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Kettlebell Exercises For Toning and Strengthing Your Core

Updated on June 9, 2009

Kettlebells With Training DVD's

While Kettlebells are not a miracle piece of exercise equipment they are a fantastic addition to a home gym. Kettlebell exercises can add strength and toning to your workout. While there is nothing fascinatingly special about the Kettlebell when compared to dumbbell weights, they do offer the user a change of pace, a new way to workout when the old routines have gone stale and boring.

The kettlebell originated in Russia. It loosely resembles a cannonball with a handle. Only recently did they gain popularity in the fitness industry as a great way to strength and tone your core while helping to gain muscle and lose weight. For the exercise enthusiast, kettlebells made exclusively for workout routines are made generally with rubber grips on the handles for ease of use.


Kettlebell Exercise Routine

Adding a kettlebell exercise routine to your workout will help to stretch and tone muscles in ways they may not be getting from using other weightlifting equipment. These weights are generally favored by women as a way to not only tone the arms, shoulders and back but also the thighs and hips. In addition, they can also help reduce weight, lower your stress levels, and increase your flexibilty and endurance.

While almost anyone can do kettlebell exercises, they may not be the best choice for individuals with knee problems as squatting with the additional weight can prove to be uncomfortable.

Kettlebell Workout Videos

To learn other exercises for kettlebells, you may find some of these workout videos helpful. Although you may not prefer to workout to videos, they are great for learning proper form and how to get the very most out of your kettlebell exercises

The Kettlebell Swing

One most popular exercises when using kettlebells Using either one or two hands, the user should swing the kettleball from between the legs up towards the head. Arms should only be slightly bent only to prevent going stiff through the swing. On the downward swing use the resistance to lower down and continue to work the muscle groups. Do not allow the arm to just swing down aimlessly.


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