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Keeping good health

Updated on October 19, 2012

So what is health really all about? The following report includes some fascinating information about health--info you can use, not just the old stuff they used to tell you.

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

The number one thing that should be done immediately for your health is to quit smoking, if you have not already. The risks associated with smoking are well documented, increasing your risk of cancer and heart disease. Smoking is going to take years off your life and will seriously impact the quality of your life if you make it to the golden years.

Be active. You should be participating in some type of physical activity every single day. Research shows that being active will add years to your life. It could be a regular workout session or something as simple as a short walk from the parking lot to the office. Physical activity helps the cardiovascular system and boosts your metabolism to help your body burn fat.

Eat a sensible diet. You don't have to act like a food Nazi but it is very important for your health to eat fatty foods and carbohydrate laden foods in moderation. A steady diet of these types of food will lead to problems with obesity and diabetes. Diabetes is one of the fastest growing of all diseases in the United States and our consumption of carbs loaded with insulin is one of the reasons.

Practice preventive medicine. The new health care reform laws require insurance companies to cover procedures aimed at preventing disease so there is no longer any excuse to avoid being screened for breast cancer and colon cancer. Mammographies and Colonoscopies are able to identify cancer threats which can be treated much more effectively if caught early. You should also see a doctor once a year for a check-up which includes blood pressure screening and a test to determine your cholesterol levels.

Be social. The final thing that you can do for your health is develop a great circle of friends. While we do not know the reason, research shows people who have a strong network of friends are healthier. It could be because they are happier in general and therefore in better health. Take time now to develop those friendships so you have a network of good friends to grow old with.

In this world of complexity and high technology, it is no surprise that such complex ways to keep fit have been devised. As a species we love to complicate things; it makes us feel special and clever.

The reason the majority workout and try to stay in shape is to conform to the stereotypical image of a good physique. For men, this is a defined chest, broad shoulders, strong arms, and toned tight abs. For women, this is a general all round strong, toned body.

The reason so many of us want to look fit and healthy is down to many thousands of years of being human. From the times when we lived in caves and hunted for our own food, men were physical and active. This meant we had strong, muscular, and toned bodies. Women were also active living the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Food was much healthier, and we ate what we would catch and find ourselves.

Women were attracted to a toned physical body as it meant the man would be good at all the things mentioned. For the same reason, men would be attracted to women who looked physically fit. These things were conducive to a good partnership, and the most likely combination to yield successful reproduction.

Notice no mention of a gym or fad diet? There was no bench pressing, dead lifting, or cross training involved, just an active lifestyle. There was no eating of carbs only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or a delicious nutritious shake for breakfast and lunch.

Of course the majority of lifestyles and diets are completely different now. Muscles are not built by sitting at a computer, so it is necessary to supplement this activity with something a little more physical. A burger and chips from the local fast food restaurant is not quite the same as a Dinosaur steak you have had to catch and cook yourself.

Something that has not changed however is the finding of a physically fit figure attractive by the opposite sex. It triggers deep-routed feelings and emotions in us. We feel better for being physically fit; we are less susceptible to illness, and less likely to suffer injury when we do decide to do something more energetic than typing. There must be a reason why the body releases feel good endorphins after we exercise. Perhaps it is just simply because it is good for us and it wants us to do more of it.

We believe that with all this in mind, it is easy to see why our simple uncomplicated approach to physical fitness makes a lot of sense.

Benefits of drinking water for health

Don't like the taste of water? Perhaps thinking about one of the perks below will help you to pick up that next glass.

Clearer skin on your face and smoother skin on your body. If you increase your water intake by 2 or 3 glasses daily, you will notice a difference in the condition of your skin right away. This even works for teenagers with acne.

Helps control your appetite which leads to better weight maintenance. When you feel full, you won't eat as much. This is important if you like food as much as I do and gain weight as easily as I do.

Lubricates the joints for easier mobility. As we get older, things start to hurt and make "cracking" sounds. A little more water can help us out with that.

For ladies that can't get their nails to grow, water is what helps mine. I've never had strong, long, nails on a consistent basis until I started drinking water on a consistent basis.

Replacing sugary drinks with water at least once a day is so much better for your health. It's also better for your energy level. Sugar makes you jumpy temporarily and then you crash. Water refreshes, with no crash.

Water keeps the urinary tract clean, keeping your bladder and kidney in better health. This might not be at the top of the list. But it should be. When you get older, you'll wish you thought about this.

I know this won't make water taste like wine. But I hope it helps you to drink just a little more!


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