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Kidney Infections Pyelonephritis

Updated on October 12, 2012

Pyelonephritis is an infection, which usually infects the upper urinary system – like a pair of kidneys and ureters. In the most of the UTI’s, the infection was

Human body consists of eleven biological organ system and these systems have works together as a unit. A body has to perform both anabolic and catabolic mechanism and for these mechanisms there is continuously production of energy and waste materials. The excretion of waste material from the body is done with a help of urinary system. The Urinary system consists of urethra, a pair of kidney, a balloon like structure called bladder and two ureters. This urinary tract system has to remain healthy for the proper functioning of the body. However, many micro-organism causes UTI infection and these micro-organisms also affects the Kidney.

Pyelonephritis is an infection, which usually infects the upper urinary system – like a pair of kidneys and ureters. In the most of the UTI’s, the infection was occurred in the lower urinary system i.e. the bladder and urethra. The Pyelonephritis mainly caused by the E. coli bacterium, sometimes these bacteria travel up to ureters through bladder and infects the kidneys. These bacteria may also travel through bloodstream and this blood is coming from other parts of the body; the main functions of kidneys are to regulate the blood’s waste. Kidney infection is seen in those people, who are suffering from bladder infection, having problem in their urinary system and some anatomical abnormality.

People with anatomical defect are unable to pass their urine normally. In healthy people, the flow of urine is in one way direction i.e. from the kidneys to bladder; but in structural and physiological abnormality there is blockage of these tracts. Sometimes, there is kidney stone blocks the urine paths and sometime there is enlargement of prostate glands; both stones and enlarged gland closes the mouth of the urethra.

Symptoms of Pyelonephritis

The symptom usually varies from patients to patients but in the entire urinary tract infection patient always complaining for discomfort, burning sensation and frequently painful urination. The symptom of pyelonephritis usually starts with mild illness to severe. The upper urinary tract infection also includes following symptoms:-

1. Patient is suffering from fever, chills, nausea and vomiting.

2. Patient is also suffering from groin and lower back pain.

3. Patient also have hematuria (blood in urine) having painful urination with pungent smell.

4. Patient also suffering from sepsis – if kidney infection may spread to blood, but this condition rare and uncommon.

The kidney infection – Pyelonephritis is a curable disease, this infection have to diagnose at initial stages. The treatment of urinary infection is totally depends upon the duration of infection, urine reports and pervious medical history of the patients. The proper diagnose of pyelonephritis mainly includes Urinalysis, Urine culture, Ultrasound, Computerized tomography scan and Digital rectal examination. On the basis of these tests, patient can get a pin point treatment of antibiotics which helps to fight with common bacterium. Urinary obstructions are treated with surgical procedure. In many elderly patients they can put on intravenously and medication and fluid is given through I.V., these patients are strictly recommended bed rest.

Natural treatment in urinary infection gives a very a good results. Cranberry juice, Apple juice, Orange juice are rich in minerals and vitamin C. It prevents the bacterial cell division and boosts the immune system of the body.


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