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Kidney cleansing and detoxification

Updated on March 21, 2011

Kidneys have a very important function in our body. They receive the blood, process it and remove the waste from it and then return the filtered blood to the body while directing the waste substances in the urine. This filtering system helps the waste material and water to leave the blood and enter your urinary system. When this system is not functioning properly various conditions develop and the most common being kidney stones and renal failure.
Kidneys help keeping a constant volume of water in your body and the concentration of various ions. They help you to regulate your blood pressure and they stimulate the production of red blood cells.

Kidney cleansing is a procedure that will help your kidneys' functioning. The procedure includes drinking a huge amount of water or other liquids (the so called „juice fast“) and eating a special diet.

Your detoxification diet should include various healing foods like onions, garlic, green tea, lemon, aloha vera, stevia, sea weed, etc.. Furthermore, this diet includes the intake of healing fats (olive oil, coconut oil, fish oil, flaxseed oil), vegetable juices and unrefined sea salt. 
In the summer season you can help your kidneys cleanse by eating large amounts of watermelon.

Another way to effectively detoxify your kidneys is the consumption of bearberry (uva ursi) and juniper herbs in the form of supplements. Bearberry is excellent for the genital and urinary organs, especially for the  infections of the urinary tract, urethritis, cystitis, bloody urine and candida infections and vulvitis.

Drinking more water and eating healthier will in most help your kidney's detoxification. But sometimes other methods can be used like colon cleanse that is very beneficiary to your kidneys as well.

If done properly, colon cleansing can remove the mucoid plaque that layers in the colon due to improper diet and stress. Mucoid plaque weakens your overall health, so it's good to remove it. The best way to do it is by colon cleansing and a detoxifying program.

Colon cleanse Colon cleanse can take from 3 to 4 weeks or even up to a few months.
One thing you can do right away to start cleansing your colon is begin a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables and poor in cooked foods. This diet will allow the regular elimination of toxins and the full utilization of the food's nutritive substances.

Colon cleansing may include the use of some various supplements and fasting.  The colon cleansing supplement include herbs that kill parasites and contain digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria like psyllium husk or seed, flax seed, slippery elm, etc. The use of probiotics and bentonite clay is recommended as well.


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