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Keeping Healthy and Fit

Updated on October 7, 2011

Behavior Change and Health

Making Positive Changes in Your Health

There are many ways to stay healthy. Staying Healthy has become the focus in todays society. There are hundreds of products and services provided to those who are Healthy, or want to be healthy. Understanding the basic principles on reaching your goals is important. You can do this by keeping a few basic steps in your mind.

  • Set Goals
  • Educate yourself
  • Prepare yourself
  • Take Action
  • Maintain
  • ???
  • Be Healthy!

If you noticed the "???" I put in the list, that is because I want to urge everyone who wants to be healthy to go out and find something they LOVE to do. This may be reading, walking, writing, or exercising.

The other variables on the list also have a purpose. For example, if you want to be healthy, but feel like you could eat better, then follow those steps. First of all, set the goals you want. These are the over all goals, such as "Lose Weight". After this, you can set out and educate yourself on the many different methods to do so. You can learn about Body Mass Index (BMI), ideas for eating a proper diet, Heart Rate monitoring, to establish which heart rate zone you should be in for exercise, and much more.

The next step is to "Prepare" yourself. Set a date, or even just plan to do it within the next month. This is a very important part to implementing the next step.

Its time to take action. This is where you modify your diet, go on daily walks, and proceed with your desired behavior changes, whether it is eating better, or waking up earlier. I did not mention it above, but there is another very important piece that goes along with this stage. It is is being able to understand that this is a cycle, and behavior change doesn't always happen the first time. If the desired change occurs and you move on to the maintenance stage, then you are golden! On the other hand, you should understand that sometimes you may fall out of the "action" stage. When this happens, just prepare yourself again, and most importantly, take action. Many people that have understood this concept have moved on from bad health habits such as smoking and over eating.

After this, keep doing what you love doing, and maintain those changes. You can do it, just be prepared to go back into "action" at any time.

Stay healthy!


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