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Kidney Stone Remedy Using Coke and Asparagus

Updated on October 18, 2016

Coke, Asparagus and Water Cure

Kidney Stone

Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones And Their Cures

Kidney stones are usually made from calcium, uric acid, oxalate or phosphate. These are found accumulated in the kidney and the urinary track. There are many causes for kidney stones including not drinking enough water, consuming too much milk, cheese, and protein, and/or genetics.  Men seem to get kidney stones more than women, and at least 10% of the general population will experience them.  Kidney stones seem to be increasing over the last 20 years.

There are many treatments kidney stones. This can be determined after tests of urine samples, blood test, calcium tests, and stone analysis to determine the type of stone, and it's possible underlying cause. The treatments range from surgery to less painful treatments involving shock waves.The process is known as lithrotripsy There are other treatments including lasers, removing the stones through the urethra, and using air pressure.

I recently had a kidney stone experience that was incredibly painful, and took me out for almost a month.  I got to experience lithrotripsy, then had a stent inside me for two weeks.  It was horrible.   I would have loved to had a method of making the experience less painful, and a lot faster.  However, I did not, and had the most pain I can ever remember in my life.  I have heard that there are a few cures, or methods of causing the stone to pass quickly.  I have not tried any of these methods, but one I will possibly try will be the coke, asparagus, and water method.

Yes, testimonials point to the capability of asparagus and Coke for kidney stones removal. To break down hard-to-flush-out kidney stones, place about six to eight ounces of asparagus  in a blender and drink, then wait a few minutes (close to half an hour) and drink Coke. Other people suggest drinking Coke first before taking asparagus purée. It’s best to ask your doctor on the best possible ways to avail of the non-traditional treatment for kidney stone sufferers.

I heard about this from a friend who experiences kidney stones almost regularly.  She mentioned that if a person has a stone, you can drink a massive amount of coke, then drink some blended asparagus, followed by distilled water.  Apparently it worked wonders on the stone, making it pass quickly.  I am not sure which worked better the, coke, the distilled water, or the asparagus root.  The asparagus root is know to reduce urinary tract inflammation and prevent kidney stones. It has not been hailed as a great therapeutic herb for nothing.  If it is the combination of all three, and consumed in a short amount of time, I do not know.  Some also use lemon juice as well.  After researching this a bit, I have found you are supposed to drink 6 cans of coke in an hour, then the asparagus, then drink the water after.  During all of this, you are not allowed to urinate until completion of the mix. 

The explanation of the asparagus-and-Coke cure is that the strong acidic qualities from the Coke, combined with the healthful properties of asparagus, serve as a diuretic to pass kidney stones. Kidney stone suffers and their doctors will attest to the effectiness of asparagus and coke as a healing formula to rid the body of kidney stones.

Tea is another way to help dissolve the stone.  Herbs like Joe-pye weed, meadowsweet, sarsaparilla and plantain are natural medicines to remove excess uric acid from your body. These herbs are used in the form of a tea to cure kidney stones. It can also be made from herbs like hydrangea root, wild yam root, cramp bark, Joe-pye weed, yarrow leaf, plantain leaf and corn silk. Three to four cups of this tea is recommended. 

Which ever you use, if it saves you from going to the emergency room, or makes the stone pass quickly, use it.  I would suggest you consult a doctor first, however, if you are in the midst of the most intense pain that I was in, any cure would be bliss. 


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    • profile image

      Tanng1976 5 years ago

      Man I try coke n asparagus it didn't work for me , maybe I didn't do it right , I drink a lot of coke n take a can of asparagus n blender n drink , it taste horrible , did I do it wrong , it not working for me ,

    • cathylynn99 profile image

      cathylynn99 6 years ago from northeastern US

      i guess it depends on the type of kidney stone. coke and asparagus have oxalic acid, which is a cause of some kidney stones.

    • profile image

      Carlos  7 years ago

      Very informative , i will try it .

    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 7 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Kidney stones are said to be among the most painful of ailments, sometimes compared to childbirth. I had a kidney stone years ago and it took a lot of wrong guesses before someone diagnosed it properly. I was referred to a Gastroenterologist and then an OB-GYN with no results. Finally an x-ray revealed the stone which was the size of an eraser. I had day surgery to remove it. (Not the sonic blasting kind.) Yeowch! Wish I'd known about the asparagus and coke then! Enjoyable article!

    • profile image

      Papa Fish 7 years ago

      Wow, great information. I hope I never need it, but if I do, I'm glad I read this. Thanks!