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Kick bicycles | Kick Bikes | Foot Bikes | Kick Scooters

Updated on August 15, 2012

If you are looking for a good exercise bike or a quicker way than walking, consider a kick bicycle. They are actually easier to ride than a standard bicycle an

Growing up you may have had a small kick scooter to propel down the driveway and sidewalks.

They were a great way for kids to gain balance and confidence while building muscles. Many kids had a kick scooter long before even learning to ride their first bicycle.

They are now available in an adult size using standard bicycle wheels and hand brakes, thus the real difference from a kick scooter to a kick bicycle.

Adult Kick bicycles have been a very popular bike in the European countries and is now gaining traction with all types of people in the US including a following of kick bicycle sports enthusiast.

An all aluminum kick bicycle weighing approx 18lbs is easy to carry and store making it a great option for apartment and small cottage owners.

It is not too much different than walking at a quick pace making them great way to get around energy free even for city workers that normally walk to work.

Instead of walking they can glide along on a kick bicycle even in a suit or skirt. Just a change in shoes at work is all that is needed until it is time to scoot on back home.

Kick bicycles provide a great low impact workout. Even some stroke rehabilitation patients who are unable to balance on a traditional bicycle are finding a kick scooter a great way regain an active bike exercise program.

Kick bicycles also provide a low center of gravity to help improve core balance, strength and endurance.

Kick bicycles also work great for those who like to combine dog walking with the cycling experience, especially for the large breed dogs that can quickly tangle up or pull a bicycle rider over.

Wrapping the leash around the handle bars and letting the dog help pull on a kick bicycle is much better than trying to pedal worrying about the leash tangling up into the foot pedals of a standard bike.

Using regular bicycle wheels and a regular bike hand brake these Adult kick bicycles have many advantages over the small wheeled scooter that can spill a rider over a small rock or crack in a sidewalk.

The larger wheels give a smooth ride and with handbrakes to help stop quickly instead of using a foot that could get caught and twisted.

There is no seat or pedals so the kick scooter takes the place of normal walking. The rider pushes off with one foot and continues until they are able to find downward slopes and glide with both feet on the platform. Switching back and forth between the feet provides a great workout.

Just Google kick bicycle or kick scooter to see various types and manufactures. The one pictured is of the Amish made LA Scooter courtesy of Cottage Craft The LA Scooter is made of heavy duty but still lightweight all aluminum construction.

Being unpainted makes it durable on the outside as it is built on the inside. No worry about scratching it as it is loaded, unloaded and transported or carried in and out of buildings.

Starting at $295.95 with free shipping the LA Amish made scooter is available in standard 20” or 26” optional wheels that carry 65 PSI, a 100 PSI tire option is also available.

Both sizes have a 4" wide 12" long foot plate that is only 1-3/4" off the ground.

A rear foot brake has also been added since these pictures were taken.

The 24" handle bars are adjustable from 32"-36" on the small model and 34"-39-1/2" on the large model measured from the ground.

A front mount handle bar basket is also available.


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      6 years ago

      These look cool; I've never heard of these before!


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