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Keeping Elderly Feet Warm With Non Skid Socks

Updated on August 22, 2014
It wasn't only Mom's feet that got cold. Here she is bundled up against the 75 degree weather in MD.
It wasn't only Mom's feet that got cold. Here she is bundled up against the 75 degree weather in MD. | Source

Keep elderly feet warm with non skid socks

As we age, our bodies naturally put more energy into keeping our brains and vital organs warm, thereby forgetting about our frozen fingers or cold feet.

It’s important for comfort in the elderly to protect the extremities also, and that’s where this article about non skid socks (aka hospital socks) comes into play.

I was my Mom’s caregiver for the 5 years prior to her death at the ripe old age of 95. During that time, I had a whole lot of fun dressing her up in crazy outfits when we’d head out for the day. Part of her crazy outfits were really crazy socks with wild patterns and colors (after all, at 95 one can wear whatever one wants…). I didn’t make her wear shoes as she was in a wheelchair with me mostly so I went out of my way to find some really fun socks for her.

Socks for the elderly should always have non skid soles so that the socks grip the floor. Falls in a senior citizen can be fatal so make sure you get those non skid soles. Granted, these socks aren’t particularly fun pattern-wise, but they are very fluffy and very warm.

Non-skid socks are even more important in the nighttime when the elderly may have to get up to use the bathroom. I suggest getting socks that are just to the ankle for bedtime wearing so that they are non-restrictive and will not cut off the circulation to the leg.

My own Mom never went to bed without donning a fresh pair of non-skid socks. My suggestion is to buy more than you think your elderly loved one will need.

Non-Skid Socks on

3-Pairs Womens Noble Mount Soft Anti-Skid Fuzzy Winter Socks - 9-11
3-Pairs Womens Noble Mount Soft Anti-Skid Fuzzy Winter Socks - 9-11

These non-skid socks are the perfect gift for an elderly loved one. They're 2% spandex so they will hold their shape and fit the foot and ankle well.

My Mom used to sleep in her socks so I washed them every day. This particular brand of no-skid socks held up the best with this kind of frequent washing. I always dried them on the hottest setting also.

I also like that these non-skid socks add a bit of whimsy to the outfit of your favorite senior citizen. Mom would always get comments on her socks when I took her out - I didn't even bother putting her in shoes as she was always in a wheelchair on our frequent outings.


Select Good Quality Slippers or Socks with Non-Skid Soles

When selecting slippers for the elderly, consider their walking gait. If your elderly loved on shuffles their feet, you might want to get make sure that the slipper you choose has a good back on it to grip the heel. Otherwise, your elderly loved one may shuffle right out of the slipper.

My Mom had a pair of leather slippers with warm wool insoles so her feet were positively toasty in the winter. Since she really didn't shuffle her feet much, I selected a pair for her that were the slide on type of slipper. These types were easier for her just to slip her feet into.

Note: it's very important to "elder-proof" the house when you're caring for an elderly loved one. The first thing I did was pick up those throw rugs that I could. My house is all hardwood floors so I had to have some rugs which I would tack down securely. This prevented Mom from tripping over loose edges of the carpeting.

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