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Famous and Great Exercise Quotes from Kiana FitMomTV

Updated on November 19, 2015

Everyone thinks Nike first came out with the famous tag line - "Just do it!" Oh, but if you are an avid reader such as myself, you might have read and noticed that Kiana Tom is a big promotor of this term.

I have to wonder if she wasn't really the first one who came out with this famous line but alas I can find no documentation to support this claim.

Am I right? If so, please prove it both to me and our readers. Yes, it is a challenge and game on!

For you see, this beautiful, petite lady I admire greatly. She is supreme in her knowledge of fitness and is passionate about both her family and fitness instruction.

Additionally, she is a great marketer. Her tag line, her title - "Flex Appeal" is as an appropriate play on words. It is a brilliant play on words so that once she has your attention, she can engage you in her passion for fitness instruction. For you see, she knows the importance of muscle and she also knows that sex sells and thus the term "Flex Appeal" is an ideal term to define her brand.

Yet beyond her brand of sex appeal and great beauty, she is a great instructor. When I was learning fitness instruction and was struggling with my group presentations, I would pull up her videos for both the purpose of research and also for her communication skills. For you see, Kiana is the whole package - beauty, brains and also a great communicator.

Kiana Tom

Kiana Tom in her signature and classic bikini but this time with red, white and blue stars and stripes
Kiana Tom in her signature and classic bikini but this time with red, white and blue stars and stripes

Kiana Tom Exercise and Fitness Instruction

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Kiana Tom with barbells and then split screen wearing a bikiniKiana Tom and friends in bikinis working out on the beachKiana Tom sit-ups in pink shorts and mid rife topKiana Tom working out with barbells on a beach at sunset in black and white long sleeves and long pants inKiana Tom in baseball hat and white workout outfit
Kiana Tom with barbells and then split screen wearing a bikini
Kiana Tom with barbells and then split screen wearing a bikini
Kiana Tom and friends in bikinis working out on the beach
Kiana Tom and friends in bikinis working out on the beach
Kiana Tom sit-ups in pink shorts and mid rife top
Kiana Tom sit-ups in pink shorts and mid rife top
Kiana Tom working out with barbells on a beach at sunset in black and white long sleeves and long pants in
Kiana Tom working out with barbells on a beach at sunset in black and white long sleeves and long pants in | Source
Kiana Tom in baseball hat and white workout outfit
Kiana Tom in baseball hat and white workout outfit

Kiana Tom - Celebrity Fitness Instructor

Kiana Tom in long sleeve workout top smiling in push up position with two barbells
Kiana Tom in long sleeve workout top smiling in push up position with two barbells | Source

How Can I Best Communicate with My Group of Fitness Students?

As a striving fitness instructor, my burning questions was "How can I best communicate with my group of fitness students?" What words - specifically for fitness - are motivational and descriptive? This is where Kiana Tom's videos guided me.

Yes, the guys love her fitness videos because she and her guests (both male and female) are often clothed in skimpy bikinis and swim shorts but if you watch closely and listen, this gal is very intelligent, an exceptional instructor and a great communicator.

Confession - I was fully in the field of fitness long before my fitness certifications, I purposefully wanted to learn from the ground up. I didn't want to be "taught". I did it this way because I wanted to learn from my questions and from my innate curiosity. So my "education" was essentially backwards. While most people would start from the beginning, I scouted the real world of fitness and then went for my certifications - first group fitness and then the personal trainer certification. And for the personal trainer certification, I wanted a college based format so I chose WITS. So now you can fully understand my education and training in fitness. So it should come as no surprise, prior to my entry to the fitness world, I had never heard of this lady named Kiana Tom so I had no pre-conceived notions. I listened closely and I learned. And what I learned is this a very classy and intelligent woman.

So on to the real test beyond the tag line of "just do it!" - what fitness cues have I learned from her? It is with great pleasure to compile this list. And while these cues I am sure were not all developed by her, she is the one who consistently uses these cues.

If you are not a fitness instructor, the remainder of this article may bore you, so simply just know this - the language of a fitness instructor is paramount - it is akin to a blogger understanding the importance of hook of the title. Just as the title of the article must match the content and address the natural questions associated with the title, the verbal cues chosen by the fitness instructor along with the vocal inflections set the mood for the entire fitness class and often serve to deliver a successful presentation that the participants find both motivational and valuable to their health and wellness.

Kiana's Home Gym Workout

Publication Date: December 15, 1994 Kiana shows you how to sculpt your body, not bulk up--in a step-by-step, fully illustrated guide for home or gym workouts.

"When Nike says, just do it, that's a message of empowerment. Why aren't the rest of us speaking to young people in a voice of inspiration?"
~Naomi Klein

Nike's Just Do It!

"It was agency co-founder Dan Wieden who coined the now-famous slogan "Just Do It" for a 1988 Nike ad campaign, which was chosen by Advertising Age as one of the top five ad slogans of the 20th century and enshrined in the Smithsonian Institution.[10]Walt Stack was featured in Nike's first "Just Do It" advertisement, which debuted on July 1, 1988.[11] Wieden credits the inspiration for the slogan to "Let’s do it", the last words spoken by Gary Gilmore before he was executed.[12]"

Just Do It

Nike Just Do It Poster with Face of Courage
Nike Just Do It Poster with Face of Courage | Source

"When I meet successful people I ask 100 questions as to what they attribute their success to. It is usually the same: persistence, hard work and hiring good people."
~Kiana Tom

"Treat everyone with respect and kindness. Period. No exceptions."
~Kiana Tom

"True wisdom listens more, talks less and can get along with all types of people."
~Kiana Tom

"One day I would like to have my own art show."
~Kiana Tom

Kiana Tom Quotes - From Her Book

To me, Kiana always purported Nike's "Just do it!" motivational phrase. But there is allot more to Kiana than just her desire to motivate and train us. Let's take a closer look at this famous fitness personality.

Analytical and Inquisitive

In her 1994 book, "Kiana's Body Sculpting", Kiana admits she is naturally curious and would openly ask. Also, in this book she details that she is analytical in her approach to fitness. To quote her "bigger is not better". She knows the importance of muscle and knows its relationship to our body's metabolism, for you see, she is always analytical in her approach - this is the quality that I love the most about her instruction style.


My husband always mentions that his father was often stated to be one of the kindest men anyone ever met. He admires that traits and openly lives that trait to this day. Likewise, I find Kiana's kindness admirable. All too often we put success in front of us and leave kindness trailing off in the distance but not Kiana.

If you watch her videos carefully you will see she works alongside with her presenters. She is not the Queen Bee, she gives way to showcase the skills and talents of others. This is a sign not just of great kindness but also great leadership.

After attending dozens of workshops and traveling throughout the world to international fitness conferences, I can personally attest to the fact that this is rare trait. It is a trait to be heralded. It is also a trait to share with others. We need people strong enough in character to mentor and support and showcase others.

Art Show Quote - What is This All About?

Speaking of curiosity, I wonder what the quote about the "art show" is all about? Is she also an artist? Intriguing...

Kiana Tom's Fitness Cues From Her 1994 Book

"find what is best four you."

"every one is different, every body is different..."

"stop crunchin on those cookies and do some ab crunches to get that washboard stomach..."

Kiana Tom Quotes from Her Videos

"Keeping the knees slight bent..."

"Keep the abs tight..."

"our back is flat - no arch"

"Avoid the likelihood of eating junk food at fast food..."

"Start off with a light weight..."

Stretch while at work...

her routine - train 6 days a week each body part once a week...

"Keep smiling..."

"Again stabilization is important with all of these exercises..."

"no excuse to note workout..."

"Agility training may be the missing link in your workout..."

Strong believer in "home gym workout"...

"retracting the scapula as you push yourself up" reference to push-ups Flex Appel #17

recommends protein shakes after a workout

"chocolate is always my favorite"

"wear some headphone - get the tunes going..."

"light cardio for warm up"

"super set"

"nice and slow"

"exhale on the exertion"

"contract the abdominal"s

"no rocking body"

"don't sacrifice form"

"goals are good"

"Total body workout"

"start off with larger muscle groups such as legs chest your way to the smaller muscles biceps triceps abs calves..."

"before you start - warm up those muscles by going light job or power walk".

Have you ever watched one of Kiana Tom's Instructional Videos?

See results

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.
~John F. Kennedy

Fitness Cue - Words Chosen Are Paramont

To me as an instructor, the words chosen are paramount. Yes, the fundamental science and knowledge must also be present but choosing the right words for direction and motivation are essential to an instructor's success.

Connecting with the client, whether one on one or in a group setting is all about the word choice.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Are there certain verbal cues that you find helpful? If so, please share with us below what works and also what doesn't work. We would love to hear your first person insights.

© 2014 Kelly A Burnett


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    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 

      3 years ago from Orlando Florida

      You reminded me that I have to get away from this computer and do my exercise routine. I had not hear of Kiana. Her workouts sound interesting, but may be too much for old bones to handle. I'll check this out and perhaps do her routines one day a week for variety.

    • Easy Exercise profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly A Burnett 

      3 years ago from United States


      Oh, what fun! Yes, only Kiana could so gracefully pull off the patriotic bikini and would deserve a salute!

      Thank you for sharing and invigorating my day!

    • poetryman6969 profile image


      3 years ago

      Kiana's patriotic bikini certainly deserves a salute.

    • Easy Exercise profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly A Burnett 

      4 years ago from United States

      Nell Rose,

      I thought was the only one! Before I entered the fitness field I have never seen nor heard of her. Of course, my husband knew of her so I felt rather silly. And the fitness professionals I met never mentioned her - thank goodness for the internet.

      I wonder if her beauty is a deterrent to being taken seriously? She is drop dead gorgeous but she her intelligence is outstanding. I just don't feel she has been given the recognition she deserves.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      4 years ago from England

      Hi, I have never heard of her before, but I do agree with you, words are really important for teaching someone the right way to keep fit, and motivating them too, she does sound really intelligent and totally great with her training techniques, we should have someone like her over here motivating us to get off of our backsides and work out! lol! voted up and tweeted!


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