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Kidney Problems? - Home Remedies That Can Help

Updated on June 23, 2011
Kidney Problems? - Home remedies that can help
Kidney Problems? - Home remedies that can help

Have you ever suffered with Kidney Problems? Kidney Infections, Kidney stones and the like?

I want to address:

  • what kinds of kidney problems there are,
  • causes
  • dietary considerations
  • home remedies
  • Supplement support
  • and more!

Please Note: That I am not a Doctor nor a physician, I cannot treat nor diagnose, any type of Kidney problems, please consult a physician before trying these products to make sure that your health is at the top.
Thank you for taking the time to read this article and i hope you leave here today better informed.


Kidney Problems

Are Problems that include inflammation or infection of the kidney(s) sometimes accompanied by kidney stones.


Symptoms can include but not limited too:

  • painful frequent urination
  • chronic lower back pain
  • fever
  • fatigue
  • chills
  • fluid retention

These are just a few of the symptoms.

Kidney Problems - Home Remedies
Kidney Problems - Home Remedies


Kidney problems are usualluy caused by

  • excess sugar
  • red meats
  • carbonated drinks
  • caffeine in the diet
  • allergies
  • diabetes
  • heavy metal poisoning
  • excess aluminum
  • EFA deficiency
  • Over use of prescription drugs
  • B Vitamin deficiency
  • magnesium deficiency
  • overuse of aspirin
  • salt
  • diuretics

It is very important to avoid these causes :)

Dietary Consideration

Have a green drink every morning, some good drinks are Kyro-Green or liquid chlorophyll. After the drink follow with a low-salt, low protein vegetarian diet for at least one month.


  • refined foods
  • fried foods
  • fatty foods
  • soft drinks
  • dairy
  • animal products

Recommendations : drink 8 glasses of water per day

read my Article: on how much water do I need daily :)

Supplement Support

Reducing Kidney Inflammation here is a list of supplemental support:

  • B complex with vitamin B6
  • bromelain : 1500 mg daily
  • Magnesium: 800 mg daily
  • Flax oil : 1-3 tspn daily
  • choline/Insitol: 1 tablet daily

Reverse Kidney Damage

Supplements that can help reverse kidney damage:

  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Enzymedica Purify capsules
  • Spirulina capsule: one daily

Benefits of Parsley and Kidneys (herbal tea)

Herbal Tea ( Parsley )

Parsley is not just good for bad breath just check out the benefits for the kidneys, these include:

  • prevents salt from being reabsorbed into the body tissues
  • forces debris out of the kidneys, liver and bladder
  • treats kidney stones and bladder infections
  • Helps improve endema
  • helps water retention
  • high in anti oxidants
  • used in World War II to treat kidney infections and dysentry
There are so many many benefits not included, but I have used this for a kidney problem and completely reversed my condition. I truly think Parsley is a miracle food in itself :)

For Kidney Infections

Supplements for kidney infections:

  • Cranberry capsules as directed on the bottle
  • Biotic Silver
  • Echinacea Extract as directed on the bottle

LifeStyle Choices

Here is some things you can do in your life to help with Kidney problems

  • Avoid smoking and secondhand smoke
  • Do not use antacids (Tums, etc) can increase the risk of kidney stones
  • Brisk walk daily
  • Avoid NSAIDS (Advil, Motrin, Aleve, etc) which is associated with impaired kidney function
  • apply Castor oil packs to the kidney area, alternating with ginger packs to simulate circulation and flow.


It is so important to take good care of your body, you will save alot of money by just being healthy. Our diet is a very very important part of being healthy, also exercise, and mental health.

Avoiding dehydration, and drinking sodas, can help quite a bit even every little bit helps.

I hope you enjoyed my article and that you left here better informed on life.

Thank you.



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    • semitch profile image

      semitch 4 years ago

      Great article as I am all about alternative remedies rather than getting surgery--IF at all possible for avoidance. Will be sure to try some of your suggestions. Thank you.