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Kicking The Cigarette Or Smoking Habit

Updated on May 7, 2011

Kicking The Cigarette Habit

Kicking The Cigarette Habit

How many people in your lifetime, have you heard say, "I can quit smoking when I get ready?" The statement itself is illogical, and based off of his or her statement.

The person will quit smoking, either before or after he or she dies from smoking related illnesses.

These are the excuses I hear:

* I will quit when I'm good and ready

*I can quit whenever I want too

*I'm going to die of something

*Nobody lives forever

*I will quit when cigarettes cost $10.00 a pack

*I am an adult, nobody tells me when I should quit smoking

Those are just some of the excuses, and those excuses just scratch the surface pertaining to this habit.

First of all let me go on the record. I for one, do not smoke, and I have never had the desire to put a cigarette in my mouth and light it. The fumes alone, are toxic, the ingredients and additives alone , that make up the composition of a cigarette is disgusting. There are at least, 599 additives that are in cigarettes.

I would not enjoy making or taking my hard earned money and giving it to companies that sell cigarettes, and that is not something I would recommend for anybody to do with his or her money.

I cannot even tolerate the scent coming off people who do smoke, and you cannot cover it up with gum, mouthwash, perfume, cologne, etc, once it is in your body, those toxins are there, until you decide to quit smoking cigarettes.

I may also write a different hub on this topic, and I did not want to mention it in this hub, but chewing tobacco is also addictive and a very disgusting habit as well. Just because you dip or chew, or spit tobacco, does not exempt you from the same effects from cigarettes, minus the smoke that you inhale.

People who chew tobacco, expose themselves to mouth cancer, which equates to a person possibly losing her or her bones or bone density in their mouth and losing the enamel on their or losing their teeth inside their mouth all together, if long term use of chewing tobacco continues.....

Why would a person want to put those toxins in their body? Because it makes he or she feel good. I can think of a lot things that make me feel good, and breathing makes me feel good. For those of you that smoke, you are sacrificing your lungs and ability to breathe, by smoking cigarettes.

Does the word Myocardial Infraction mean anything to those of you who smoke? It is the definition for (a Heart Attack), continue to smoke and that is what will happen to an estimated 82 %. Other smokers will die from atherosclerosis, lung cancer and heart disease. The contributing factors is normally the nicotine they crave and the carbon monoxide.

So, for those of you who enjoy smoking, there are several ways smoking cigarettes will kill you. You can decide today that you are going to quit, or you can keep telling yourself that you will kick, until you don't and finally die. The choice is yours, it is your life.

The thing that I find very confusing. Is why, would I want to go and buy cigarettes, that I know, yet I'm aware of their harmful properties, yet these people continue to smoke them. To me, it defies logic.

Here's the excuses I hear:

*Smoking cigarettes make me feel good

*Got to have that cigarette(s) with my cup of joe

*I look good smoking, it makes me look cool

*One cigarette is not going to kill me

*Other people smoke

*I feel great when I smoke

*If I don't smoke, I will starting eating more and gain weight

*I know Iam addicted to the nicotine, but I love to smoke

*Smoking cigarettes makes me feel mellow

Does any of those statements sound rational? A smoker will attempt to make those statements sound convincing and rational to themselves.

*I have also seen parents tell their kids not to smoke, yet those parents smoke two packs of cigarettes a day.

*Society is becoming more and more aware of the effects pertaining to smoking in our world today.

*Smoking is being banned in public places, and rightly so.

***NOTE*** I wish certain corporations would ban public smoking in their corporate areas. If you pass by any corporation, what do you see? People standing outside or in front of the corporation locale smoking. I'm not opposed to people who have a desire to kill themselves, just not at my expense.

***NOTE*** There are people who would venture out in freezing cold weather, just to smoke a cigarette. From my perspective, it is not logical to want a cigarette that bad, that I would endure harsh weather just to light up. When you start hearing the excuses smokers can conjure up, for why he or she is enduring frigid temperatures outside to light up. Here are just a few, and they may sound funny but these people have a serious addiction to cigarettes.

Here are the excuses you hear:

* It's not cold out here

* I will not be out here long

* I'm just going to take a couple of pulls off of this cigarette and run back inside( Note** This is 2nd or 3rd cigarette he or she has smoked since making that comment)

* This is my last cigarette before I go home

* I needed some fresh air, that's why I came outside

Corporations are becoming more and more wiser to the effects of smoking in the workplace, and how smoking, contributes to 2nd hand smoke, as well as the huge amount of health problems associated with smokers passing on 2nd hand smoke to other co workers in the workplace.

2nd hand smoke is also a leading killer for those who do not smoke, and I can't believe that corporations will continue to allow their employees who smoke, to openly smoke in public areas where non smokers can be affected too.

People who smoke, generally could care less about exposing other people to their smoke, and 2nd hand smoke is a killer. when a person is about to light up, you just have some individuals who will not even ask you whether or not his or her smoking in your presence bothers you.

Whenever I go to dine out, or eat,  i have noticed, that those business establishments where food is served, do not allow smoking in their establishment, unless the establishment has created, or designated  a smoking area, specifically for smokers.

Good Grief, give the smokers in these corporations who enjoy smoking, a giant public enclosed smoking area, where they can puff to their hearts content, and they all can come out of the same enclosed environment smelling like an ashtray.

I love stats, so here is a stat for you to think about. How many people in the world have died from smoking?

Try this number on for size, 1000,000000000000000175000201000123039,0389,534535,54543544352354, and the number is growing each second

Why would you want to make a company that produces this poison, rich at the expense of your health?

Here are some tips on quitting, remember the choice is yours.

*Seek professional help if you cannot quit smoking on your own.

*Do not associate with people who you know smoke in your personal life or in the workplace. Don't hang out with he or she, when they got to light up. You will only be tempted to beg for a cigarette.

*Try some of the proven products and methods on the market to help you quit. Do your research, you decide what is best for you.

*You have the ability to quit cold turkey as they say, when you quit cold turkey, quit for good, do not relapse back into smoking again.

*Talk to people, who you know have kicked

*Don't entertain comments or negative rhetoric from people you know who smoke, who continually tell you, that you can't kick

*Find something positive to do with your life

*Kick the need of having to have something in your mouth. If you have always had the habit of having to have something in your mouth, pop a mint, chew on some licorice, or something that does not have high sugar content.

Check yourself into a smokers anonymous group as well.

Find a motivational factor to focus on in your life that will encourage you to quit.

Remember, you have the will power and the control to kick, but you have to want to kick the smoking habit. If you cannot quick the smoking cigarette habit solely off of your own efforts, then seek professional help ASAP.

I once knew a guy that complained about not being able to breathe, or having shortness of breath. Yet he was a smoker for thirty years plus. He would not stop smoking, no matter what I said. One day, he went to the doctor because he was literally suffocating from not being able to breathe. He came and told me that his doctor had given him less than six months to live, he had lung cancer, and the guy that I knew, died in four months.

SO, if you are smoking, Stop smoking now, while you still can, you will be surprised at how fast your body will recuperate from it. Sure you will go into nicotine withdrawals. What's the alternative? The only alternative is you dying by not quitting.

Take my advice and stop smoking now.... You Have Been Warned And Informed.

Kicking The Cigarette Habit

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