comes from a friend of mine who has been reading from a book by Rhonda Byrne, called "The Secret". This book teaches a person to speak positive affirmations audibly daily, and to state verbally what the desire of the heart is. These are good tools to follow so to create a positive attitude. Thus writing the words down of things you so desire for your life makes it a permanent thought process.

Daily journal writing is another way of also talking to God. I have written several times about prayer. Some people have a need of telling their life story to God. Speaking to God helps keep the mind organized. Every thought you have is already known to Him, but to write down our feelings keeps us from being distracted. When I listen to the Pastor give his sermon, I take notes, and that is another form of a journal. To incorporate God's Word into a life lesson on paper is truly a healing experience in itself.

What a Life Crisis Really Is

I wish all my readers who keep a journal a fantastic way to healing oneself on paper. I recommend it to everyone who had difficulty to communicate during a life crisis. A Life Crisis isn't always a negative situation. It refers to a major change in one's life that disrupts the usual routine that a person usually follows daily. Examples of a life crisis includes separation from a spouse, death of a loved one, change in residence, change in the work life, change in relationship status, health changes. Being able to sort out thoughts and emotions as written on paper can be a very good way to being objective.

Sharing your journal is never a mandatory option to take. If a person does want to speak to a councellor or a pastor or a teacher, the journal is a very good way of tracking the success in a situation. The daily journal also speeds up the healing process when a person does seek more assisted guidance.

Keeping a daily journal of thoughts can also help a person tap into the hidden gift of writing. One may never know that he or she is a poet until it is given a try.


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    • Lita C. Malicdem profile image

      Lita C. Malicdem 

      7 years ago from Philippines

      When I was young and in-love, I kept a journal I called, Love Book. I ended my entry days before my one and only love proposed marriage. In that last page, I promised to continue my journal writing after our marriage. It never happened. Family life, parenting ate up my writing time, LOL! My Love Book is still in my own penmanship. The leaves now brown, I plan to have it printed to leave a legacy to my 2 daughters. Thanks, Christina, for sharing this good hobby with us!

    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 

      7 years ago

      Hello CM,

      Writing in a journal is so theraputic..I use to do it for years but do not keep one now. I write on hubs :)..In a journal you can get so much more personal..Wonderful hub. Thank you.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      7 years ago from Wales

      Hi C M Castro,

      I loved this one and I have tried my best to keep a journal for so long. I start with gusto but then after a couple of weks i am not as motivated.

      However it is fun to read a journal many days,months ot even years later.

      Maybe this hub will motivate me.

      Thank you for sharing and i vote up and up.

      Take care



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