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Dress Warm Stay Warm

Updated on January 10, 2014

Staying Warm

You may remember when you were young having your mother tell you to dress warm to go out in the cold. She would say to bundle up. That is especially if you grew up in a part of the country where the winters are cold. Even in a region that is not known for a cold winter, you need to watch and make sure that you are dressed right for the season.

It is nice to know that you can control whether you stay warm or not. Your daily choices in what to wear can help you to feel a lot better in the cold. That is true for your children also.

The cold and wet can overtake you without you even being aware of it. That is especially true if you are from a location that is warm and you have moved to another region that does have cold weather. It can even be dangerous if you are out in the cold and the snow. In a storm, the chances increase for you putting yourself in a bad situation.

A Winter Hat


Wearing a Hat, Scarf and Mittens

Wearing a hat is one of the most important things to do to keep you warm in cold weather. Your head needs to be protected. It is where you lose the most heat.

When I returned to New York City I saw on television a warning about wearing a hat in the cold weather. The cold was going to be severe and they were giving out warnings. I always remembered it after that. It is an important thing to know. It will always keep you warmer to wear a good hat.

Your body protects your head on purpose. Because it is an important part of your body, it will protect it by keeping the heat there. So in that case, if you don't wear a hat, you will feel colder in another part of your body such as your feet. That is even though you may have your boots on.

Along with the hat, you need a good scarf to protect your neck. Your hands are another important part to protect. You want to cover up as much skin as you possibly can in the cold.

Some people may not want to wear one. They can complain that they don't like it or that it ruins their hair. You need to wear one in cold weather or you will lose your body heat right away.

Colorado Country


A Pea Coat


A Warm Coat

Of course, a coat is about the most important piece of clothing of all for winter that you can wear. You should have one that can withstand some really bad weather. Some coats are bought to look really good and others are needed for the cold. Maybe there are some that can do both.

A pea coat is supposed to be one of the warmest coats that you can get. Pea coats are the type of coat that is worn by the US Navy. They can be purchase at Army and Navy stores and also on eBay.

You don't really need to wear fur to stay warm. There are a lot of good substitutes and fake furs that they have out now.


Boots are also important as everyone knows. When looking for boots try looking for ones that will really keep your feet dry. Sometimes the stylish ones really do not. In order to stay really warm you want to keep moisture out. If you can get something with a lining it will be better.

When the snow melts it will turn to water and you don't want to have wet feet. Wet feet and the cold are really terrible. Some people who have not lived in cold weather before do not really understand what can happen in the cold. It is something that you need to prepare for.

Comfortable Clothing

Wearing layers is a good idea. The idea is to trap the warm air there. It is important to wear clean clothes. It makes you feel better and then you will be better able to face the cold. You don't want to try and wear too many layers so it will be too tight. The idea is not to cut your circulation.

Women's nylons can be quite warm in the cold. Some people think they will be cold but they can actually be quite warm. But if you want to you can wear slacks and heavy hose or socks.

Staying Healthy

In order to stay healthy you want to watch your diet and eat well. You need to be in good health to go out and go hiking. That is especially true in the cold. Make sure you drink enough water. Make sure you are feeling well before you do go out into the outdoors in the cold.


Hypothermia is caused by cold weather. The body reaches a point where it can no longer withstand the cold and/or the wet conditions. It is important to know what your defenses are.

Most people are not going to get it. Certain people are more likely to get it if they are rundown or are not wearing the proper clothing. People can get it if they stay out in the cold weather longer such as hikers or the homeless.

The first sign of getting it is the shivering. I have had that happen before. I think everyone has done that at one time or another. It is a warning sign. Your body is having a hard time getting warm. It is time to do something to warm up your body. You want to get inside. If you can't do that you want to get to shelter. It is the second part where you would be in danger. People feel disoriented and will not be able to cope with the problem at all.

It can come on without you really expecting it. I have seen that it can happen in even 30 to 50 degree weather. It is the combination of wet and cold that can do it. The wind chill can also be a factor in taking the temperature down.

Hypothermia Help

A Space Blanket


A Space Blanket

Space blankets are very useful items that you can purchase in a camping store. They will keep you warm and the heat in with you. You can use them as a blanket to keep warm or as an emergency measure. The one that I saw was silver. So it does look as if you would use it in space. It is a very handy item to have.

You can also use it to make a shelter for the outside if you need to. They do it by putting a rope between trees and then putting the blanket over the rope. It makes a sort of a tent.


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      Good tips on staying warm. You're right about hats. It's better to have hat hair than be cold.

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