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Kerosene Kills Cancer A Universal Healer

Updated on January 27, 2015
Would You Drink This?
Would You Drink This?

Kerosene for Health

I recently read an article that espouses the efficacy of Kerosene, taken orally to cure all sorts of ills including Cancer. Could a 10 dollar bottle of Kero cure Cancer or should you believe the propoaganda of the Pharmaceutical Companies.

Chemotherapy, for example has a success rate that is abysmally poor.

A 5 year study in 2003 concluded that the success rate of Chemotherapy was on average 2.1 to 2.3 percent and up to a staggering 5% tops, as a matter of fact you have more chance of surviving Cancer by doing nothing. So why do they still use it? Well, quite simply, it's expensive; so while the poisoned bodies are being rolled out the back door of the Hospital someones pushing wheelbarrows full of cash out the front door.

Anecdotal evidence and in some instances well funded and researched alternative therapies show much better results, but the established Medical and Pharmaceutical profession scares us to death by suggesting that if we don't use their highly priced cytotoxic chemicals then we have small chance of recovery. Occasionally the mainstream media outlets run a story about some poor little kid who's parents shunned the outrageously priced chemical onslaught in favour of some outlandishly wacky sounding therapy and the child dies. Then they have sob stories about people fighting Cancer and they're always on chemo and radiation and if they live we're all supposed to bow down in adoration at the Medicine Gods that made it possible.

These low-lifes let people die so that they can make loads of money. Who, do you think influences these stories? There is absolutely no way in hell that the Medicine Gods would allow a story about Kerosene or other successful alternative therapies to make it into the mainstream media. These are cruel, viscious and inhuman Gods.

The so called double blind method is useless if it's run by corrupted scientists and funded by large pharmaceutical companies whose motivation is certainly not to find the most reliable cures but to extort large amounts of money off the public.

This is not just my opinion. Ex Pharmaceutical Boss John Virapen who worked in the industry for 35yrs explains big pharma companies and how they operate. This is must see video. It will be 10 minutes of your life well spent.

Kerosene; A Cure All.

Kerosene was used as a cure-all throughout Eastern Europe. A well documented case of curing with Kerosene is that of a woman named Paula Ganner who had been given 2 days to live by Doctors due to colon cancer. She remembered the ancient remedy and started on a tablespoon a day. In three days she was out of bed and eleven months later she gave birth to a healthy boy. The boy contracted polio at the age of 3 which she also cured by administering a tablespoon of kerosene a day. There are numerous other similar testimony's.

How To Take Kerosene

A suitable variety of kerosene available in Australia is Diggers Low Odour Kerosene. A suitable low-odour product in the US is Klean-Strip 1 Kerosene.

The way kerosene is actually consumed and for how much time is quite flexible. Many use it as necessary, while other people use a complete course every year as a preventative measure. An effective way is actually to start with a few drops then titrate up to half a teaspoon, then one teaspoon for a few days. If nothing much seems to happen gradually increase up to one tablespoon for a while until ending with one teaspoonful, for a total duration of about six weeks or until your condition has sufficiently improved. It may be advisable to have a shorter or longer follow-up course two months later.

Typically, kerosene is consumed before breakfast every day or before going to bed. A single female purportedly remedied her terminal cancer, having metastases everywhere in her body, by means of drinking a glassful of kerosene each day followed by fruit juice. It brought on severe diarrhoea along with sickness for several days and nights. This is very dangerous because kerosene can get into the lungs while vomitting.This is how people die from drinking kerosene. The amount you drink for curative purposes is way under the amount that would be toxic to the body.

Kerosene is best consumed on an empty stomach. In order to make it easier to take you may first have a teaspoon of molasses and then the Kerosene.

Do Your Research

Before you start on any course of action with regards to Cancer Therapy you should thoroughly research it. A good place to start is an article in the Nexus magazine April/May 2012 vol 19, no 3." Kerosene: A Universal Healer" This article is well referenced and will give you other texts to read on the subject.


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      Jason 6 months ago

      Where can I get this kerosene in Canada


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